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If you listen to the posted interview, it appears as though the contents of Desmet's interviews and Desmet's book are not the same - which is somewhat troubling.

The posted interview is about the book.

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  1. God's inspired and preserved Word is certainly not dogma, but asserting that the only way English speakers can access God's inspired and preserved Word and expecting others to simply accept that belief or be condemned is the very definition of dogma.

  2. No one called you a Marxist. It was simply noted that the tactics used by Marxists to avoid scrutiny were also being used by you to avoid scrutiny.

  3. The fact that I have read the linked document and have some challenging questions about it seems to be the source of your discomfort. Comments made in this discussion and in the linked document suggest that you may not have a strong understanding of the translation process.

For example, why is "Jehovah" not used in current translations? Can you explain why "omnipotent" is a better translation than "almighty"? Are you able to make a distinction between "abominations" and "detestable practices" and explain why one is a more appropriate translation than the other for the verse cited in the linked document?

  1. Impeaching the credibility of the post is important if the information in the post is errant (this is standard on a Q discussion board), which this post is. Casting doubt on the authenticity of the KJV Bible is not my goal as I recognize that it is as good and as flawed as any other translation that we have available in English.

I would have expected that if you were at all concerned with the well being of my soul, that you would have all the time in the world to answer my questions, but it seems as though you are simply more interested in your dogma and would prefer not to have it examined too carefully lest it be found wanting.

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The end of Mark is not cut out. Be honest about this. It is simply noted that all manuscripts do not contain this section, and that earlier-dated manuscripts, which are usually considered to be more reliable, do not contain those verses.

What evidence do you have that the issue is subtraction rather than addition?

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If the modern translations are translated into English from the original languages, then how are you suggesting that they rely on the translation work of W&H?

W&H translated from what language into what language?

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I think that part of the reason Christians in developed countries don't display a fighting spirit is because we had several decades with a lack of conflict and became soft and complacent.

Another aspect is that we were badly out maneuvered by the secularists. As one writer has said, Christians used to be on the cultural playing field, then we were pushed to the sidelines, and eventually into the stands. Now for the most part we aren't even permitted in the stadium anymore.

This mainly happened when religion became relegated to private life while science and politics were viewed as public concepts.

Finally, I think that there has been a certain amount of infiltration. For the past few months I have been reflecting how the songs we use today differ from the songs of the past. Beginning 25-30 years many traditional songs were replaced by more contemporary music. In and of itself this was not necessarily a bad thing, but I always found curious the thoroughness with which the old was dispensed of in favour of the new.

By comparing the old with the new, we can see what has changed over time: what ideas were held and expressed through song then vs. now.

For example, look at the titles of the songs in the list below. They have, by and large, been discarded and I don't think that the songs replacing these classics have taken up the same concepts:

  • Onward Christian Soldiers
  • Soldiers of Christ Arise
  • Am I a Soldier of the Cross?
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Are you really suggesting that Westcott & Hort were the translators for the NIV, ESV, ASV, NKJV, and JW?

This is a significant hit to your credibility as each of these translations had its own team of translators who worked from the original languages. Therefore, any deviant translation work that Westcott & Hort may have done is irrelevant to support your argument.

Can you think of any situations where a word-for-word translation would be LESS desirable than a paraphrase/dynamic equivalence?

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They say certain passeges don't belong in the Bible, or they say something like older manuscripts don't include certain verses? Be honest here. There is a difference.

What makes you so certain that the very brief sections you described are actually part of the original text?

Do you want to be unaware that there is a possibility that the text may have been altered over time?

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Think of the elites as a bunch of crocodiles on a river bank. You are clearly not one of them and will be destroyed if you try to get too close.

The crocs hang out together, but they always have an eye out for crocs that might be small enough to snap up or getting too old to fight back.

They are on the same team, but it is also every man for himself.

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I am not certain that this will change much. Post secondary education is horribly damaged, and one tweak like this will not be enough to correct the problems.

  1. Who will review the professors? If it is just another Marxist admin, then guess who stays and guess who is terminated?

  2. The idea of "publish or perish" needs to be reviewed. Top researchers don't necessarily make for top instructors. Very few people have both skills.

  3. The whole point of tenure was to protect professors with controversial views. Unfortunately, Marxists don't tolerate opposing views, so over time Marxists moved into a position of dominance in education as tenure was offered to Marxists and largely denied to those who opposed. If a miracle happens and a college brings in a strong opponent to Marxism, that person's needs to be protected by something like tenure.

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"Trudeau embroiled in scandals"

So what's your point? The political landscape in Canada will not change any time soon, and even if Trudeau were ousted, his replacement would likely be worse.

Canada is a long way from a good outcome atm. That doesn't mean that it can't or won't change, but we have a lot of garbage to get through first.

Similarly the Netherlands are showing signs of awakening - like early spring - but they have a way to go yet. Hopefully their farmers have an even stronger effect on the Netherlands than the Canadian truckers did on Canada.

Until I see otherwise, I will assume that BoJo resigning will have the same effect as Trudeau resigning: pretty much no effect.

The situation in France looks promising. Hopefully they can muster enough force to push back against the tyrants (with Macron simply being the current face).

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The Greek philosophers, in trying to understand the foundational principles of the universe, came up with the concept of "logos" as the source for all that is good in the world. As I understand logos, it encapsulates ideas such as virtue, order, goodness, and logic.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus is identified as the Logos: the source of all goodness in the world.

The Marxist philosophy rejects the Logos, and, as a result chooses anti-Logos.

The way of Logos or the way of anti-Logos: there are only two paths to tread. Choose your course wisely.

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This seems to be a pretty low bar for winning.

An incorrect conclusion in a passing reference to a narrative from the Bible doesn't seem to be a sign of winning.

The entire point of the Gideon account is NOT that Gideon had a clever way of determining who his best fighters were, but that it was impossible for him to win in his own strength -- victory would be a result of God.

Your description of the show suggests that God is left out of the picture entirely and that victory is achieved through use of the right personnel.

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And if you look at the full list of traits that are connected to "whiteness", you can now excuse any deficient behavior as a rejection of white supremacy.

Late? Punctuality is a...

Made a mistake? Accuracy is a...

Didn't get much done? Productivity is a...

This is pure gold!

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IF the story is actually true, it is possible that the child tried to keep it a secret as many abuse victims do.

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I think that he didn't get to where he is by accident.

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He's not wrong. Doctors do bear responsibility for the past two years.

However, the health minister thinking he can sidestep responsibility is laughable.

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Anonymous sources or fantasies. I can't tell the difference. Can you tell the difference?

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Anonymous sources don't cut it and haven't for some time now.

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