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Let’s see..... AI won’t replace: Plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, roofers, ditch diggers, masons, landscapers, garbage collectors, drywallers, painters, framers, etc....

The point being if you have a job or skill in which your presence is required, your good. If you work at a desk and/or with a phone, you’re history..

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Bezo’s bought the naming rights...he named it.

I would have named a Seattle arena more appropriately such as "Seattle Urine Arena”.

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911 call states 2:23 am when call placed.

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Also, who opened the door? Pelosi had a right hand on hammer and left hand holding an ice ladden drink. Try opening a door with a drink in your hand grasping it from above around the rim. Why is there ice in Pelosi’s drink. Only a relaxed person bothers with ice. A stressed person would not drink or certainly not bother with ice.

Depape has his right hand on the hammer and left hand free behind Pelosi’s back. He would have to reach over or under Pelosi’s arm to open door.

Opening door shows neither stepping back from opening door.

Whoever opened the door bolted into the room door behind the front door. You can stop the police cam at 09:32:16 and see the open door behind front door.

We are being lied to. There is more to this story than we are being told.

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I could see if Paul was stressed by home invader to pour a drink to calm his nerves, but why would he bother with adding all the ice cubes. Who, other than a drunk would get drink before figuring a way out of the jam. That’s when you need your wits about you. Even a drunk would just pour a stiff glass of whiskey with no ice. The ice and dress of both men to me is an indicator of a tryst gone wrong.

The ice is the giveaway.

Paul dismissed his Capitol police protection and invited his boy over for sex. Shit went wrong. Paul called police. Someone opened the door and we all saw what happened. Paul is gay or Bi and Nance knows it.

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No wonder she could afford the botox, lip and face puffing.

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This was a pretty clear moment for me the jabs were bullshit....


Jay Inslee is a fucking snake.

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Even approved vaccines can not be forced into people in USA. The government does not possess the authority to mandate vaccines into arms.

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I don’t have or watch television.

I read it was discovered in China.

I read Covid survival rates were 99.99%+.

I read Fauci was involved.

I read there was blank documentation in “vaccine” inserts.

I heard what government wanted me to do.

I simply did the opposite

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Sorry, I go further. If you are a public employee, you should:

  1. Not get a pension, 401K only.
  2. Not get to invest in stock market if position allows influence.
  3. Not get to vote. Conflict of interest leaning on increasing government.
  4. Pay into Social Security like everyone else.
  5. Be required to take public transportation to work. No parking lots for them.
  6. Have Obamacare as only paid healthcare option. Period.
  7. If your job is a term job, two terms max.
  8. Participate in mandatory drug testing.
  9. Wear body cams for elected officials during paid time.
  10. If you don’t like the rules, choose another line of work.
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Sorry, No. It will take another 25 years to fix.If your going to fix it.... FIX IT once and be done. If they want to invest in the stock market, get a real job not a public paying job.

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And over two years later you still don’t know my comment was to throw the democrats off the trail so they don’t find out Trump set everything up with executive orders to catch them cheating and being all treasonist and all in his ingenius trap?

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Use the Mayor’s office, city hall and the police headquarters. They aren’t using them anyway.

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All of them.... It’s a dilution effort. Then they announce “from now on, we won’t tolerate this anymore”.

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Except maybe certifying the electoral college voting scam.... There’s that.

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Its all theatre unless it is tied to must have legislation such as military budget, executive branch budget or debt ceiling increase. Other than that, its bullshit.

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