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Betty, please clarify what you mean by "expose yourself".

Do you mean - expose yourself to the demonic? Or expose yourself as "not practicing what you preach"? Or something else?


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Where was mom?

The girl ran away TWICE!! The school hid the fact she was being bullied.

Hello. Mom. Your child is crying out for help.

Protect your kid!! Take action instead of waiting until she runs away to be trafficked and only then get morally indignant and sue the school district. 🤬

At some point, one needs to take a look at the cluelessness of the mother and assess her level of culpability.

Is the school bad? Absolutely. In no way am I defending what they did.

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low immunity >

Been hearing this ALOT lately.

Sad. Calm before the storm.

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So, we are giving Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico BACK to Mexico.

'Cause this is how you give those states to Mexico!!

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Banana republic!!!!!

Just when you think the dnc blatantly cheated in the 2020 presidential election by ballot stuffing and they cannot sink lower - they sink lower by essentially calling off the election (technically there is an election WITH ONLY ONE CANDIDATE!)

Total b.s.

They just don't want Biden primaried out a.k.a. to get his ass handed to him!

People were watching the dnc to see if the dnc was going to do RFKJ like they did Bernie. Looks like the dnc has a new move up its sleeve - third world dictator style.

RFKJ is red-pilling dnc voters who are suffering from TDS but arent pleased with Biden. It should wake up additional people (if they are paying attention).

I intend to vote RFKJ in the primary.

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Thank you.

I home school and will not allow my students to use Wikipedia as a source because anybody can update it.

But thanks to your efforts, I can also cite this article AND red pill at the same time!!

You rock!! Thanks!

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So is this a Bond movie?

Elon is Willard White

The WEF is Spectre

Klaus Schwab is Blofeld

Countries and NATO as themselves

Get more popcorn!!!!!

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It's all the lies.

Barak lied to the country about who he is for 8 years and then some.

Barak lied about who Michelle is. Michelle lied as well.

Barak lied about his children. His children lied as well.


It did not have to be this way.

He could have stated - hey, I'm a gay man. I smoke crack. My wife is a tranny. We adopted 2 girls. Vote for me.

He chose instead to play the black card and lie so that nothing would distract us from the black card in play.

He played us.

The bigger question is if he lied and deceived in this manner - WHAT ELSE HAS HE LIED ABOUT OR DONE?!?!?!?!

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My take, don't get side tracked by efficacy of the vaxx and mask wearing.

The narrative they are pushing is one that correlates to software updates for a computer. They are soft pedaling this by saying talk to your doctor, but they want us to get used to this language.

This is similar to how it's important to install software patches in order before a new release.

We are being trained.

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Thank you for this.

For the past 2 years, I have been instructing my homeschool history classes to pay attention to why "they" are so insistent to refer to J6 as an insurrection.

I have been stressing with them to consider what this language/terminology means as it relates to President Trump and our 14th amendment and the possible resulting implications.

My goal is that they begin to realize that our Constitution is not some dry, dusty, document that has no bering on today. 😊 Thanks, again!!

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Maybe because CNN acts as a mirror of its audience instead of a news outlet.

Looks like the mask narrative is toast and CNN is just doing clean up.

People still wearing masks might see the mask as their lucky rabbits foot OR are lost forever.

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Did not know about Blackrock and child trafficking. Ty. When I was there a while back, they asked if I wanted to round up on my purchase. It was to a LGBT organization. Can't remember specifics. Now I just say "no".

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Brilliant! Pull this crap right before closing time - make them stay late!! 😁

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With the first covid go around, I was at a second hand store and a clerk tried to hand me a mask to wear. I smiled and said I don't wear these thank you.

She tried 4 different approaches with me. Store policy. We require masks. You are supposed to wear a mask, etc. Each time I smiled and very politely stated I don't wear these. Thank you.

Drew a crowd. Mask wearing hubby said my face turned red, but I politely did not comply. Wagee did not know what to do. She finally gave up.

Next day, there was a big ole sign out front that said mask required. I stopped going to the store to shop and to donate.

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Have you checked Oprah's house?

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Thank you for posting.

Very interesting. I had not connected past events as being an archetype in prophecy. Which is odd that I missed this because the old testament does this all the time leading up to the birth of Christ. It is plain for all to see. That the events of the past would foreshadow the future events make perfect sense.

Past proves future.

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You may be right. Maybe the WH are not in control. Maybe there are no WH or BH. Then again, maybe there are.

Ultimately, what difference does it make? The real question is what will you do right here, right now?

I highly doubt that it is sitting around waiting for someone to come and rescue you, especially if you now believe that there is no one coming.

How will you survive in these times? What kind of son, father, husband, boss, neighbor, church-goer, community volunteer will you be? Once you figure that out, take action accordingly.

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OK. So, are you connecting this to a pedo tunnel reference?

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Kamala speaks in rhymes.

RFKJ was not mentioned as a dnc contender.

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Stollen. Fruitcake Bread from Germany.

Germany. There were servers from here containing election fraud information IIRC from the 2020 presidential election.

We have it all.

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Athaliah slaughtered her whole family to be queen.

Missed the boy. Thought he was dead when in actuality he was in hiding.

Awesome comparison.

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I'm not sure that even this would do it.

I think that a majority of people are conditioned and programmed to think that people faking their own death is very common. A ho-hum occurrence.

If Elvis suddenly came back from the dead, I think people would just shrug it off. His actual age aside, it would just dominate the news cycle for a while. Maybe a month or two, if that. Then people would go back to their lives. Hypnotic state.

I think JFKJ being alive unfortunately would be similar.

For us, the awakened, we'd be like holy chit!!! But I think the asleep would just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

To truly shock people out of their hypnotic state, I believe that their lives or entire worldview would need to be upended. I don't think this would do it. Not even seeing the cabal players executed live, would do it as people would expect it to be faked or A I generated.

To truly wake people up, it needs to be personal. A personal betrayal of some sort. Or a total dollar collaspe or nuclear war or vaxx tragedy in their immediate family would be needed. It needs to be something that they could not just escape by going back to sleep and would irrevocably change them.

On a side note: super cool video. I hope it's true!!

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