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A man does a massively great thing, and your response is "its pointless."

Sometimes one just has to shake ones head.

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Venting, shills, likely both.

Sometimes I have patience with them, sometime I've got to call them out as bitches.

I've got skin in this game. I couldn't visit my Father in the last year of his life. Family members have died. Others, who got jabbed, have become sick. Half my family don't talk to me anymore. My wife spends 3 months out of the year in the psyche ward.

But I'm not one of those self-serving characters who want to speed up a centuries-long plan to take down the cabal for my satisfaction. Speeding things up causes mistakes and forces players to miss the mark. I want the big win.

Speeding things up is what WE are doing to THEM.

by Kokonut
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We're talking about the Google search results for something like "predator cast".

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Amen and THANK YOU so much! There's been a lot of anti-Christian spiritualism posted here of late. Lots of people who hold alternate theories and seem to think Christianity is either weak, misguided or just plain wrong.

To those people I'll just quote Nicole Nordeman here:

  • But what if you're wrong?
  • What if there's more?
  • What if there's hope you never dreamed of hoping for?

It could just be that easy.

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I have believed in the concept of frequency for a very long time. I am also a devout Christian. There are no conflicts between these two beliefs. God created it all, Jesus is God in the flesh, and an enemy has hidden much truth from us.

BTW: Prayer alters our frequencies.

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Done. Only 5 likes so far...

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What would happen if it were 80 million Americans? What if it were the biggest trend ever to hit the Twitterverse? Would that signal to the White Hats that we are ready?

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Just wanted to pause here and state that your comment is moronic.

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One of my greatest fears is that she (like many other deep state relics) will die of old age before justice can be done.

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GAW is not for escape. This is a war room, not a safe space. It is not for crybabies or the timid.

We are here to make a difference in the world. We are warriors. We will support each other as needed, even when we're down, but I for one will not stoop to saying "Poor baby" to anyone when an outcome does not line up with their expectations and they start dooming and trying to drag others down.

Preservation of morale is very important. Doomers, shills and crybabies are not helping.

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Who is this "us" and "we" you speak of? Are you suggesting I'm an outsider to GAW? Lol!

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So fed up with the short-sighted crybabies on the live feed tonight. We're in this to win this!

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One word: AMEN!

Doomers, Shills AND shrinking violets.

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