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Tylin(CIA clown marker, odd names, odd spelling)

Crystal Rodgers-Butt, Tylin’s mom, believed that it was a miracle her kid is still alive.

Butt(clownfags use joke markers like this in scripted fake news for comms)

Gayways at it again...

Sitting in a chair, not hospital bed. Clip on fan(possible comms)

Bandaged on his head but states zero trauma injuries...

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You're hearing propaganda

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Would like to know if the clots thing is as prevailent as they say it is, because if it is, my wife took 2 shots... Aaaaaaaaaaand after watching this, I am sufficiently freaking out.

How was my response not related to your question?

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Over 40 universities in US get 400mil a year in taxpayer funding for "crisis simulation training programs"...literally false flag faggot production school all over the US...and we pay for it.

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So fake, so gay. Other markers to look to look for are odd names and oddly spelled names. Common clown signature.

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Possibly every Twitter account at exactly the same time

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Article posted at 11:09

Law of War Manual Chapter 11 Military Occupation Section 9 Local Law and Legislation

5.6 Discrimination in Conducting Attacks

44 people died 44=Obama

Java=coffee=hot filtered water=prep for MSM news launch of info

CIAnjur...CIA, it's in the name

Dozens of people have been killed and hundreds wounded as Indonesia’s main island Java was rocked by an earthquake on Monday.

The quake had a magnitude of 5.6, with its epicenter located in the Cianjur region in the west of the island, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has said.

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I would bet his entire identity is a fabricated CI-GAY Illusion

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Year of tha boomerang

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Damn dude...that must be that new "retard variant" going around...

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Rectum? Damn near killed him...

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