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One slept around and is now a heartbeat away from being president.

The other slept with her employer, marries him, and will end up still being a babysitter.

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Proving once again that they are not interested in healing or in health. Being very callous, she doesn't get any $$$ if you change your diet, but she probably gets a kickback for every vaccine you take!

In February 2020, I went in for a check up, (pap and to get the referrals for a colonoscopy and mammogram.) I was also due for a tetanus shot. I agreed to the tetanus (last shot, I'm now antivaxxx everything) and the doc started bullying me into getting a flu shot.

I was sitting on the exam table with nothing on except that crappy paper cloth they give us to cover our nakedness when he started his bullying tactics. Three times I needed to state NO. I had to get louder each time I said "no". By the third time, I was in tears, and I am sure I could be heard in the other exam rooms as I stated "I do NOT want a flu shot!" He finally relented.

Got the referrals and have not gone back.

Now with ivermectin and fenbendzole, I do not see the need unless I break a bone or need stitches.

Have made peace with the fact that if this trajectory shortens my life, it will just mean that I am going home early to be with Jesus.

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Good for you, Mary. Stand your ground! Each of us needs to be responsible for our own health decisions. Enough of checking our brain at the door when we step into the Dr's office!! Congrats to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I am coming to the same conclusion with respect to organized religion being a system of control.

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Why? Because the home occupant was probably white and the robber was probably a person of color.

To actually state the truth of the matter is wrong and racist, and we don't want to be shamed by being called racist.

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We are seeing the true face of the Vatican organization.

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Oh no, not excommunicated!!!

Proving once again that it's just a system of control. Members are threatened with hell via being excommunicated if members do not behave and get in line.

Forget Matthew 18. Forget Jesus Christ.

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I know. No good choices.

I console myself with the fact that she will not launch nuclear codes with out knowing she is doing so.

Plus, I think she can act and somewhat debate if prepped and does not need to be drugged.

It's a low bar I know.

With biden in charge - attack the US now. The CIC is mentally impaired.

With Harris in charge, as a leader, at best she's an unknown, at worst she's incompetent. Just enough to hold of our enemies from attacking.

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This is a national security disaster.

Forget the debate. Biden needs to be removed ASAP.

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Given that we are so late in the game, I think it will need to be someone with instant name recognition among NORMIES. Ask your normie friends (or a typical 7th grader if they recognize the name).

  1. Big Mike
  2. Hillary
  3. Harris
  4. Pelosi
  5. Sanders

Newsome is regionally and among political groupies well known, but I do not believe has a strong national presence among normies. I think he will be in a strong position for 2028. Running in 2024 will only sully his name.

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Sorry for your loss.

And as a side note, knowing a number of assisted living residents that died of covid is not really out of the ordinary.

Decades ago my mom worked in a nursing home as a nurses aide. Cold and flu season was callously referred to as 'spring cleaning'.

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Cervical cancer. That was the cover story. Gardisil was supposed to protect girls against this. It sounded reasonable, until a person dug into it and realized the STD caused that type of cervical cancer. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Then I got a letter from my son's clinic wanting to inject him when he came in for his sports physical. This was 6 years ago.

I went apoplectic.

I got so worked up that my husband had to take him in for the physical and no vaccine. I was screeching at both of them that he (son) doesn't have a cervix!!!! I went total cra-cra! ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿ˜‚

What you found makes sense. I didn't look further since it had to do with stds, we teach abstinence, and boys don't have a cervix. Thanks for sharing.

Now, since I'm awake, I am anti-vax.

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I think Australia was the test case on population control to see how much governments could get away with and enforce. Just my take, but whenever there was some really brutal, over the top, enforcement, it seemed to happen in Australia.

I appreciate your comments about being spared all the horrors. My mom (80) was diagnosed with cancer before the vaxx was out. We knew she would not last the year. A few of her friends were commenting even then to her that she would be spared from what is to come.

These friends were all very ignorant normies. My mom was based, but when she tried to talk to them about bill gates, none of her friends even knew who he was! Which, given that they were all 75+ kinda makes sense, but still, very ignorant.

Despite this, they could tell something was coming.

It's this sense of impending doom/dread that can almost be felt/perceived, but is not tied a specific news story or occurrence.

At this point, I feel almost relief (joy?) when someone dies because - they got away, they're safe.

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FYI. There is a part of Minneapolis/twin cities area that is heavily populated with Somalians. We call that area Little Mogadishu as a slur.

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Ok, and my understanding is that being the world's reserve currency allows this. Without being the reserve currency, wheelbarrows of dollars for a handful of groceries comes to mind.

Propose an alternative.

I'm not being snarky, I am genuinely curious. How would you do this? What would it take to move the mindset away from this paradigm.

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Really? Have you taken a look at our national debt? We are living beyond our means.

Every spending bill passed does not have a corresponding tax $ coming in to cover it.

And this isn't just by a little, the national debt is 14 digits according to the Massie interview. We totally are living beyond our means.

The things that you state - Large land mass, resource rich, innovation, US based companies, jobs, etc. All true.

We should not be where we are. We could get out of this (I believe) - however, we would need to shift massively to do so. Our thinking up until now is spend and spend more.

According to Massie, even congress is apathetic about it.

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I believe so. It is also what allows us (Americans) to live well beyond our means through exporting our debt to other countries. That stops if we are no longer the world's reserve currency.

The way I understand the situation is that our way of life will drastically change should this come to pass. Mortgages, car loans, personal credit cards - we are a debt based society.

Hopefully most on this site have been eradicating their debt as much as possible these past few years as part of their prepping.

Consider the shock and behavior shift it would take to move back to one where if you didn't have the money, you would do without until you did because the credit just is not available.

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Women running around with men they are not married to is the shame I was referencing. Not the criminal actions.

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Given the none of the women share a last name of the men, does this mean that they are prostitutes in the operation?

These women have brought shame upon their husbands (if married) or fathers/brothers (leader of the household). Unless, those men (husbands/fathers/brothers) are involved as well. Why aren't their pictures posted, too?

Culturally, something is missing.

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Seriously, someone's belief and trust in God is not qualified by them believing that a societal collapse is not going to happen.

Trusting in God is not dependent on such trivial matters. It means that no matter what happens, God has you and you will be ok - either on earth or in heaven.

And to be perfectly clear, when I write about God, I am confessing that I am a sinner, in need of a savior, and that savior is Jesus Christ, who died as payment for my sins and rose victorious from the grave. He ascended into heaven.

Trump did not do that. The Q plan did not do that.

Societies do collapse. People are killed in the process.

Will it come down to my neighbor shooting me in the head for what is in my pantry? IDK. God has me no matter what.

Using someone's trust in God as a billy club to effectively state "I trust in God, therefore a societal collapse will not happen and if you think a societal collapse WILL happen, you don't trust God" is total b.s.

And to be upfront, I downvoted you.

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This is an outstanding series. I can not believe that it has not gotten more traction on this site. It is almost like it is being shadow banned.

It shows so many connections. I have seen 1-10.

I searched the site to see if it was listed. Ty.

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Do you listen to bardsfm? It's happening now. Not in the cities, to think it will be just in the cities misses the boat.

A few days ago there was a descent upon a wildlife refuge in texas by 80+ federal officers to execute the deer. These deer have been bred within the refuge for over 40 years. Armed militia/neighbors stood up against the federal.

Pay attention to Alex Jones (texas, again) - the crap that is happening there is alarming. Whether you love him or are filled with Q-rage for him makes no difference. There is federal overreach. Ted Nugent and Pete Chambers plus other Texans are drawing lines in the sand and are standing with AJ outside his studio.

Patriots on the move from talk to action to protect one another against federal overreach.

They are picking off voices one by one. Trump, Rudy G, Mike Lindell. Bleeding them financially.

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