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I have been dishing out redpills subtly and I always tell her I don’t expect you to believe me I am just telling you what I believe is happening. Anyways she uses tik tok. I told her about direct energy weapons and eco terrorism pertaining wildfires. She somewhat thought I was batshit insane telling her about this. She then found content on tik tok talking about the same stuff. Her mind was blown. She asked me about the wild fires and I showed her how the average temperature and precipitation in the Western US since when I was in middle school and high school is relatively the same and why I have told her I believe only a small amount of these fires are organic.

She needed to know why so I broke out the wine and gave an explain it like I am 5 great reset and 15 minute city agenda break down for her. We’re both tired as we stayed up talking until 1am on a work night.

Today she texted me today that she thought I was some what crazy but now she realizes that I was just trying to tell her the truth. She listened to the RFK JR episode of JRE on vaccines today at work after I told her to give it a chance. That also went very well. She is overwhelmed but her thirst for truth is there and she wants to keep digging. We’ve all been there when we first woke up. I told her after the wedding on Sunday I can break it all down for her starting with the Fed, fractional reserve banking and fiat currency which is the root of it all.

This wouldn’t have been possible with out this community. I have pulled most of my redpills from here even though I have been awake for 12 years. This site is the best collection of truth the world has even scene.

I am so happy. We’re gonna try for a child after the honeymoon and I’ll be able to give that child the gift of freedom. No vaccines, no government schools, no msm programming and a fat stack of guns and silver. I am so pumped because that’s all I ever wanted to give my child. And my soon to be wife has gone from normie to awake.

This website fucking rocks.