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They really cloud seeded and Chem Trailed the fuck out of the east coast all week leading up to the floods in NYC which of course are instantly blamed on “climate change”

Problem reaction solution.

The problem is the rain and flooding, the reaction is muh global warming the solution is to eat the bugs and kill yourselves off.

So we know by the immediate reaction of MUH GLOBAL WARMING that the problem has to have been orchestrated so how do they cause so much rain and flooding?

Now it’s bright and sunny the air is nice n thick as there is nothing left to squeeze out of the atkmosphere.

Don’t worry though, give it a few days and by the weekend the air will be paper thin impossible to breathe dark grey muddy white mess by noon and raining by the weakened.

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Why would the Roths fund both the Allie’s and the Axis hitler fighting the same war?

Kinda weird right, and Hitler played right along? I wonder why…

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Came here to say this

Who the hell put this dude in charge?

Also crazy how everything is suddenly all about “2030”

“If we don’t do this this and this by 2030 everyone dies!”

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Even though Q has highlighted it pointed it out and confirmed numerous times?

So you believe Q is fake conspiracy?

Even the times where he blatantly points at a Q shirt or poster and does it dramatically tying off the end of the Q every time and the media will refuse to air the angle revealing such?

Check out the calm before storm comment he draws a near perfect blatant one and emphasizes the tie off on that one too.

Come on man

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That’s a good point.. but idk the way he pauses and looks so slyly to the side and whispers “which we are sorta having now…. But I don’t want the results….”

Almost sounds exactly like we have been saying, Biden needed to be put in now to wake people up and complete the destruction of the Dems.

That pause really says it all and the wording.

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We Stand at the Precipice of a New Dawn

Beautiful Black Sky

Not Long Now!

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Too bad he wasn’t a SS Lightning Bolt Death Cult Nazi!

He would be getting awarded and praised for his fight against the greatest threat to the world aka tin can Russia!

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Yes also the division sign, the plus and minus, the entry and exit.

The one eyed dog is a good touch as well. Something about the breed too.

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I thought it was Saturn!

The white dog w one eye was a nice touch too.

I’ve noticed lot of stores have been moving and hiding their perverted children’s book shelves as well.

I wonder which alphabet agency or mil has been controlling Target all this time.

I mean it’s in the name, they target the consumer and go after them.

Hence all the memes about house wives wandering the aisles all day going in for one thing, and leaving with a cart full of hundreds of dollars in purchases.

Hence how they Target the youth and impressionable minds. And they target race and social issues to push and pervert culture.

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Just playing devils advocate. Clearly in a fight yet, Yet here I am looking at another one eye and bruised eye!

Clearly all those politicians with bruised eyes were just clumsy.

And all the artists displaying some form of one eye were just being edgy!

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I sort of missed this and I’m trying to grasp what even happened.

Like what was the excuse?

Zelensky brings in a Nazi war veteran saying he fought for Ukraine?

How did they make that “mistake” like what’s the cover. Why is Zelensky parading around a ww2 nazi?

Like isn’t this basic history 101 (or the history we were told)

If you were….. fighting Russia in ww2…. that would make you the axis….. aka a Nazi.

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YUP! Needles everywhere

Junkies everywhere

Violent and aggressive hobos everywhere

Non citizens everywhere

Smoke shop smoke shop smoke shop vape shop smoke shop smoke shops smoke shops vape shop

All of its fake weed. The weed smells terrible.

Heck I’m a smoker but cmon they are smoking some GARBAGE on every corner!

The whole “white line” culture the gram has created turns every driving trip into a bad fast and furious movie


people passed out sleeping or OD on every block.

Meanwhile all the illegals posted up in nice hotels getting their government check.

COVID was the kill shot. It destroyed major business and basic fundamentals of society in every city and town across the globe.

The summer of BLM love was the finishing touch.

Stay frosty guys it will get worse before it gets better.

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Years before Q I watched a great video on her.

I recall something important about the head shaving, something about them constantly testing for drugs or something. They shave every hair off to try and break free.

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I recall a lot more photos and drawings.

Any chance someone has the site or another page which had a full write up and documentation of the art students? Lots more creepy drawings and predictive programming.

Also the dancing Israelis I recall they finally released the photos they were taking that day, highly censored and redacted, but the rumors turned out true they were giving the thumbs up, laughing smiling, holding up lighters etc.

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Kabal Math 1 + 1 = 1

Have any of you been down to ground zero?

The energy there feels horrible. Tourists wandering all around the footprints taking photo ops, minimum wage workers telling people not to sit on the names of the dead, for obvious reasons. Ontop of the danger of falling down into the pit.

Here’s the kicker

Outside the ONE WORLD trade center is a mall that looks rather baphomet/skeletal like. What is it called?

OCULUS = EYE, a rift or tear an opening.

The one World Trade Center is basically pyramids alternating upside down and right side up. I believe if you lol at it from above you will see the symbol that makes it up. It was actually spotted being drawn on some of the iron materials used to construct.

So at the bottom of the ONE WORLD PYRAMID we have an EYE.

Gee where have I seen that before?

Now wander around and look at all the “street art” and “graffiti” which now populated the totally gentrified area that was once nothing but an industrial grey and concrete waste land (Wow great real estate opportunity that opened up here allowing for high end food, malls, gentrification!)

I’ll tell you the first thing you notice is EYES, EYEBALLS, creatures w EYES….. EVERYWHERE hand drawn or animated eyes staring you down….

THESE PEOPLE ARE TRULY SICK. Only way forward is EXTERMINATION in this realm and the next.

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It’s humans in costumes.

Yeah they likely have similar tech predictive programming normalizing etc.

But every post on IG is click bait saying cyborg then endless arguing in the comments of everyone saying they’re actors and then some people still not getting it.

I think that’s the psyop of sorts, why, I don’t know. But yes Anon they are actors with a ton of clay and makeup baked onto their faces.

That’s why they don’t have giant gaping holes running through their heads like in the movie because that would be impossible.

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For some reason the stylizing and logo remind me of the Q posts about thunder cats and nsa copying a logo for their tech.

This post mentions “'X' also grew up watching 'Thundercats' so….“

Dragon is facing same way to the left.


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The place I’m in has like 3 houses meters on a pole right outside where I sleep …. =[[[

How to know if they’re smart meter? Pretty sure they all are now..

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I will say this as a fact.

I grew up with the number pad key Nokia type phones and my parents had the ol bricks..

Remember the phenomena of PHANTOM VIBRATION?

Doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Maybe more so of a “phantom dulling”

They had to come out and say it was a placebo phsyco reason you’re anticipating the ring.

No way, you would literally feel your leg VIBRATE often times before a call came on!

All of a sudden phones upgrade, no more “Phantoms”! Gee! I guess we are all just used to it they would say..

I heard that the radiation levels only pass tests because they test them on dummies wearing cases on the OUTSIDE of the pocket, often with thicker padding, not tightly tucked up on your leg..

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They think you !s ded (6 6)

Soft drink = soft kill

Saturn/cube worship, corona/sun and light worship, mountain worship. How many brands use this symbolism?

Flip the MT DEW logo. The precise font and placement of the text allows you to see whose name? MAO

You know, MT DEW the one infamous for “urban legends” that it kills and sterilizes sperm cells?

Gee what was MAO famous for again? Ah yes the one child policy/eugenics. What a coincidence!

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$ = 1$=1$1$

= I S I S

1 + 1 = One World Trade

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Hard to pull up info on it.

That face has a name. A specific demon which it resembles exactly. It was some sort of “destroyer demon” maybe Arabic type religion?

Also look AGAIN…..

Who does this demon resemble?

Looks JUST like Osama. Also resembles Bush.

There’s a famous small sculpted statue of this demon which is it’s known “look” by a known artist of older times.

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