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At least some planes are already over there.

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I was just thinking about that. I was downvoted in another thread for suggesting that Trump would weigh in if a deal wasn't being reached, and since he hasn't said anything about this (to my knowledge) then I have to wonder if this is part of the op.

This news about the J6 footage, and the FBI admitting to Comer about the bribery file on the same day?

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And then if no deal is reached and the government does "shutdown", he'll say the GOP should have stood behind McCarthy and made a deal. (Obligatory "Nobody does deals like me. Yuge deals.")

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Reminder: Trump endorsed McCarthy for speaker... Why, remains to be seen.

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Time to see if Gatez and the others have the balls to vote no confidence.

If they don't, they're just as fake as the rest.

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Well, we do say "trust the plan" off and on... ;b

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But we can't test ideas, we're at hurry up and wait. GAW is pretty much split down the middle on DeSantis: DS or bait. And yes I realize that it can confuse the DS as well, but we've been burned in the past.

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Yes he did, as was everyone at the time, including Trump. But now most everyone is of the belief that fauci was guilty of gain of function, and that the vaccines are a DS ploy, but with Trump still toting them. You're not telling me anything new, but you've got to look at it from the normie point of view. And the normie Trump supporter. Because we're a long way off 2020 being overturned it feels like.

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Oh good, now the in fighting on GAW because we have no clue what's going on.

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Ok, but why are we acting surprised? At the very least when fox called Arizona for Biden at 3% of precincts reporting, it was clear they were moving on from Trump. Why are we acting brand new here on GAW..

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So Trump is using fake news to what, draw attention to the truth that those numbers were bullshit and Florida actually did a good job?

I mean how does that help Trump? Most are gonna think he's gone senile. Or that he's so scared of DeSantis that he's gotta lie. And DeSantis' rebuttal being that Trump handed the country over to fauci is a pretty big swipe that is going to land and resonate.

Then what happens when DeSantis starts talking about how the vaccine looks to be killing people? Trump is on record many times praising it. And still defends it to this day.

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What is being done? Trump is calling him a Globalist, and half of GAW is convinced he's legitimately part of the DS.

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He may be a Globalist, but for Trump to suggest Cuomo did a better job with covid (remember, the guy who sent sick people to senior homes, had the most deaths for quite some time of any state) is beyond the pale, even for Trump. And I say that as a Trump supporter who is going to vote for him.

I don't know what game is being played, but the barbs from both sides are starting to get sharp, almost unnecessarily so, if the goal was to simply flush out the fakes. Trump will need Florida, and this isn't going to resonante with many Floridians.

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A deal is going to be reached. How it's reach will tell us who is actually in control.

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Hard to say. Some heavy hitting attacks coming from both sides. Trump saying Cuomo did better than DeSantis on covid? I mean I support Trump, but did DeSantis put sick people in old folks homes?

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My question is why is he allowed to spill the beans? Yeah, he's painting a very nice picture of what the US has done, but I'm noticing little to no mention of any EU countries involved in any of this, which I find to be sus.

I'm not discounting anything he's saying regarding how it went down, I'm just wondering why the Davos pet project is seemingly innocent in all of this. I recall the speculation here on GAW that at some point the narrative would shift, that it would go from wet markets to lab leak, and that the cabal would let it happen.

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