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Yes, fix the problem they created with something else they've created.

Wait, I've seen this movie before.

You can trust McCullough

I don't.

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So that's the trick of it, really -- We suspect from batch data that there were specified times for companies to test their formula.

That means that some of the batches could have been saline.

I seflishly really hope that's the case. I don't want to lose the people dear to me.

A few vials were tested and found to be saline, and some nurses were caught injecting it as well.

But we really don't have conclusive evidence. We need people with access to the batch information to give us the records.

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Yes, I'm afraid that this is what's going on, folks. From all available information, anyone who took the experimental shots were given 5 years to get their affairs in order.

It's going to be messy.

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The problem is - the supposed tests were fake too. They detected it fruit and vegetables, ffs.

No one has any clue who died "from" or "with" or any other variation. Or even if there was something called "covid 19".

Oh but don't worry, the flu mysteriously disappeared that first year we locked down.

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Uhh, keystone??


"At the time that star blew up, 3,000 years ago, the Bronze Age was ending," Cooke said. "You had the rise of the kingdom of David in Palestine. You had all this stuff going on, but that's how far back in time that explosion occurred — 3,000 years."

Definitely some connections here.

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Right, or field offices.

The concern is that this is the HQ. Think of all the files that are in there...

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Alphabet mafia.

The acronym is always in a state of flux because they are retarded and don't know who they are.

Also note that they are adding "B" to "EDI" for 'belonging', because they must be upset we were rearranging it to DIE.

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We are having these protests up here in Canada, as well, for some fucking reason.

I can confirm through my sources that these are all being organized by a central group.

Local university agreed with their original demands (something about sharing information regarding funding) and then asked them to follow the steps to legally be a protest (probably get a permit?).

The commies refused that and changed their demands to wanting to know who Da Jews are, because, you know, they are actually anti-semitic.

Fucking LOL

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I'm watching a lot of lawyer streamers right now (because these cases are being used to expose the legal system and where it needs to be fixed).

One of the viewers pointed out a law from somewhere that the USSS can take over the facility completely. There's no "oh, just clear out a wing", it's the whole thing.

Then I hear from another source that the Judge may be considering home arrest, because they are probably starting to figure out that Trump wants to be jailed.

The problem for them is that he's already calling them out for their lack of balls. I think he's supposed to go to jail/prison. A specific one, even, that's why NY.

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Yea, super weird. People/bots on Reddit constantly talk about how they fear "qanon" supporters.

Do they equally fear flat earthers? I haven't seen that.

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Stormy is more his type, but I don't really care if they were fucking.

I do absolutely believe they cooked up this scheme, which was just one of many for Cohen. He's a "fixer" who found things to "fix". He had a nice little arrangement with National Enquirer to extort whatever cash he could before getting caught.

He doth protest too much.

And lies. Lots of lies.

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IIRC, they were only going to give us a small percentage of the bad.

We asked for more.

They agreed.

None of this should be brand new to us, we all have come to our conclusions awhile ago, through various means. Q was a lens that put everything in focus and now we're here.

It's going to get worse but that will hopefully help get the brain washing out.

Secure your family, secure your home.

Prepare for the worst - hope for the best.

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Yes, they tried to coerce me into getting the death jab to keep my job.

My blessed doctor said don't take it because I could have a reaction (specifically, myocarditis, which conviently the media was just starting to admit to at the time).

After they "reviewed" my medical note, the panel of doctors my employer enlisted said they knew better and rejected my note. So they fired me.

Long story short, after filing a grievence they suddenly realized that it's illegal to medically discriminate in Canada. I wanted to take them to the cleaners for a cool 10mill... but I know that karma will come for them eventually. My wife says I'm too nice for my own good sometimes.

However, what they put me through for a year was clearly psychological torture, in addition to the financial burden.

Some days you think, "oh if I just take it, this problem goes away. But then I'll probably die, so what the fuck??! Why the hell am I the only one thinking this through?!"

All that said, that is NOTHING compared to what happend in the OP. That is straight up VILE and someone needs to pay for that.

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This is correct.

Everyone here should know that the final action that the opposition will take is to crash the econ (once the US fails, the rest of the West follows).

The passing of those bills for UKR, ISL, Taiwan reveals the direction. What most people don't understand is that they've already spent that money - those bills are meant to balance the books.

They have been and will continue to blindly spend because they have no means or will to pay that back. They know the econ is fucked, so they are having a party.

The only way is through.

I'm athiest but... God speed.

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They don't need to convince every person - just the people that have power to send troops, so they can try to make it true. They are trying to start a world war.

From there, they crash econ globally.

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Unfortuntely, I had the same thought. Some of the pieces he had fit together, but they do not paint the full picture.

The media could claim this as one of theirs, since they worked tirelessly to malign us.

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Yes, I started to wonder awhile back if the plan isn't to use the threat of Russia taking over the EU to bring out the obvious secret tech they've been working on for decades.

We know they have vehicles that use electromagnetism to combat gravity, we've seen their testing. Russia has their own version as well.

But with these kinds of tech advances, they wait until things get really bad to reveal them.

There is definitely something in UKR that they've been hiding. Then there's Antarctica..

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Well, aw geez, can't a guy make an Alphabet mafia joke?

But fair, I didn't remember that line. However, that line was said in reference to past events, and the reason that we "have everything". Recent events and comments from Patriots seem to lean towards stopping data collection?

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Oh it's most certainly there. I didn't change anything but the date/time.


Edit: However, it dissipates after April 11 @ 5am.

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I was just theorizing that they used flu (especially since an article came out last month or so, suggesting certains strains were "killed off" by the lockdowns) - could be any number of things, as you suggest. And it could be different things in different regions. I'll add my anecdotal evidence for you.

I got sick in March 2020, just as they were locking down. Picked it up on the bus ride home from work. I remember because some fucking jackass completely sneezed on me. Sprayed me all over the back of my neck.

It was a flu - but different than anything I can remember having in the past 15 years. High fever (105, feeling like my brain was melting) but controllable with tylenol. General weakness lasted a day but didn't want to eat anything for a couple. Sinuses were fucked for days after.

Since we've been back to "normal", I've had another flu (over my Xmas vacation last year) that was slightly different than that. Temp was up and down, no weakness just light-headed, still didn't want to eat. Last 48 hours and then everything was back to normal.

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