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The global elite are trying to execute a killing blow against President Trump. I've seen very little about it posted, so I'm here to tell you all the truth. Mods, can we sticky this post? Everyone here needs to stop what they are doing right now and read this post.

The merger of DWAC and Truth Social is going to go down as one of the most important mergers in history. For those of you who don't know, this created the stock ticker DJT. This is huge, it would be like if Disney and Facebook merged together. This has added billions of dollars to President Trump's wealth, the guy just can't stop making money. This has the DS panicking, so they're trying to tank his stock. Just over the last few days, it has dropped over 30% in value, which is absolutely insane for a company like this. It is being heavily suppressed.

Without being overly dramatic, pedes, this is our moment! Many people said Game Stop was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it is here again. Wallstreet is shorting shares of DJT, and they are trying to drive them into bankruptcy, just like they have done with several of President Trumps other companies, but it is going to be different this time. Pedes own the float. If we buy enough stocks, then this will force all the short sellers to buy back the shares at whatever price we set. As of writing this post, DJT stock is selling at $22.84 a share which is an absolute steal. President Trump wanted us to be able to buy the stock so much, that on Monday they announced that they were selling an additional 21.49 million shares of DJT. Right now Meta stock (Facebook) is trading for $500 a share. I expect that DJT shares will double or even tripple that value in the next two or three years. My house was paid off, but earlier this month I decided to open a mortgage on it and spend every last penny in DJT at $62 a share. These last few weeks have been really tough, and my wife is really upset, but I believe that America will be great again. I've told my wife that this isn't about us, but about serving our country. President Trump has suffered, and continues to suffer so much for us, I think the least we can do is invest. If we all buy more shares in DJT, then the plan will backfire on the DS so hard that they won't be able to recover, and we will be filthy rich.

So pedes, are you willing to stand up to the corruption? Are you willing to lend a hand and start draining the swamp? Are you ready for the next revolution? If we all just buy at least a few shares, that will help stabilize the price, secure President Trump's base for the election, and ultimately secure our own future.