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◾️ The Russian Federation positively assesses the position of China on Ukraine, and China positively assesses the readiness of the Russian Federation to launch negotiations;

◾️ Russia and China are concerned about the risks associated with the creation of AUKUS and their plans to build nuclear submarines;

◾️ Russia and China call on AUKUS to strictly fulfill its obligations to non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;

◾️ Russia and China are planning to strengthen a comprehensive partnership in the energy sector;

◾️ The Russian Federation and China believe that in order to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, it is necessary to prevent bloc confrontation and incitement of conflict;

◾️ The Russian Federation and China are concerned about the military-biological activities of the United States, they demand clarification on this matter;

◾️ Russia and China will expand scientific exchanges to ensure the technological leadership of the two countries;

◾️ The Russian Federation and China urge to avoid the degradation of the crisis in Ukraine and its transition "to an uncontrollable phase";

◾️ Russia and China oppose all unilateral sanctions imposed bypassing the UN Security Council;

◾️ Russia and China are pushing for the US to speed up the elimination of its stockpile of chemical weapons;

◾️ Russia and China will strengthen cooperation in agriculture to ensure food security;

◾️ The Russian Federation and China plan to promote mutual and global energy security;

Russia and China insist that NATO strictly observe the defensive nature of their organization and respect foreign sovereignty;

◾️ Russia and China oppose the formation of "closed exclusive bloc structures, bloc policies and opposing camps" in the Asia-Pacific region;

◾️ The Russian Federation and China will increase the scale and optimize the structure of trade, including through the development of electronic commerce;

◾️ Russia and China are going to increase the level of financial cooperation and strengthen cooperation in the financial markets;

◾️ The United States must take real action to address the legitimate concerns of the DPRK and create conditions for dialogue;

◾️ The Russian Federation and China are concerned about the intensification of US activities in the field of missile weapons and call for an end to undermining international security;

◾️ Russia and China are against attempts to use space for armed confrontation and will oppose such activity;

◾️ Russia and China will expand mutual access to agricultural products and strengthen investment cooperation in this area;

◾️ The Russian Federation and the PRC are aimed at cooperation in the field of mutually beneficial supply of basic goods and mineral resources;

◾️ The Russian Federation and China oppose the militarization of IT, they are for multilateral, equal and transparent global governance of the Internet.