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I've been thinking this one out for a while so if this has been mentioned already elsewhere then well, "Great Minds Think Alike" I'd say!

Anyways, I think the main reason why President Trump announced his 2024 run is due to the Jan6 Unselect Committee being somewhat disbanded. I believe if they were still together and they were able to brand Trump as a guilty insurrectionist, this meant President Trump can't run for a 2nd term ever again as long as he lives? (Correct me if I'm wrong on this one)

Now with the J6 Unselect being somewhat disbanded, he's rubbing this into their faces, basically saying, "Whatchu gonna do now?! You can't brand me an insurrectionist now so now I can make my announcement!"

This should be an attempt to get the Demtards in a rage, causing them to make a lot of missteps along the way. Hopefully the FTX situation is exposed big time to the point where it will now requires an international investigation and then "Saving Israel for last" will follow?

I'm just throwing things out there to see what sticks because I'm trying my best to not be blackpilled. Yes the feeling is somewhat the same as that day when we all found out President Trump "lost" in 2020 and all of the stupid doomers on Patriots.Win throwing out blackpills left and right, and I'm like Neo in The Matrix, dodging all of them on the way to GAW.

But until then, I'm thinking positive and this whole "2024" speech last night felt off to me, like there's a hidden meaning behind the speech. Even Trump's composure felt different to me, almost like he's trying to show us he's being "calm" before the storm?