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They'll never admit they were wrong. Ever. When it is impossible for anyone to defend it anymore, they'll claim they were always against it, and you were the one supporting it. That's how these people operate. They are utterly insane.

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The Ukraine war is a cash grab. The stock market is a cash grab. The pandemic is a cash grab. The elections are all cash grabs. The whole g-d thing is a cash grab.

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Coming up on 7 years sober by the grace of God. Now my drink of choice is coconut water. Love the meme by the way. Cheers fren.

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You’ve actually described the precise reasons I stopped watching that garbage.

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I don’t watch much sportsball, what happened?

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“Let my armies be the rocks, and the trees, and the birds in the sky.” - Charlemagne

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"It's so crazy it just might work!" - Pfizer executives probably

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They are such idiots.

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They will never get the chance to earn their rainbow pride ribbon again.

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They think we want guns because we want to hurt people. In reality, we want guns so we can protect people. It's them that want to hurt people. Classic projection.

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I remember the GOP fawning all over this guy in the 2012 election cycle. Everytime he showed up to some GOP meeting, it was standing room only for the seals clapping at every word.

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Walker: "We're mutating the Covid virus to make it more deadly." - paraphrasing

Walker (5 minutes later): "What are you doing? You can't just hurt people like that!"

Bro, you are talking about making deadlier strains of a virus to make more money.

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