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Very beginning of his Presidency.

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Also Kazakhstan had a coup last year! Even if it didn’t make the headlines as much as Myanmar, still significant.

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We got twitter now. All the pieces are align! There will never be a perfect time, only a right time. Which is now.

Fortunately/unfortunately, USA is the last beacon of freedom on Earth. We might not see justice till we fix things here.

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I’m using the Bloomberg link that OP provided, https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2022-brazil-election/

And they list 4 options for the total votes, one Jair, one lula, blank, and null.

Voting is obligingly, everyone has to vote. It is possible to vote and not select a candidate (Conscientious objector).

So with a fully digital voting system, what is the difference between “null” and “blank”???

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This I want to know about, if they are using all computers, how does this happen? ones and zeros...

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I saw a comment on PDW thread, and pede was saying that some of the large Bolsonaro districts are holding back some of their reporting (currently 30% reported), and will unleash the Jair votes closer to the end.

Thus making it harder for them to correctly predict the amount of fraudulent votes to make.

Also worth noting, JB (Jair Bolsonaro) (lol not biden), has flipped some of the smaller states compared to the first round of voting that originally had lula; and that lula has not flipped any of JB’s states.

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I think a VPN is good for security against bad actors, like for instance when using a shared/public network, and protection against monitoring from your internet service provider. As for government surveillance, they probably have something in through the back door on the operating system and/or hardware level.

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GameStop has no debt.

NFT thing is only getting started.

Company is not going out of business, short thesis is dead. Apes have DRS 57% of the free float and growing everyday.

VW short squeeze happened during the peak of 2008 crash.

BBBY was a hit peace towards Ryan Cohen to make him appear bad for when this all goes down. Ryan Cohen has been calling out BCG Boston consulting group since the beginning. GameStop is a threat to the cabal.

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Danny fell out of favor with me after the most recent Always Sunny in Philadelphia season when he joked about Epstein island being “not that bad as people make it out to be”.

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Tyler Perry as Colin Powell, definitely gotta check this out!

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I did see him do the air Q when leaving the podium!

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Maybe blood test verification will become norm in future dating? Especially in a few years when the cats out of the bag about sterilization or health problems.

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Apes are really going for the mother of all short squeezes. I think it’ll happen when the white hats want it to.

A few scenarios though:

  1. free float gets fully locked by DRS

  2. some massive partnership Icahn or Apple, or any AAA game maker, which fully solidifies GameStop’s valuation.

  3. bank failure/ global currency shenanigans/ or something.. completely craps the bed, on a large enough scale to finally trigger a successful margin call.

  4. White Hats pull the trigger and launch this rocket as intended.

The real question though, is wen?

I’d love so see it happen before midterms! But dems could plan to have it after midterms to try and blame the republican controlled house and hopefully senate.

I think the deep state/elites have completed their money “protection” schemes. For example how much did that new a lord of the rings cost? 1 billion right? Lol. Same with bill gates getting divorced! And all the money sent to Ukraine? I think they know what’s gonna happen. Markets are tittering at their low support levels, once the S&P falls below 3500, the rug will pull, and apes win.

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I saw the crash and the “interaction” between the two drivers and my final conclusion is that it’s fake. How come bubba and the other guy were the only ones to remove helmets? Also the crash happens right in front of the spectator seating?

Anyways it makes for some good distraction and holds the headlines for a day, anything to take pressure off biden and the dems.

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Oz has publicly stated that sex trafficking is an issue.

Trump makes his endorsements for people who can play ball with the white hats, and that he think can win.

Later in the timeline we will have a bunch of federal representatives and state governors that will “owe” Trump for their position, and will play ball for when the time comes to actually turn the country on course.

Just my opinion.

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Yeah but there’s plenty of foreign actors involved, aiding and abetting our own bad actors.

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