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Jesus is not to be spoken of in any Masonic lodge. they can obviously acknowledge a deity, but they do not consider Christ as Saviour, at least not the higher degrees of the Southern/Northern jurisdictions. You're basically a nobody until you reach degree 30. many never make it past the blue lodge (3rd degree).

Masonry is a lot more than just the Southern/Northern Scottish Rites & York Rites. There are many, many more degrees than just 33 or 13 of the York Rites. A perfected Mason undergoes 360 degrees.

with each degree, comes a new oath sworn to the lodge. I can hit the Masonic Lodge with knockout punches all day. I believe in allowing people to believe in what they want as long as they aren't pushing it forcefully upon the rest of us or hurting anybody (that's what freedom is about), but the rest of us should know the truth & the Masons swear oaths to uphold the secrets of their lodge & to actually LIE if it means protection of his "brothers".

the goal of Masonry is the conquering of nature & perfection of gnosis. this is what the square & compass represent (both measure 360*), aka the perfected God-man of Masonry does not need the LORD GOD anymore. This is what the new-age garbage of "Christ Consciousness" is about. That Christ was not divine.

the "grand architect" is another name for Lucifer, not the Almighty. if you think about it for about 2 seconds, you'll realize a "builder" cannot build with his tools, UNLESS those tools are first CREATED. therefore, the grand architect is NOT the CREATOR LORD GOD. more tricks by these people...

they believe Lucifer set man free from the oh so terrible rules of FATHER GOD, who they believe wished to keep us in the dark. They call Lucifer the light & Father God the darkness, opposite of what Christians believe.

they also use the pyramids as initiation chambers, where they mock Christ, as they lay in coffins for 3 days & 3 nights, before they are "reborn". Plato wrote about his experiences. Skull & Bones practice a similar ritual.

The Mystery School of Babylon is the original college run by Nimrod (the Rebel King), in the city of Babylon, consisting of priests who practiced the religion of the Sun.

In the Masonic lodge, the source of knowledge & civilization come from the East. The Master's of these lodge's sit at the East, representing the rising sun, the new dawn, the golden age. (Ezekiel 8:16)

Shriners wear Islamic "fez hats".

Freemasons consider themselves "The Guardians of the secrets of the ages" & "The Philosophers of Fire"

Fire = Lucifer = Intellect = Prometheus

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so if i understand right...

this person is a man who has had/about to have a surgery, to cut his balls off (so that HE can be a SHE....).

then, he/she/it wants to have a "lesbian" encounter & is getting told by the actual lesbian woman, that he/she/it is still "too male down there".

and then this person found another he/she/it, who they then told them the same thing.

what a fvcking shitshow. these people need help.

im so tired of this stuff being forced upon us to listen to & try to fucking decode who or what these people think they are. keep it to themselves or a psychiatrist, not the rest of us.

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more biden clones than fetterman.

just not the same biden as the one that was VP

people age yeah, but they still resemble themselves.

its just weird to me

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so drafting young people to fight wars, in which they had no part in CREATING??

men, women, old or young... doesn't matter. NOBODY should be fighting these wars.

its always the ones who aren't fighting, that CREATES the war.

it isn't natural to fight to the death.

there's an old saying along the lines of "who will fight the war, if no one shows up?"

the people that have joined the FEDERAL military branches, haven been duped & taken advantage of. it isn't honorable to fight a globalist, destabilization war. all they've done is do the dirty work of scum globalists, who sit back & watch it unfold.

we should have a nation full of well regulated MILITIA. we can have all the tanks & missiles, but without the say-so from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

the militia does not take orders from the Commander in Chief, as the whole idea of a militia is to regain the country, if it falls into the hands of tyranny. the Commander in Chief has the final authority over the federal military & if he is compromised, you don't take orders from him.

join a militia or start one of your own, organized or unorganized & say "fuck your federal military draft"

hopefully this next generation realizes that & says exactly that to anyone trying to "force" them into a "draft"

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we the people could do that if enough people were brave enough. you aren't breaking a law by not filing or paying, because there is no law passed stating income tax must be paid.

people have played along all this time, all on their own.

ignorance & out of fear.

the fiat is printed out of thin air, you get charged interest & then you turn around & "pay" back that interest on a fiat "currency". then, people get "returns", which adds more interest that they think is owed, because they have to charge interest on that fiat. its a revolving door of madness, just as the creators of the system intended.

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my motto is "if you can't hold it, you don't own it"

very sorry for your loss, I can't even begin to imagine.

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I pray for your mothers health & that she be reunited with the TRUE Lord God.

I pray that your dad finds the TRUE Lord God & is given the strength & courage to leave the Masonic Lodge before his time on earth is over. Just know that if he is a 32nd Degree Mason, he has made at least 32 sworn oaths, however it is NEVER too late for the Lord God to intervene & save him.

I pray that all the glory & grace is given to the FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, In Jesus' name!

thank you for allowing us this chance to pray for them & for you as well friend!

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the answer was posted earlier... the only thing possible for causing such disbelief & shock in such a short amount of time......

Hillary nudez

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I've always called him "Mossad Jones". I knew in high school, nearly 15 years ago, he was a puppet.

"let me just waltz in Bohemian Grove & interview some guys"

"let me act outrageous & over the top to get my listeners to look like maniacs for listening to me"

"let me get exposed by one of the greatest modern-day patriots in Bill Cooper & have no real defense for myself"

Mossad . Gatekeeper . Psyop

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so THAT'S the precipice Q was talking about???

nothing can be worse than Hildabeast nudes.... NOTHING

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the people always want peace... its the puppet masters who want war & division.

it makes zero sense to fight to the death... unless you want population control & destabilization

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= control

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i think America could survive without all these shitty fast food & beer companies.

i'm tired of seeing all the parks & trees being cut down so places like this can be built, so lazy & stupid people can go shove garbage down for $50 a plate & wash it down with piss

good riddance to garbage foods & drinks... & good riddance to "woke"

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this is my favorite Cooper presentation. i've watched it full length about 5x. i feel like i catch something new each time through. I've considered Bill my mentor in this fight, coincidentally since about "17" years ago when I was still in HS.

Thanks for posting!

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freemasons aim for a world totalitarian, socialist government.

"Democracy is indispensable to socialism. The goal of socialism is communism" - lenin

the USA is a freemasonic country, created & still controlled by them.

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sue them for EVERYTHING you can.

they are hoping you don't.

but... you've taken them this far, keep going & make them regret it

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the truth is, they create the diseases. then, create "vaccines" which are not vaccines at all, but more disease & bioweaponry.

it's literally PROBLEM . REACTION . "SOLUTION"

what's the best way to get people to take your poison... tell them straight up, that it's poison?


create a fake problem disease, then introduce a solution "vaccine", which is actually the poison they want us to take?

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this was the weapon they used on JFK. it's what Greer shot him with over his right shoulder.

the shellfish toxin is why they swapped his brain. imagine if they allowed that to show up in an autopsy...

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i don't even feel bad for not understanding a damn thing about this statement


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Sars-Cov-2 has never been proven to exist. Never isolated.

first they called it, NCov, then they just automatically changed it to Sars-Cov-2.

neither time, did they ever isolate & prove the "virus" to exist. they just TOLD us about it.

the PCR "test" shows FRAGMENTS of previous supposed virus' such as Cov-1, which they claim WAS isolated over 20+ years ago. so, the PCR test isn't diagnosing a "NEW" virus (ie; Sars-Cov-2), it simply picks up fragments BASED ON Cov-1. essentially, there is no way to separate PCR results into Cov-1 or Cov-2.....

to all the people, even on this site, who still claim there was a new virus going around or they did GoF to produce a "super virus" or a "bio-engineered virus"... where is it???


where is it, so we can all point at it & say definitively... "THAT is the virus/pathogen that caused all of this" & begin designing tests that can ACTUALLY pick up & diagnose a new Cov-2 pathogen and/or variants.

it's like we're in a clown circus & we all have the prosecution side claiming "Oh, it's real", then because it's THEIR JOB TO PROVE IT.... they don't.... because they CAN'T.... because it doesn't exist.

think about it... there could be 2x scenarios to play out, either:

(1) there is no virus to show, so they have to continue to manipulate & rely upon mis/dis-information, along with the stupidity of the sheeple, to keep the facade going


(2) there is a bioengineered weapon that "leaked" from some lab, which again, if ever ISOLATED & PROVEN to exist in the REAL WORLD.... the many good & just scientists & doctors would have a real cure within days or weeks, all but eliminating any billion dollar profits big pharma could possibly make from pushing their "vaccines" & we would have all these labs shut down, ending their schemes

i think it's a WHOLE LOT EASIER to use disinformation & scare tactics (again, because the general public is so naive & stupid) to TELL people about a "virus going around", than to actually risk creating something & having it spread, while dealing with daily challenges from "conspiracy theorists" to prove the thing even exists.

don't get me started on the numerous "variants" they just throw around, without proving any of them to us.

this whole thing has been a masterclass on scamming

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