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I figure he would have offed himself years ago having to live with that maggot of a wife, but then again, some guys are gluttons for punishment.

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The reason trudeau revoked the emergencies act was because when word went around the world that he was freezing bank accts, that he had the authority, dirty foreign (Chinese mostly) money dried up immediately, sending the banks in a spin.

The Chinese started emptying their accounts - and Canadian gdp via housing is what is keeping this country afloat.

Chinese dirty money, laundering it to buy property - they take their money out, economy implodes.

Simple as that.

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It was no mistake they used gofundme.

Hear me out.

They already had a backup plan in place for when this inevitably would happen; givesendgo.

Now the world sees the injustice and even normies are furious. Many have now doubled up their donations because they're so upset.

Worldwide donations are flowing in. You can expect the 10 million they raised will jump to 20 million.

Gofundme is now a pariah. They have dug their own grave. Millions of people will never use them now, they have been exposed as part of the cabal.

Givesendgo is now the alternative, lots of eyes are exposed to that.

Our truckers have tons of support, both spiritually, and financially. As a matter of fact, our baskets overflow.

And now that the world has seen this slight, the donations are going parabolic.

We're not leaving until the mandates are dropped.


Hold the line.

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I hear what you're saying, but, to anger these good folk by going back on their word is not very smart.

You think there's alot of trucks there now?

They could easily shut down every artery to Eastern Canada within 5 minutes.

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Great post.

Keep thinking one step ahead!

We have just started. Look at what the truckers have inspired throughout the world in just a few weeks.

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When you hear the doomer say, "nothing will come out of the freedom convoy", the fact is, the seed has been planted, and it is growing every day.

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I would say there were 150,000 protesters Saturday, not 2.3 million (lulz).

I was there from Friday to Sunday.

I don't know how many rigs were there, but I will tell you that it was packed, but not 130,000...that's ridiculous.

Don't spread the numbers in the meme, they aren't close to correct.

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I saw this guy, and 5 or 6 of his friends, and I will tell you right now that they were called out and disgraced unceremoniously.

People were all over them, stopping their movement.

200,000 people attended, let's not get hung up on the 6 lunatics.

by davebe
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Romney and the doctor don't know how many stitches he had?

That's a little curious.

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If the nyt is starting a campaign of firing those who are ugly and disgusting, then wolfe was the perfect way to start.

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Not one soul thought these would ever be released, and now they are, and those souls are shaking.

That's why they wanted to impeach Trump immediately when he only had 12 days left.

An impeached prez can't release the kraken.

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That video was perfectly choreographed.

Trump slowly turns, not letting the camera fully see him. He then pulls the folder slightly up - displaying it without showing his face.

This happens as his sons b-day is taken place while someone yells happy bday?

That video was significant, there's more than what you see.

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There are do many people that don't believe the propaganda, it's incredible.

Do not get discouraged, keep our hope.

The meme is true; if the situation was hopeless, their propaganda would be unnecessary.