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You have made me dumber by posting this here and my reading it. May you burn in hell...

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No. We won't do an apnea test until any given paralytics are gone. You can test the patient with a nerve stimulator to ensure they are not under the influence of paralytics. That said, you are right in that either sketchiness or mistakes happen

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Don't buy what this guy is saying. He's wrong on so many levels. Brain death diagnosis requires several tests to be determined. Cerebral Angiogram or nuclear scan are tests that show if blood flow is getting to the brain.If there is no blood flow to the brain, it cannot be alive. These brains are not "perfectly salvageable" The lungs and heart can be kept going without a living brain with ventilators and IV meds. Another study we do is the apnea test. Remove the person from the ventilator circuit and see if they can draw breaths. If they don't they are brain dead. Of course if your brain is gone there is no way to stimulate breathing. Problem is that lay people, probably this bonehead, and many doctors confuse/interchange brain death with being persistently vegetative. They are not the same.

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Can't come soon enough

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