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"public not invited" "Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, will deliver remarks via video"

Yep everything looking normal here

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"Biden looks different lately" -Trump

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No 8 year old should be this invested in politics.

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This reminds me of when Trump refused anesthesia to not relinquish presidential powers to Pence. Also pence's wife got a letter during Bush Sr' funeral.

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Anything is possible, But I think a lot of blackmail on people has been dumped these past few years tom hanks included. The pic of him looking beaten up with Oprah comes to mind. Tom hanks Instagram pics of gloves and lost shoes was also really strange I think you might be onto something a lot of that was a little too on the noose.

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Tulsi gives me mid level vibes like Rogan. Not 100% alliance but definitely connected to something sub alliance instead of sub deep state like some.

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I'm exploring underground cities

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Well one of them we know about

The Queen

And she was dead long before they announced it.

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All I believe related to the vaccine is I will never take it, and Trump's hand was forced to get the vaccine out to the public as fast as humanly possible using operation warp speed because the deepstate intended to have the pandemic last 4 years at least fully tainting his second term while also wearing the public down mentally before they would be aching to take the clotshot. I am not happy with trump about it however because I was writing on 8chan forums in 2019 if they have sealed indictments they better release it all pre election, but I was told countless times "these people are stupid" etc etc.. These people are powerful criminals who already poisoned trump's secret service tasters and tried shooting down air force one and have been in power using such means for potentially a thousand years. IF there was sealed indictments and evidence it needed to be dropped pre 2019 but alas here we are.