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Its not going to be announcing his run for 2024.

Its not going to be about 2020 fraud

Its not going to be announcing the Storm (well kinda, but indirectly)

I think it will be about Jan 6th committee. It makes the most sense.

  • We are taking control of congress and hence the Jan 6th committee. So makes sense to start exposing.

  • Jan 6th false flag is the only thing stopping patriots from going into streets. Its a block allowed to be put in place by WHs to ensure there is no civil war. If the storm is to come, the first step is to remove this block. Then things have to happen in rapid succession to still avoid civil war.

Exposing 2020 fraud would have to come from someone outside of Trump.

So Jan 6th exposure would be the perfect way for Trump to signal the storm to begin, without compromising any other operations (even in optics)