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evil bastards even stole the candy from bylattmart!

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these residents arent going to do shit, they are now dealing with people that are accustomed to levels of brutality not many in the western style world have ever seen.

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oh you want to secede? you seen what happened to donbas in ukraine.

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it seems he is announcing that he is cutting ties with his former donors and will rely on individual citizen donations, we shall soon see.

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i had seen a similar clip to this but they werent wearing balaclava's, they had on helmets and beards.

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anyone remember the video of 3 bearded and kitted guys walking down some long stairs and away from the offices in the capital building?

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if she squeeks when she walks have her take a shot of olive oil.

by panamax
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she needs more medals and bars.

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thats how women operate, when boys play with g i joes they become the character of say snake eyes or storm shadow, when girls play with toys they take over the toy and project themselves through the toy.

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