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He probably referring those fake MAGA AntiFa pretend to be or undercover cop or feds…. Yea don’t pardon those fake j6

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Well to be fair… the phrase has double meaning … the meaning that we thought it is bad (can’t stand on flag etc)…


These: adhere to, insist on, persist, remain committed to,stick to,uphold

White hat probably do that on purposes “Double meaning” if u know u know, stop ⬇️ Plz

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They focus on debt ceiling so they see her as traitor and fake Maga… but our war has several layers… one of the layer is must show the people and market must crash before Trump return…

They don’t want to see crash, debt ceiling, and possibly don’t even want Trump, but DeSantis and RFK etc

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My grandpa, 97.

He is still very heathy and look “young” at 96 last year. Now heath suddenly downhill.

Without vaccines he should be able to go pass 100-110, just like Japanese centenarian.

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