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I've had very similar results. Eerily similar, actually. It really has been a game-changer... thanks for sharing!

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Well, Dole was a 33rd Degree Freemason so there's that. And he did Viagra commercials so.. yuck!

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Trump always mentions therapeutic alternatives when mentioning the [email protected] If there are alternatives available other than the [email protected] then there is no legal authority to mandate the shot. The man is a stable genius.

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Hey NONE of us are perfect! Interesting post still.

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It sounds to me like your lack of food (basically fasting) has perhaps forced out some sort of entity/demonic spirit/bad energy which is normally able to thrive when the body is constantly fed trash food.

The way you describe it in your second paragraph makes me wonder if you're by chance not born-again? I'm not judging, not my place... but if you're not, then demonic forces can have free-reign over ones' body. If you've essentially been fasting then a demonic entity may well have been expelled while you slept.

However if you are a Christian then physical possession is virtually impossible, in which case it was just purely your immune system at work.

Either way, glad you're feeling better!

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Shoutout to The Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics for compiling this document

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Thank you!

Luckily she's a fighter!

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No shots for me, my wife, or my children.

Parents are both jabbed but they're not in my household and they're both "high risk" so they were scared into the shots early. My dad (who has diabetes) had no adverses reactions, however my mother was diagnosed with cancer in her lymph node ten days after taking the Pfizer shot. She's had a hell of a year fighting it between chemo and radiation, thankfully she should be completely done in March.

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I’ve definitely seen your husband in the comments in the past. Always very thoughtful. I just said a prayer for the both of you.

I really hope he tries one of the suggested alternative treatments listed in the comments.

God bless you both!

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As a child, I attended Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. The library held a life-size bust and a plaque highlighting many of his personal contributions to our country's founding. We (regardless of color) were all proud to attend school there.

Now, thirty years later, it's undergone a name alteration adding the name of our city to it, making it Holland Jefferson Elementary, thus removing the American heritage from it altogether. The library's now a bust-less regular old library now and the only way any of the students know who Thomas Jefferson is anymore is if their parents shared it with them - and we know that's not happening.

It's just sad and needs to end. We need to cancel the history-erasers.

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This is great to read! Thanks for the update - Every single one that wakes up is just as important as the rest of us.. Some just have to venture a little longer in the darkness than others.

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