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Didn't she report the assault to her friend and to her mother? And didn't her mother call in to Larry King's show and, without naming names, report the assault?

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Every gun and/or ammo purchase will be saved in the databases of Visa and Mastercard. It would be naive to think otherwise.

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All of the elite media journalists already know that the 41K hours of video will show that the J6 insurrection claim is complete nonsense and that the J6 committee hearings were a propaganda show trial. Hence their unwillingness to view the video tapes.

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If I were one of those girls, I would want to know who my real parents are.

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Mitch McConnell belongs to the Mitch McConnell Party. Whatever is good for Mitch is good; whatever is not good for Mitch is not good.

Being married to a Chinese wife with rich, CCP-connected relatives in China is good for Mitch; being out-classed and out-gunned by Donald Trump is not good for Mitch.

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The 'healthy' referred to the person. If the person was healthy, but dead because of an accident or whatever, that's one thing. If the person was healthy and still alive, that's another thing entirely.

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My oldest friend is a Mason...which I only found out a few weeks ago. He's not evil, and he doesn't know any bad things that local Masons are doing. I trust him. I can't say the same for the entire group of Masons, but maybe they're mostly just guys who like to pretend they're special and have passwords and secret handshakes and crap like that. Everybody wants to be special in some way, I guess.

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Biden pretends to be a self-hating Caucasian. Actually, he loves only himself, and he is willing to sacrifice the well-being of his family and his nation on the altar of his ego and greed. If there's a bigger POS who has ever been president, it might only be BHO.

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It's easier to take what other people have built than to build it yourself.

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Blackrock and Vanguard (and State Street) are usually listed as among the largest institutional investors of almost every publicly traded company. They are not owners; just investors (with a lot of clout, of course).

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