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Why is she showing the rudimentary symbol for penis? I mean, that's what I would ask her.

Symbology could mean anything, so you have to go to the root of any symbol, and an upwards pointed triangle symbol is a penis.

Am I the only one who remembers "The Davinci Code" and sees that every time they show a pyramid?

So stupid they are.

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The CDC is showing how to quickly run a government bureaucracy into the ground.

When the Covid lie is over, nobody will listen to the CDC again.

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Here's what I am noticing. Something is definitely askew. Either it's a a joke being played on us, and I literally think it's us here and the Q movement that it's targeting, or it's someone is messing with Trump.

The way it came about leads me at the point to believe someone is playing a prank and comes from the deep state. The mask thing and then slight differences are just the MO from those idiots. It's a movie after all, right?

But why? Sure this post is crap, but I think not talking about it is as ignorant to what is going on.

If this is meant to divide, it's a piss poor job. If it's meant to give hope, it doesn't do that either. I think the whole thing is just weirdness. But what it does point out to me is the mass cognitive dissonance still present in the movement.

It portrays doubt. Doubt is a divisive force and this seems like another attempt to divide us.

The real truth will be much harder to accept, especially to some of the people here.

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The picture with AG Brnovich was last night at the rally, but it looks like it's from a plane.

There are a lot of people on telegram talking about this, but it seems a bit quiet here. So the question is this: Which version of Trump is the real one, and who was there at the rally speaking last night?

Then there's the guy who was behind, adjusting his face like he was wearing a mask.

This is just weird on a whole new level. Apparently the snaggled tooth one is a fake.

Exit stage right?

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Let me get this straight, the dog can smell the difference between the cold, and flu to detect Covid?

If I was a parent in a school district, I would have to have them prove that it actually works with the dog and then confirm it by showing a result of a blood test to confirm infection.

You know, just like in the John Carpenter movie "The Thing".

Probably should blood test the dog too, come to think about it. Dark winter indeed.

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it's on telegram. Easy to find there. Although he's in St. Louis right now.

Nancy Drew (also on telegram and posts on facebook) is still in DC and she gives a look at the capitol and the Whitehouse.

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I would check theater listings on Tuesday. I have seen this many times over the years. The new release is always scheduled weeks ahead of time, but the movies still in theaters, don't get listings from Friday on through next Thursday, until the previous Tuesday or Wednesday.

I don't remember the exact schedule, but to me this is much ado about nothing.

Besides, it's the movies. Between that, TV and radio, everything entertainment related is sh*t.

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This is salt poured on an already sore wound.

There is no justification for the jab when looking that the presentation regarding how the studies were performed. Anyone supporting it is either incompetent or complicit and deserve to be told so right in their face.

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First it was Critical Race Theory that I had to learn what it is before I knew why it was important to know what that is, and now I have this Mass Formation Psychosis that I have to look up?!?

However, this time I had already seen the After Skool video, maybe this is for the libs as they made us have to do research. It's their turn!

How can the media spin that people are being manipulated by the media? Here, have some popcorn. Silence here would be deafening, and be the absolute worst thing they could do (basically it would be admitting they do it). Or they have to report it correctly. Kobyashi Maru level mass wakeup here, if I ever saw it.

The media deserves what is coming.

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I don't think your psychic is that experienced.

You must remember that the CIA studied psychics and determined what they do that makes what they say accurate. Unfortunately they do not understand it.

The way most of it works is something called the akashic library (Jaco talks about this all the time, but he is unable to see the whole picture). This place is real for those that need them to be real, but yet it does not exist. The recall of information requires to look into memories that are not of the past, but what is ahead. Time is not a linear dimension and yet we still think we only move through it in one direction as water trickling down a cold glass on a hot humid day.

The reason that you can't see, or that it is foggy, is because the end result has not been decided. Or there's an aspect yet to be revealed.

Who do you think decides that? God. Where do you think that information comes from? Someone else. Could be one or could be many. Witnesses is what they are. I am more of a watcher though. I know what I am waiting for, and I am watching for when it will occur.

But it is the lack of information speaks volumes. That's because there is someone else not on the playing field that may be the one who becomes governor. Speculation says it's a third party. It could also say that the rules change, and no election is needed. Neither of which is true, yet. They could be. An experienced psychic would know this.

I am psychic, and I documented previously here how accurate I was in predicting the last summer games, when "nobody wanted to show up". It was delayed a year due to Covid. I was trained by someone in the order of Melchizedek, if that matters.

But I don't do it professionally. I am also not what most people call a medium. I am not a witch. I have met both kinds and that does not resonate with me. I can see spirits from time to time, but I will not listen to their "stories". I do not care for them. It only empowers them. I don't give my power away easily. I hate rituals in whatever form.

I highly doubt my declaration as a psychic is one that offends God, as in 2017, I died and met with God in heaven. I met Paul and the disciples that were there. It was talking with God that made me realize that being a psychic is exactly what God wanted me to do. I understand if you feel otherwise, as I would be there as well, when I was younger. But God's plan for me is drastically different than yours. I was told to write a book, which I did, and yet I am writing another. (I was also told not to promote it)

As a result of my endeavors, I have, for lack of a better word, teachers. I constantly test them as spirits. As everyone should.

I am a servant of God, and I take no steps unless I am shown to. Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In ALL your ways, acknowledge him and HE will make your paths straight.

So why am I commenting? To wake you to the realization that what psychics do is accessible by everyone, and will eventually be turned on. For everyone. Sooner than you think.

Have you started to hear someone else's thoughts yet? Have the shadows appeared to move? You ever just stood there and not move? That's what I am watching for right now.

So easily we condemn those things we do not understand. Do not condemn yourself in the moments of the revelations.

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It is only projection from a deluded tyrant whose days are numbered in fewer digits.

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There is one thing I know about the truly evil. It is that they consider what they do as not being wrong. So their actions are one of arrogance, and on that end, their evidence has caused them to make a mistake. A very bad one and one that leads me to believe that they are indeed very stupid.

What was the mistake? Well, by the time it came to Hillary running for president it was way too late. This goes back to what Q says "Symbolism will be their downfall."

The arrogance that got them into their positions of power is the same kind of arrogance that broadcasts to the world their intent, and causes them to use imagery and iconic symbols to wear as their medals of honor. Unfortunately that is where they made the mistake. If they could still use a swastika, they would, but that symbol was taboo. Remember prince Harry? So, it's not as if they knew about symbolism.

And still they used the symbols anyway. Once the symbolism was shown (via FBI), then people started seeing it. It was one of the elements that woke people up.

The takeaway I see here, is that if they never used symbols, it would have been much harder for people to become aware of the activity, or in the case of the frog, the change in water temperature. If you remember the fallout from Comet Ping-Pong, they made it out as if there was nothing wrong going on there. All because they used a symbol in their logo. Besta pizza actually pulled their symbol. as if nobody would notice.

I am not saying that the deep state was not intelligent, for their schemes are elaborate and ornate, but the arrogance did cause a blind spot, which if anyone analyzed everything, they should have found that the symbols would be used against them and never used them.

It's a stupid error, and for that reason alone, I tell you the deep state is and always was stupid. Once the person wakes up, the movements being made became predictable, but part of the flaw.

But I come from a mindset where everything must exist in some state of balance, this movement toward (or away from) immense evil and corruption, is the pendulum's position in its swing, which means that it eventually moves toward great goodness. When you see that the structures of evil are being taken down it gives hope. It gives hope, because everything moves away from what was evil.

The project lookingglass from the project camelot whistleblower says exactly this. There was nothing that they could do to change the outcome. That means the catalyst for the entire house of cards they had built, no matter how fortified, was eventually going to fall. By that point their mistake was too late. The plans they made were already in motion and they went through with it anyway.

The only solution would have been to go completely silent and not follow through with their plans, but they didn't do that either. That is also a mistake. They wanted to maintain power and perform their vile acts, but that plan was only going to bring it to the surface. That's just plain arrogance that allows that to happen. And that is where they are wrong. Stupidly wrong.

And since that point, I reiterate that when their plans are so predicable that you can see the next action and how it adds to their downfall, then the only conclusion I have is that while they are highly intelligent, that they are INDEED very stupid.

You can't tell me that when it was let known that teacher were teaching CRT or the Antifa indoctrination, that the momma bears wouldn't eventually rise up and bring hell to the school board meetings. Only stupid people poke sleeping bears.

Q said multiple times "these people are stupid". From my perspective, I would agree.

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Two separate things. The EBS scene wasn't what was vile. I was referring to the writers of the material,

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Am I the only watched "This is the end"? (2013)

Why would you think Rogen and all those actors would be anything but a bunch of pedo satanists after that movie?

Admittedly it's better than Rapturepalooza, but how stupid are satanists, when they try to make revelation the plan. It's like they didn't bother to read how it ends.

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And how did V send his message to the people?

The emergency broadcasting system.

Have you ever noticed how many comic book writers were occultists or outright satanists? There are quite a few of them. Symbolism is what gives it away. And in an art form where symbols are iconic, the vile stuff tends to stick out. Alan Moore was definitely into the occult when he wrote the book.

by klmd
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They signed their names to being complicit with crimes against humanity.

Stupidity, apparently is a bottomless pit.

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What really gets me, is that the graphic couldn't have come from WGN. Those people there are idiots and goofs. That's why I watch them. To get the official narrative and feel smart.

Without that, I wouldn't have been able to avoid my company's vax/test mandates, and then get a 6 figure raise. The one takeaway is to stand your ground, you'll be respected for it.

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Go watch the first Resident Evil movie. They release a contagion from a lab and then shut it down via an AI computer called.... The Red Queen. It talks to the people in the movie as a little girl hologram.

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