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I had/have a few hundred dollars worth of crypto in a loopring wallet on an old iPhone the touchscreen quit working on. Crypto crashed so I threw it in a drawer and forgot about it. I didn’t set up anything. Don’t remember the ten/twelve? words. Anyway. I should probably find out if it’s still there. 😂

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Gotta assume Marge is going to be making some calls tomorrow.

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He’s about to be one of the richest people on the planet.

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Whatever “it” is, it is inevitable. Not in a “whatever will be, will be,” way. But, in a coordinated and planned series of events. (NCSWIC)

I know people may die - innocent people, bystanders, people who even are awake to what’s going on. I sincerely wish that doesn’t happen. But, truth is, people are already dying and there would have been no end in sight unless this “it” happens.

Get right with God. Hug your family. Prep the 3 Fs. Food, Friends, and Firearms.

It gets better on the other side. God willing, we’ll enjoy it together.

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They’re running out of magical flowers

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That is one “heavy-handed don’t care who sees this” comm if I’ve ever seen one.

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I voted my shares against Prop 4 (diversity garbage) today, per board recommendation. #doingmypart

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Audio warning that there was a bomb about to explode if I remember correctly.

Edit: also, there was a scene in “Lost” where a character is singing that song right before the plane crashes on the island. (Again, from memory, maybe it’s not completely correct)

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Feminist movement timeline:

We are equal to men

We are better than men

We are men

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I read his “manifesto,” if you will. Some gaps in logic, and I obviously disagree with some of his conclusions. But, it wasn’t written as if from a brainless idiot.

“tHEy waNT to FasCISt cOUp us” seems incongruous with the pamphlet and manifesto I read. 🤷‍♂️

Just another thing that doesn’t completely add up.

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