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Normal conservatives since 2015: I hate this recent trend of transgender normalization, this recent trend in “woke” lies in media, misrepresenting political opposition, and hatred of White people and Christians, such as in the remakes of tv shows and movies such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Twilight Zone, and comic books.

Boomer conservatives act as if the media only started lying in 2015, or at most after 9/11. Young conservatives act like they are conservative only for before 2015, since this stuff was not as blatant before then. But it was there.

Either this is a priming for conservatives to accept a Q reveal, in the event of a true reveal (there are a lot of Q people who do not even consider what that truth may entail, it’s perhaps what this post is implying), since it’s an easy leap whenever there is evidence and free speech to discuss and prove it.

Or this means that people can easily talk to these conservatives about the “creators” of these tv shows, movies, and comic books, ever since mass media started.

Not just since 2015 or 2001…

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This reminds be of “a light among others”/“chosen people” mentality.

People here aren’t smarter than people who aren’t “awake”.

Everyone who has free speech and freedom to consider every idea through debate and reasoning comes to the exact same conclusion about who the good guys are/were and who the bad guys were and are. There is a coordinated effort to stop this from happening.

Everyone agrees, except the people who choose for whatever reason to feel called out by what I said, and who know I’m talking about them even though I didn’t mention them a single time.

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The NPCs would totally suspend the constitution if the “experts” said to, especially if there was a “QAnon MAGA” threat

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Why is this not a good argument in your eyes to not be collectivist?

Is it that the “good Jew” really isn’t? Or is it another reason?

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Can someone here explain what they mean by “”I already reformatted it for normie consumption…not translating it back to autist”

I understand what “autist” and “normie” mean in the context, but what does it mean by translating. What’s an example of “”autist” format being translated to “normie” or vice versa?

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Indictment of who?

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No it’s Jeffery Epstein.

Q never says the “first arrest will shock the world”.


Q says “First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.” This is talking about a seperate future event with something being exposed, which will be shown to the world to as many people as possible concurrently, and will expose the full truth of the world, in ways that are undeniable. This is what the Q plan and the “movie” have been working towards.

I’m terms of the “first arrest”, Q has says said “First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction”

The “verify action” is referring to the idea that “elite pedo rings are a conspiracy, and they will do anything to hide it”, which is exposed as true with his arrest, and even more so with his “suicide”. Even left wingers believe in “elite pedo rings”, they just now claim people like Trump are responsible. Of course this doesn’t matter, and if anything is a good thing, if “NCSWIC”.

The “future direction” that is confirmed involve Epstein’s true purpose in all of those. His true purpose was not “celebrities politicians and other elites have fun molesting kids”. This is also not the end goal of the people the plan is against.

Instead, his purpose in the evil plan was to black mail. He was likely one of many. The “evil plan” is a plan to control everyone, that had a plan to control people in n the future (that is hopefully stopped), and more importantly, has done bad things in the PAST. The bad stuff done which will be revealed during “declas” will have NOTHING to do with Trump. It will be far more world changing, and deep.

The evil plan relies on everyone being too scared to question the existence of this plan, and more importantly, the inability for anyone (regardless of race nation religion or political affiliation) to question it’s indirect authority.

The best (and likely only) way to end it permanently long term is to expose WHO is responsible, all of WHAT they did, and expose it it in such a way so EVERYONE is watching, at the same time, EVERYONE understands, and in a way that is UNDENIABLE.

The “movie” involves EVERY major world event since 2017, including COVID, Trump “losing”, January 6th, Biden as POTUS, the Biden economy, the current scapegoating of Trump and Trump voters of being every terrible thing combined. All needed for this plan. Not sure what or who will be exposed 🤔

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Just saying, the truth that will be hard for "average people" to "digest and accept" is not "they stole the election from Trump"

It will be MUCH GREATER.

What kind of uncomfortable truths will be saved for last?

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Yes. But how do you relate Ezra to “full picture” and “news unlock” of it, and us having all the pieces, but not put together?

“Let my people know”

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Apolitical normies like this guy are finally waking up to the fact that there is SOMETHING conspiratorial going on with the elite, even if they don't know exactly what, due to the obvious suspiciousness of the whole ordeal of Epstein/Maxwell/their connections to elite politicians with no arrests for their clients.

Call that "Israel for last"

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No, it’s a false flag large scale terrorist attack blamed on Trumpers/QAnon, and even maybe blamed on Russia as well, which will be used as an excuse to take away our rights.

They hype up the so called “war on domestic terror”, yet have no examples of terrorist attacks done by anyone even close to us.

The NPCs (the few that are left, since without the threat of Trump/Covid, most don’t care about these false issues) have in their mind this idea of Trump supporters being as Biden said “the most dangerous movement in American history”.

They claim free speech is bad, because of a knowingly false yet paranoid claim Russian and right wingers are subverting their authority by causing people to question authority.

Yet they have nothing to point at to show this false accusation to be true.

The people who called us “Nazis” for 7 years, who believe the media and globalist worldview the most will be radicalized by this, and will support anything the media or government tells them and see it as completely rational, as Hitler did in 1933.

The NPCs being in this state makes it so they are paying attention to the media, and out of nowhere, when things are looking scary for us, by surprise, while the NPCs are in this emotional frenzy, they will be shown the reveal of the truth.

They will feel so shocked by the reveal, and this nature it is revealed in, that they will snap out of the psychosis the media has given them, as will everyone else regardless of race religion nation class etc.

This was set up since the beginning by the Q plan once the operation was completely under the teams control and PANIC (Trump as POTUS with the main accomplishments of having a good economy and getting a lot of people to distrust media, Qanon and “baseless allegations of global elite pedo rings”, Epstein being the “first arrest that verify action (elite pedo rings are real) and confirm future direction (what the pedo rings were used for (blackmail), and WHO exactly wanted to do so), followed by a globalist “science” tyranny event, Trump claiming election fraud, January 6th, Biden as POTUS, the current economy, January 6th trials, Maxwell and Epstein’s client list not being revealed, followed by this precipice, then the reveal).

They needed to show exactly who the bad guys are (fewer than you think), what their future plans were like (science tyranny, climate change), and the hardest part, showing the populace what they have done in the PAST, in a way that will shock the NPCs out of it, and get literally everyone comfortable with this revelation.

Once this is all revealed, it will be obvious why it had to be this way.

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*globalist uniparty, but yes

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Not exactly.

After Trump started running in 2015, calling out the right things, such as the falseness of globalism, the lying fake news media, Billionaires controlling and financing politicians of BOTH SIDES, and even Epstein and his connections to high profile figures. After he did this, the globalists realized he was part of a genuine opposition. They had to slander him in every way possible (racist sexist xenophobic hateful stupid etc). However, he gave off beliefs that in 2015, were considered common sense. To remedy this contradiction in globalist mainstream media, they clanged what was considered racist/sexist/socially acceptable. For example, gay marriage was federally legalized AFTER Trump announced his candidacy, but now Desantis banning teaching transgender views to GRADES K-4 was considered this terrible thing. Another example of this is the way the concept of “everyone saying their pronouns” was suddenly made common place. These views on stuff like Transgenderism all came into the mainstream consciousness so suddenly, in a way that has never happened before now.

However, this all happening so suddenly was accounted for by the Trump team. In 2016, Trump appeared as a one man strong man against the system, but this wasn’t the case. Trump was part of a team to secretly take indirect control of parts of the system, to prepare the population for it being exposed, as well as being rebuilt (giving power back to you). Their response to Trump woke up so many people who wouldn’t be awake without it. Same with the COVID response, which is why they let it happen.

Trump’s LACK of permanent institutional change, his support of certain widespread policy, as well as lack of action towards these insane ways of thinking caused a lot of people to believe Trump was a controlled opposition, which as caused them to dig into other answers to what the exact reality is. These people need the reveal the least, as they already are skeptical of the system, and a lot of them are closer to the exact complex answer (and notice that I made a lie somewhere in this comment). These people WOULD NOT HAVE DUG ANY DEEPER, IF TRUMP ACTED AS WE THOUGHT HE WOULD IN 2016

But the relatively milquetoast way Trump acted against the system and even for it’s agenda, caused many who would be hardest to wake up with a direct response. This approach will cause the most to be comfortable with the declas of everything.

The media’s false ideas captured half the population by 2020, but most are no longer attached to the lying media’s false reality, due to the stress of inflation gas prices etc. There are only very few people who double down on it’s message, who pay attention to the 1/6 “commitee”, and who have any belief in the fear mongering of the media and Biden about “dangerous Trumpers”. They need this reveal in the most “clean and swift” way, and will need major misdirection to really accept it, and them get “shocked out” of their cult like devotion to the media.

This all will eventually make the reveal run as smoothly as possible, and the precipice will work very well, and it will be obvious that it was.

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The concept of the Q storm being the "antichrist"/"NWO"/controlled opposition of any kind has some plausibility, unlike the illogical concept of Q being "pacifying". However, it is illogical for the same reason as the concept of Q being a pacification psyop, since I feel like Q people would be very likely to be skeptical of anything amiss of a post Q declas "New World Order".

We realize trust is earned, not something that authority is entitled to, and we question everyone and everything and don't bow down.

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So the day Roe v Wade was overturned just HAPPENED to be 1700 days after the first Q post, which just HAPPENED to share a time stamp with another Q post that HAPPENED to be talking about abortion.

Very coincidental, unless PANIC.

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“You know what THIS represents?”

(“THIS” being Trump in front of the military, so Trump as POTUS)

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These events are facts anyone who thinks logically at all can notice.

They caused so people to distrust the globalists.

Regardless of race, gender, class, nation, or religion

"you must show them"

"It had to be this way"

Some people are digging into the past too.

But if there is a declas, this prepares everyone in the world to accept it.

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This sounds like either a threat, a whimper, or at best scapegoating the naysayers.

No matter what it is, this does indicate some massive events are imminent.

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Trump wasn’t a strong man one man against the system.

He was part of a carefully calculated plan to reveal the truth of the past, and the original future (whatever it is), and everyone understand it and be happy with it.

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