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selections....not elections

also, to quote GWP "The true threat to the demise OF OUR DEMOCRACY..."


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unelected psychopaths who have ZERO place to tell ANYBODY how they should live or what to think.




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so... from election integrity fights, to alien bases?

who tf cares about aliens, when people cannot even control our own government & way of life day to day?

if aliens exist, good. our freedoms are still being destroyed everyday.

if they don't exist, good. our freedoms are still being destroyed everyday.

aliens aren't going to help any of this. it's a distraction & wild goose chases.

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the normies will have no excuse if they try to start this shit back up.

too many good people are fed up with this shit.

fuck a scamdemic. fuck a round 2. the enemy cannot handle a round 2 if they go this route. it will be over before it gets started if this is the best they've got at this point.

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they always go in 3's, so hopefully Kissinger, Klaus & I guess Soros' ugly ass.

time to take the trash out

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much like the CIA does not represent the people of the USA, the MOSSAD does not represent the people of Israel.

They are both intel agencies of global Freemasonry.

they have no loyalties to NATIONS or PEOPLES. they belong to the Lodge & their alliances & sworn oaths BELONG TO THE LODGE.

i remember when witnesses to the Vegas attack years ago, were getting killed off because they were spreading truths that exposed the false flag.

witnesses to the Masonic murder, using their CIA puppets, of JFK were killed in the months after the ritual assassination.

clown world

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tyrants always kill those responsible for helping them gain power. if they had the power to put them in power, they have the power to put anybody else in.

the ones "behind the veil" absolutely, completely despise the "useful idiots", the "profane", the "animals who don't know how to use their brain", etc.

they trick them & use them to get their goals accomplished, but hate them for how weak minded they are. i think they at least respect those of us that at least make it challenging for them to get what they want done. but they despise us all the same.

their motto is "If you are not one of us, you're nothing."

it's very ironic... the psychopaths these useful idiots worship, hate them & the useful idiots hate us for trying to wake them up & save them from the tyrants... lol

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tests being given for something that has never been isolated & proven to exist.


tests can show something, but all the worlds doctors cannot show it to exist?

like how all the worlds intel & military couldn't track down Osama bin laden, but some weekend news anchor & his cameraman got a PRIME TIME INTERVIEW with him... FACE TO FACE.

it's all bullshit. every. single. bit. of. it.

the tests.

the "data".

the shots.

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what kind of tests are you using to determine something that has never been isolated or proven to exist OUTSIDE of said tests & PC models?

the inventor of these tests has said to NOT use them to diagnose ANY illness. its the same thing as face mask boxes saying to NOT use them to prevent transmission of airborne illnesses.

you have NO IDEA what these junk tests are doing & tbh, you have no idea what you would have EVEN IF the results come back positive. soda & bananas have been given positive results, while people have taken them feeling like shit, showing all symptoms, but get negative results. (aka the tests are JUNK)

the "illness" people are being "tested" for has never been PROVEN TO EXIST.

if it has been, please message me the proof of Sars-Cov-2 existing outside of big pharma papers & PC models.

1,000s upon 1,000s of FOIA requesting proof of Sars-Cov-2 existing have come back empty. Forwarded to global big pharma entities, who say "they are not required to answer any such requests."

However, we already have thousands of reports of damage being done to people from the poison shots & boosters.

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the Catholic church was corrupt in the beginning & have been infiltrated by the Illuminists (Jesuits). (warring factions of "anti-christs")

Jesus Christ did NOT create world religions or churches. He NEVER gave the Pope authority to act as mediator between us & the Father.

The Pope changed the Sabbath from Saturday, to the day of the sun, Sunday.

The Catholic church & those who have infiltrated it, both despise the people & Jesus Christ.

fun fact for those of you that do the "Sign of the Cross". you're actually doing an upside down gesture, created as a mockery of Jesus. (the forehead marks the bottom of the cross, each shoulder is the left/right posts of the cross.)

when placed alongside a right-side up cross, it makes a HEXAGRAM.

you also move further & further away from the LORD GOD, whenever you say a "HAIL Mary"

anyone who reads this, if you're Catholic, get out of the Catholic Church & go back to the REAL LORD GOD.

All world churches are corrupted. The Southern Baptist church is completely taken over the Masonic Lodge.

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Bill Cooper taught me something pretty valuable in knowing who you're dealing with.... say you shout out "hey you racist, i know who you are!!!"... if that person turns around & gets offended, chances are that person is a racist. if they weren't, they would just keep on walking.

you don't turn around & say what's up to someone who shouted out a name other than yours do you? you just keep walking.

when people are calling out pedophiles on social media, only those who are pedophiles or pedo sympathisers lash out & try to have you "cancelled". if they can't do that, they call you every name & cursing they can muster.

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i still haven't seen 100% ingredient lists for any of the scam jabs. they all talk about "conspiracy theorists" saying the jabs have poisons & that they are MRNA shots.... well, if none of that is true, shouldn't it take these people 5 SECONDS to prove it?

if we "theorists" are so wrong & crazy in the head, then take 5 SECONDS to shut us up.... but they don't, because they CAN'T.

they cannot let the rest of the population see that there was no "virus going around", it was merely a ploy to SCARE THE SHEEPLE into taking the REAL weapon, the poison jabs. the jabs are mostly SLOW-KILL weapons & any quick deaths caused by them, they blame their boogeyman virus that has never been truly proven to exist in the real world, outside of PC models & purposely flawed test kits, provided to us by the SAME people responsible for the jabs....

it is WAY cleaner of a job to simply TELL people about a virus (the so-called PROBLEM), so they can quickly (and coincidentally) rollout the SOLUTION in the form of mandated jabs. they needed to get a REACTION out of the people. they can't just roll up, without the idea of "a virus going around" & expect people to take a bunch of jabs & boosters.

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i wouldn't go to Russia if you paid me, no offense to Russians.

if I were Russian, I wouldn't want others coming in either.

no different than Mexicans who gave up their country for lies & conveniences. then get herded like cattle into a foreign nation, expecting those same conveniences in exchange for their freedoms.

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taking absolutely nothing & ignoring MSM worked 100% for my family & I last go around, I see no reason to change things now.

it's just "that time of year". they haven't even proven the old scam virus to exist in the real world & we are just going right into round 2? pc models & flawed test kit results do nothing for me.

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  1. sharpshooter from the "squared circle" window of the book depository, not by Oswald though

  2. straight-ahead, possibly atop a rail car, where just below the Dallas chief of police was

  3. the driver, Greer fires the final shot, via CIA provided electric pistol, virtually silent & bullets filled with shellfish toxin to destroy whatever remained of JFKs brain.

try this at home. put both feet as if they are on floor pedals (left foot=brake, right foot= gas). hold your arms out as if to grip a steering wheel. take your left hand & reach over your right shoulder. now.... this will cause your brake pedal foot (left) to move forward, pushing the brake pedal down. the car SLOWS DOWN when Greer reaches over & shoots JFK. this act goes AGAINST all SS protocol. you do NOT slow down, you SPEED UP.

there are AT LEAST two dozen facts that point to the Masonic lodge as being behind the attack. The main facts is the way in which they killed (ie; to mimic the murder of their master builder, Hiram Abiff... neck, throat, head) & the date in which they chose to carry the attack out (ie; November 22, or 11+22=33)

the flame (prometheus) at his gravesite & above the obelisks (osiris) & reflecting pools (isis), time of day when the SUN was at its highest (horus, the SON, the full body of mystery initiates). osirian cycle story (set chopped osiris into 14x pieces... count the number of layers of the obelisks at dealey plaza. the final piece is the penis, or obelisk)

nightmare on ELM street. the symmetry of dealey plaza. the history of dealey, who was a 33rd degree Shriner Mason. the geographical placement of dealey plaza is around the 33* parallel.

The Freemasons/ Templar LITERALLY created the model for which all intel agencies use, by way of head Templar Robert Ruse, who is genetically connected to the modern day Bush family. The entire Bush family is Templar/Masonic/Skull & Bones.

they DESPISE the Catholic church & all of Christianity. JFK was a Catholic & it was to let everybody who knows the real truth about what happened that day, that as long as the Freemasons continue having control of THEIR country (the USA)... no Catholic or Christian will ever have authority or real power here.

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  1. CIA sharpshooter in the "squared-circle" of the book depository, NOT Oswald

  2. straight-ahead, atop the bridge, possibly on top of a railcar

  3. the driver delivered the final shot with a CIA electrical pistol, near silent & the "bullets" were pellets filled shellfish toxin to destroy whatever was left of JFK's brain.

the 3x shots were designed to mimic the death of Freemason legend, Hiram Abiff. (ie; neck, throat, head)

The entire murder was a Masonic lodge revenge attack upon the Catholic church & to make it clear that as long as they still controlled their country, no Catholic or Christian would ever have authority in the USA.

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i've never understood people who say "the science" disproves the Lord God. He is THE Alpha & Omega. All of this is HIS. so ultimately, science is a creation of His & it will be used to PROVE Him.

Jesus has SOLVED the equation, He has absorbed ALL of our sins. It's like if the nations debt could be wiped out or eliminated overnight by a single person paying if off, Jesus would be the ONE to do that for us all.

ALL praise to the Lord God in Heaven.

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remember... it ISN'T our GOVERNMENT carrying out these atrocities. our government has been "HIJACKED", not allowed to function as intended & in most cases, simply ignored & bypassed outright, because we provide little to no accountability for those who hold positions.

the infiltrators carry out this stuff & the people wrongly blame the government, with the primary result being that "people lose faith in government."

use common sense... what IS government? can government get up & walk into church, vote or pick up a gun??



government is a CONTRACT.

PEOPLE committed atrocities.

PEOPLE try & force the surrender of our firearms.

PEOPLE carry out false flags in order to.... wait for it, take more privileges or "rights" from others.

GOVERNMENT is NOT the problem. PEOPLE who belong to certain ideologies, lodges & rogue PRIVATE entities are the problem.

blaming government for things that people do, is no different than blaming guns for the actions of lunatics.

when we blame government for things people are doing, we are falling for EXACTLY what the enemy wants, which is the DESTRUCTION OF OUR GOVERNMENT, so they can institute THEIR OWN in place of ours that they try 24/7 to hijack & destroy.

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i've refused to let my family eat Tyson for years now. metals are being found it. they were forcing workers to get the clot shots. fuck tyson

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IMO, just another "whore of babylon" who has been in too deep, for too long. she can't get "out" now, even if she wanted. you don't get long, long term success like hers without playing the game. that's just how their system works.

i would really, really start praying to the LORD GOD if i were her... take some of that blood money of hers & give it to real people, instead of funding poisonous bioweapons.

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they were both merely puppets.

all presidents are puppets for those "behind the veil". it has always been this way, from the pharaohs & emperors to presidents & prime ministers.

people like to claim the CIA did it, but it goes deeper than that. they never think of who CREATED the CIA & who CONTROLS it (the Masonic Lodge)

Robert Ruse, a Knights Templar, created the original model of what all modern intel agencies go by to this day. Robert Ruse is genetically linked to the Bush family. The Bush family is linked to the CIA. The Knights Templar became the Freemasons, once they were ran underground.

JFK fit the democrat, globalist mold. Politically, they could have used him just as easily as any other. The problem & why he was murdered.....

he was Catholic & was of royal blood. The Masonic Lodge (& old Templars) have been locked in a blood feud with the "Old Guard" & the Catholic church since the 1200s.

They despise the church, because Masonry feels like Catholicism & Christianity is a perversion of the real truth. They also want revenge for Friday the 13th, 1307 & Jacque DeMolay. They despise the "crown & tiara", to paraphrase Albert Pike. There are more reasons, but this is the main one, alongside the fact that the church & crown betrayed the Templar (even though the Templars were never truly defending them or Christianity, it was a front to gain power & wealth)

There are NO coincidences when it comes to comparing the death of JFK with the Masonic legend of Hiram Abiff. There are NO coincidences why I could make nearly 2x dozen or more connections with Dealey Plaza & the murder of JFK, to the Masonic Lodge.

There is a war going on between globalist factions that very few are aware of. Even the Founding Fathers were directly involved (they were all Masons who were concerned of the Old Guard Illuminati "Jacobism" following them over to their "New World" experiment of a nation.

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i've never filed income tax in the 14 years i've been out of high school. i've ripped every single form up, that i've been given. nothing has happened. nobody has shown up to my doorstep. they have nothing on you if you never file in the first place.

i've bought & sold many things in the last couple years, more than a few thousand. i had ZERO intentions on reporting ANY of it & never will. i don't care what the limit is.

once you start filing, they have you.

The tax system is based on voluntary compliance...

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some believe that cancer thrives off of sugar, so others have suggested that Gymnema & Berberine "eats up" the sugar in our body & reduces our cravings for it also.

there was a recent thread posted, I believe regarding the family of comedian Jim Breuer using Fenbendazole to combat stage-4 cancer. (https://greatawakening.win/p/17rm5Tsfty/jim-breuer-interview-beating-sta/c/)

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NYC was fucked over 30 years ago. All liberal shitholes, same thing.

Modern day liberalism is the REAL PANDEMIC, the REAL VIRUS, slowly seeping into everyones corner of the country & world, ruining everything & everywhere it goes.

there is little to no accountability & people will not REALLY care until this is at their front door step & at that point, it will be too late.

its already past too late.

just like with the federal reserve & fiat, they created a system that was DESIGNED TO FAIL, which is called liberalism. (socialism & communism). the people become victims, then slaves, then zombies (see Philadelphia). The cities decline tremendously, globalists BUY UP THE PROPERTY FOR CHEAP, then the people that voted for that shit, move into good, clean states & proceed to fuck those places up next.

ultimately, these people are doing the "dirty work" for the globalists, so they can buy everything up & CONTROL EVERYTHING.

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