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The “entitlement” these kids wield is unbelievable.

They needed Daddy Elon to show them the real world.

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Yes yes yes

100 times


If nothing changes “dramatically “ after your 2025 Inauguration…then I would get depressed.

But anyone who could “add” knew the timeline.

There weren’t too many times that Q spelt it out for us, but this is definitely a direct drop.

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Thank you for your insightful post.

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Possibly….but who would watch it?

Us. Yes

Normies? My friends scream, get disgusted or mock just from watching Tucker…If it would change people..it sure wouldn’t be by Christmas.

I have many normie friends and I gauge “our progress” by how they react.

So far, the best I’ve got

well the vaccines may not work

government is spending our money recklessly

That’s it

They still HATE Trump

They think KAYNE is crazy

They don’t believe that elections are rigged

They still believe they are saving democracy

It’s sad actually

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How is it historic?

I don’t doom…but I think that’s why people are upset….it makes him look like the grifter every normie says he is.

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And here’s the FF to drive MSM away from the big announcement tonight.

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If he announces a new Television network…people will be rightly pissed.

Hardly Historic

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Yes, sometimes the correct answer is the simplest one.

“ when you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras”

But I just to happen to love time traveling zebras ;-)

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I’ve been thinking, like everyone else, what Trumps announcement might be.

But I also am factoring in that it was widely reported that he was going to make a big announcement at the Dayton rally before the election.

How can we forget “the looming Trump announcement” we were all waiting for.

And then he said ….nothing…and then moved it forward to November 15.

So anything he was going to announce BEFORE the election…needs to be weighed in.

Or maybe the Looking Glass information calibrated another possibility.

Just sayin’, this is a great movie.

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Even better ….he should announce what Obama and Bush are going to say.

Looking Glass and all that jazz

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I’m still hoping for warp speed myself, and with Trump behind the wheel, it may very well be.

Nothing could surprize me about the United States….after all ….you are the collective of the most exceptional people in the history of the world.

Godspeed on God’s time.

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Yes….I’ve held the end date of 2025.

Election November 2024….Patriots get their country back…it may NOT even the GOP, it could very well be an entirely new patriotic party.

But after the inauguration in January 2025….I think you’re gonna be real happy.

🇨🇦 However…

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Let the MSM and RINOS throw their laurels onto DeSantis.

Trump may very well pick him as VP, and then we get to watch all of them lose their minds trying to backpedal their support for DeSantis.

They seem to forget that Trump plays chess, not checkers like they do.

The ‘DeSanctimonious’ label may have been yet another deflection by the stable genius.

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Katy Tur…every time that I am unfortunate enough to come across your face on TV….I will remember this inane blather that came out of your mouth.

I cannot unknow this now.

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Can you share with your Frens what was your biggest takeaway from rereading all the posts?

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