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There absolutely are viruses that have been isolated.

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https://www.sohu.com/a/531790654_639898 https://archive.ph/W5txl

This is all the information about Ms Fang Fang.

According to the previous announcement of Dinglong Culture, Fang Fang was hired as Chief Financial Officer on January 7, 2022. Ms. Fang Fang, born in 1992 , Chinese nationality, no overseas permanent residency, graduated from Henan University of Economics and Law with a degree in Accounting (Auditing direction). ) major, bachelor degree, intermediate accountant, certified public accountant. From July 2015 to December 2017, she served as the accountant of Kunshan Zhuopuda Electronics Co., Ltd. From January 2018 to August 2019, he served as the financial director of Shenzhen Everbright Innovative Materials Co., Ltd. From September 2019 to June 2021, he served as the public Project Manager of Hua Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership), Project Manager of Zhongshen Zhonghuan Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership) From June 2021 to September 2021, served as the financial manager of Country Garden Life Services Group Co., Ltd. October 2021 to present Served as the financial manager of Dinglong Culture Co., Ltd.

Unlikely to be Christine Fang.

by 369Q
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I don't want to be a jackass, I really, really don't, but this same kinda "muh deltas" shit happened last year too.

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That's great, but who's going to stop any of this from happening?

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The dumbing down of society has consequences.

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Then what?

What would you do beyond that? Are you waiting for their approval?

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That's fucking retarded. You still have J6ers in jail and a fake prez in the whitehouse starting wars. Where exactly are the Alphas lol y'all are delusional. You've done sweet FA to fix anything.

Not assessing weakness and indulging hubris is the downfall of societies.

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These are not "chemtrails". These are contrails.

I can explain in depth why you're outrageously incorrect, but I have a feeling you'll only believe what you wish to believe.

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A vast majority of the rest of the world understand that the dems cheated.

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I hope you're being sarcastic. Otherwise you're completely and utterly delusional.

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Imo, don't think of it as the "US" or the "Deep State" because it's not and it's not just the US involved in this, nor just the democrats.

Think of it more like a cabal, a mafia. This is not JUST a US problem.

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I'll give you an effort post as to why with, what I hope is reasoned explanation :

However, one issue they take the MSM's narrative bait line and sinker: Q

Not at all. I, like they, am skeptical of Q - curious, but extremely skeptical. Not because of MSM, but because it a) doesn't pass the sniff test, b) isn't logical and c) is way too vague.

I am even more skeptical when I see people on this very page take "drops" out of context, or apply them to everything an sundry. Or give them more weight and meaning than they deserve.

The drops divulged things that people with reasonable knowledge in the field could/would have known.

People cite the "deltas" but they are so vague and loosely connected, sometimes absurdly so, that anyone who says "but muh deltas" gets disregarded automatically for me. You can't jam a square peg into a round hole and claim "See it fits, it's SUPPOSED to be in there".

As to who Q is : I don't think Q is Jim or Ron, I do think it's most likely it's someone associated however loosely with Trump. I don't think Flynn is involved, I think Lin Wood is mentally unstable, I think Mike Pompeo is as trustworthy as Lindsay Graham.

Putin and Trump have proven even to "normies" that there's a very, very, very deep cabal of elites who are terrorizing the world. That's 100% true.

However, do I think that the worship of Q drops like they're snippets of a holy text is positive or helpful? No.

And considering people here thought last year that GEORGE News was Q.... makes me question the ability of people to have clarity of judgement.

So if you wonder why people are skeptical, the behavior of people regarding the Q drops or the notion of Q etc, is what kills the believability regarding Q as anything other than information that was relevant at a time and not beyond that point.

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You have a republic of high status males. They caused this. Keep up with your cope though.

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u/dtxman75 is right, you know.

Jesus was a man. He was a real man who existed once. He was probably very, very, very different than how you think of him.

All the scripture built around him has been written by man. It wasn't written by God, it wasn't interpreted by God. It was done all by man.

The bible has been watered down to its current form, by centuries of man's interpretation.

If you're worried about listening to the word of "man" keep reciting the bible like it's anything other than the word of man. Scripture is a Script. Meditate on why that is so.

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You know what's sad?

People here thought GEORGE News was Q too.

Stop falling for it. You're diluting the actual info by believing everything is Q.

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Exactly this.

The whole Evergiven thing was a load of shit, then the "under the airport" that a runway was being worked on was "blowing up dumbs" and then floods in Germany had "children's bodies" flooding into people's homes.

Like seriously people, get a grip.

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Remember when you peddled the same bullshit about the Evergiven?

Do people remember how that came to nothing? Stop pushing this bullshit line.

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Seriously, it's like you didn't learn from bullshit Evergiven "kids in cargo containers" or the "tunnels" under the airport rubbish.

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He's a grifter. Of course he's grifting. Plus he's an "Andy". You'd be better off donating to Nanobot Andy. At least she's funny and may get a tit out every now and then when she's high as a fucking kite.

This guy never has been legit. He's not on "you side", he's just a dude who streams so he can get $.

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Fuck off with your "is insert country that isnt the US lost" nonsense.

The US should be the one that people are questioning if it's lost or not

by gamepwn
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This is not predictive programming.

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The problem with this Mr/Dr Thompson account is whomever it is, is likely to be using either a picture of someone unrelated or, a "this person doesn't exist" picture.

That's fine, but people in other posts, are using his posts to portray authority, as if an ACTUAL doctor is speaking out.

It doesn't help the cause by faking a call to authority, tbh.

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