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The only thing dumber than this post is whoever decided to sticky it.

Describing it as fake and ghey is being kind...

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Yup. Add it to the already loooong list of reasons not to get any of the injections... or any other "vaccines" going forward.

The only question that remains is: how bad are the long-term effects for the people that got the injections? The answer is that nobody knows. It is a giant human experiment, and we will only know the results when they eventually occur.

Bottom line is that they are all experimental test subjects. I think a lot of them got placebos, or something pretty close to that... so maybe the results of the experiments won't be that bad for most people. Who knows?

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This is all correct - but why no link to the Clandestine tweets? That sucks.

Here is the tweet:

Here is the overall thread that has a lot more context:

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Ummm - no. The main problem in SA is caused by massive levels of incompetence, everywhere, for pretty much everything.

For example, the infrastructure of the country was built and maintained by white people, who are mostly all gone now. The black people that took over everything have no fucking clue what to do or how to keep the infrastructure of the country up and running. It is basically that simple.

Being one of the BRIC countries does not fix any of those fundamental problems. Nothing I can think of fixes that either. It looks like SA is headed back to the stone age... unless some sort of miracle occurs.

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Is that the same military that organized the clot shot? That one?

Yes and no, doomer shill. The military is not monolithic. Some parts are political and controlled by the DS. The rest (all the operational parts that really matter) are not. If you had ever been in the military, or had any knowledge of the military, you would know these things.

The same concept also applies to other organizations where the top leadership has been compromised and corrupted by the DS, but the rank and file are not. At the end of the day, it is the actions of the rank and file (and mid-level management) that matters the most.

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Agreed - very articulate and impressive.

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Especially the one on his face... but realistically that is part of his job.

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This is awesome. I am optimistic that this attitude will extend to all the OTHER tyrannical things the DS/cabal attempted and ultimately failed to accomplish (not for lack of trying).

These genuine but failed attempts to impose tyranny and cause harm are the best possible way to wake everyone up that I can think of. You can't just talk about these things - you have to show them (prove them)... or in this case let the DS/cabal do it themselves (which is brilliant - as long as they fail).

Once again, this is awesome. I am hoping these same types of awakened attitudes are spreading world wide. It looks like they are...

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Correct. Those of us that have or had clearances in the past learned to keep our mouths shut - it was a very important part of the job. Plus S3 and MP's were actively monitoring all of us, looking for any signs of compromise. All of us knowing that we were being actively watched by our own people actually helped, a lot.

Given all of that (and more), no leaks is not surprising. It is only surprising to non-military morons that literally could not keep their mouths shut if their lives depended on it. Since they themselves could not maintain OpSec, they mistakenly assume nobody else would be able to either. They are dead wrong.

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Time to shoot you, because you are wrong about the probability of infection. Look up ADE (Antibody Dependency Enhancement).

The clinical (animal) trials in the mid-2000's all failed miserably. In some of the trials, ALL the animals died of ADE. The injection did not only screw up the immune system, it made the immune system especially vulnerable to infection by viruses that were similar to the ones used in the MRNA injections.

So yes, effectively it did "create a magnet for infection" by specifically weakening the immune response to any similar viruses.

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Agreed. This post cancelled out the dooming about the border situation before it had a chance to get going. Very well done.

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Those of us that refused the injections and became part of a very large control group ruined the DS/cabal plans for depopulation and the creation of a tyrannical world government. By ruining their plans, we saved not only ourselves, but ultimately most other people as well (so far at least).

The DS/cabal have pretty much given up on the plandemic and injections, and switched back to the climate change scam (plus digital currency) as a path to world government...

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Congrats. You missed the whole point of the video.

He explained quite clearly that his research proved that the injections (not the virus) were the cause of excess mortality in various countries, and that attempts to blame the deaths on C19 variants was literally junk science (deliberately contrived and false).

He summarized it by saying the data proves that there was no pandemic, and that the injections are what killed people... not "variants" of the C19 virus as governments continue to claim in order to cover up for their crimes.

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Some illegals have some diseases, but your examples are valid... unless things are different now for injected people with weakened immune systems. That could allow some diseases to spread farther and faster than they would have in the past... maybe. I am not sure about how widespread the damage is from the injections.

Excess deaths continue to increase, but not enough to shock the sheeple out of their perpetual stupor. I don't think it matters that much. Sheep are sheep - why should anyone care about what they think in the first place? They are not going to do anything no matter what happens.

Illegals can be deported easily enough, and President Trump has already mentioned mass deportations as one of the first items on his agenda when he is elected (assuming some magic happens that prevents another stolen election). I am hoping things boil over this summer and we won't have to wait until the end of 2024 or early 2025.

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Who exactly is bringing the "anti-bathroom" lawsuit against EM? Is taking a dump now RAY-CIST... or white supremacy?

I guess he is supposed to step outside and crap on the sidewalk like everybody else...

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It is way-fair thin...

On second thought, bring me a bucket...

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"we might as well enjoy the time we've got left".

This is absolutely correct. We are all just here temporarily.

I am trying to accomplish a few things, and do some good as best I can... but other than that, who really gives a fuck if we eat some bread or drink some wine during the time we are here?

News flash: nothing you do is going to make you immortal. Get over it.

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You call them "normies", I call them sheeple. Whatever... but this is not a new thing.

A lot of studies done over decades have shown that only about 1/3 to 1/4 of people are able to think for themselves. The remaining 2/3 or 3/4 just look for somebody to blindly follow and do their thinking for them. They crave the safety of the herd, in all things. Independent thought, much less action, is beyond their capabilities.

Given that reality, I don't understand the need to spend so much time and energy to wake up that majority. What is the point? They are sheep.

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Very good dig and research. Well done.

Hopefully, the DS/cabal can be destroyed this time, world-wide... so none of this ever happens again. [They] all need to be exterminated.

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The death of commonly believed myths... kind of like a great awakening...

Now add to the list the most destructive myths that many libtards fervently believe:

  • the government will take care of you
  • the government is doing what is best for you
  • more government is the answer to every problem

These people are mentally still children (and childish), desperately looking for someone or something to "take care of them"... like surrogate parents.

Single women are the worst offenders. Most of our current problems in this country can be traced to single women in one way or another. The only fix for this is a return to traditional religion, nuclear families, and everything else that goes with it.

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