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When the Germans wanted change, they got Hitler. When the Russians wanted change, they got Stalin. When America wanted change we got Obama. Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem.

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Ray Dalio is a bond genius. If someone knew how to build a "bond bomb" it would be him.

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All that to get bums off the street and Xi is still going to see someone shit in front of him.

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Their PM is Jacob Rothschild's daughter. Now it all makes sense.

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Hopium but if Trump ever wanted to make a best selling book....there is nothing that could be done about it. Its publishing would be protected under the constitution. Presidents always write a book.

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We shouldn't hope for a complete collapse of the financial system. There needs to be a functioning economy left in place for it to be worth something. With a complete collapse it's brass that will be the most valuable metal.

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I posted this the other day since this is important and nobody wants to think about this ahead of time.

If you have family that dies from the vax, get a private autopsy done. You need to prove damages. Get fluid and tissue samples analyzed and saved if possible. Our medical system is corrupt so don't think for a second they won't be working to cover this up.

This will most likely become a class action suit (very effective) just based on the amount of people involved. A strategy Pfizer/Moderna will use is selling themselves off leaving only a shell of a company to go after....unless evidence is introduced leading it back to the DoD...

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Enceladus is covered in frozen hydrocarbons. That either means it had abundant life at one point (confirming life in space) or hydrocarbons occur naturally. Ironically it's a moon of the Satan worshiper's favorite planet of Saturn

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Hate saying this, but if you have family that dies from the vax it's probably a good idea to get a private autopsy done. You're collecting evidence for a crime.

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Maybe I'm just high but I'm more interested in why there's capitalizations on words that shouldn't be capitalized.

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What if it's a call to get off our asses?

We are Q.

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