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Recently, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to be falling out of favor with the Globalist Establishment. Why?

There was that very memeable incident where he was virtually ignored at the NATO summit.

Too short Cold Shoulder

Also, Zelensky recently addressed UN in an almost empty hall. Ouch.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to doctor up the footage to show a big audience, but <ahem> Zelensky was spotted in the hall listening to himself!

Now, formerly staunch allies (like Poland) are beginning to turn their backs on Ukraine.

Why are Globalist & Western Bastions, formerly passionate in their enthusiasm re: Zelensky and Ukraine, starting to turn away from him? Could it be that the political cost of supporting Ukraine is just accumulating too much?

Or possibly, is the passion beginning to cool because, despite appearances, Zelensky is not actually the Globalist Puppet they think he is, and they are starting to realize this? Hmmmm.

Before exploring that question, here are a few foundational ideas.

The Power Of The Red Pill

Corrupt Joe Biden in the White House has been one of the greatest red pills for the average American over the past 2 years. His ineptitude and his utter unsuitability are obvious> memes abound. At the same time, month after month, more and more facts about the Biden Crime Family are making their way in to the public mainstream. It may seem slow to us, but it is relentless. As of now, Hunter is now officially the FIRST child of a sitting president to be indicted in US History. And there is more to come.

For the many Americans in the middle way, Biden has done more (and continues to do more) to convince them of the corruption of the Swamp than Donald Trump ever could. Biden is the perfect Red pill. His whole history and family and connections are the perfect gateway drug into the narcotic world of Political Corruption in America. Did anyone say “pandora’s box”?

DJT: ”They’ve opened up the Pandora’s box”

Pandora's Box: crack it open, and EVERYTHING comes out. Q also referenced pandora's box.


If we factor in Devolution and COG, then we can reasonably posit that Team Trump allowed Biden to take the White House in order to wake up America, to implode the system from within, and conduct the greatest sting operation of all time, because Biden is the perfect example of corruption that cracks open the way for the truth of the Cabal machine to flood America.

What If Ukraine is the International Pandora’s Box?

What if Zelensky is playing a similar role? Could Zelensky and the Ukraine situation actually be a coordinated operation by international patriots to expose the reality of the Globalist Cabal system to the entire world? Already, the Ukraine-Russia conflict has provided the jumping off point for the launch of the BRICS network. As the West attempted to punish Russia, they appear to have only succeeded in pushing Russia and China and BRICS together.

I don’t mean that the Intl. Patriots are actively causing the suffering or the war, but rather, that they are making moves to which the Cabal responds, but all the time pushing everything in a direction that moves inexorably towards waking up the whole world and exposing the Cabal.

I’ll revisit this idea later, but for now, I think it’s worth asking whether it is possible that the Ukraine Connection isn’t actually the Pandora’s Box on the International Level. The Ukraine Connection as it all: Color Revolutions, Deep State Proxy Governments, Actual Nazis, The Bidens, Pelosi, Kemp, (Swamp), Oligarchs, human (sex and child) trafficking, biolabs, money laundering, arms dealing, etc. Now, the Clintons, Blackstone and the Witch herself! (see below)

Putting Aside Preconceptions and Attachments to Narratives

As anons and members of the wider Great Awakening, we have to be careful that we ourselves do not get caught up in a sort of inverted normie-like attachment to the narratives circulating around. By that I mean, just as leftists and brainwashed normies hate Trump, or think that MAGA are all white supremacists, etc, because of the narratives they have been fed, it is easy for us to do the same thing, albeit in reverse.

We might get our information via the alt-media or commentators or the mainstream media (even though we don’t trust them), but we can still react to all the perceived ‘bad things’ that appear to happen or to the apparent behavior of certain actors, and in reacting, get emotionally and intellectually so caught up with what it looks like that we fail to apply the necessary levels of detachment, reasoning and reflection in order to see through the fog.

Example (reverse reactionism)

Them: Putin is pure evil. Us: Zelensky is pure evil. Them: Trump is a fascist. Us: Biden is a fascist. Them (before): Trump is destroying America. Us (now): Biden is destroying America.

My point here is NOT that Biden isn’t evil. My point is, if we get too attached to OUR narrative, this makes it harder for us to disengage and consider alternative perspectives. In doing so, we can easily miss something else that might be going on, such as devolution, and Biden in the White House being a necessary stage of ‘the plan’, for example.

On the basis of those thoughts, let’s consider the question: what if the Globalist Establishment has begun to distance themselves from Zelensky because they have finally cottoned on to the fact that Zelensky is not exactly their guy?


Our narrative has been that Zelensky is pure evil. I mean, it’s obvious, right? He’s fighting against Putin. He’s sucking up American and Western $$$$. He’s very brazenly interacting with the Swamp, and we know that Ukraine has been a corrupt proxy state for quite a long time.

But what if things are not quite what they seem? What if Zelensky was flipped back during the Trump Administration and has been playing the role of a double agent, actually playing a role in coordination with Trump and Putin and the International Sovereign Patriots?

In considering this as a possibility, here are a few data points I think that might be relevant.

Perfect Phone Call

Zelensky was on Trump's "perfect phone call" (Trump's words). That phone call and the impeachment hoax based on it essentially educated the American and wider public on the concept of "quid pro quo" and the selling of influence to overseas assets. A perfect template that fits 100% on to the Biden Crime family's reality. As time rolls on, we can see that this impeachment hoax accusing DJT of “quid pro quo” is headed this way as a boomerang squarely aimed at the Biden Crime syndicate (via Hunter and Joe).

Without that impeachment situation, made possible by the ‘perfect phone call’, who in the US beside anons would know the concept of ‘quid pro quo’? This isn’t to say that Team DJT orchestrated the impeachment. Rather, the idea here is that Team DJT knew what the Deep State was planning to do (did someone say “playbook”?) and set it up - with the cooperation of Zelensky – as a sting operation wherein DJT was perfectly innocent of ‘quid pro quo’ but where the next guy in the White House (Biden) was already provably 100% guilty as VP. (“Son of a bitch!”)

Zelensky’s Puppet Master Behind Bars

One of the richest oligarchs in Ukraine - Igor Kolomoisky - was the key figure behind the rise of Zelensky. He paid for Zelensky’s TV show, paid for his political campaign based on the TV show, and even paid for his inauguration!! Kolomoisky, obviously in cooperation with Nuland and the US Deep State Cabal, was the primary power behind Zelensky becoming President.

But today Kolomoisky is in prison. How is that possible? If Zelensky is in control in Ukraine, then why is the power behind his rise sitting in a prison, with numerous corruption investigations going on, $14 million for bail, $80 million in Ukraine frozen, and $2.5 billion in offshore assets frozen?

DoD Responsible to Audit Ukraine Aid $$$$

Three, the money that is being sent to Ukraine, billions and billions, where is it? What if it is being 'laundered' by the deep state in Ukraine, but in reality, is being tracked, like a tracer, to find out ALL of their financial mechanism and techniques as part of a massive sting operation? Who is responsible for auditing that money? DoD IG. At this point, it’s just speculation, but if Devolution is in play, then it would at least be possible that the money being laundered to Ukraine is all being traced as part of a sting operation.

Don’t forget that the FTX Bankman Fried Scandal also has Ukrainian connections.

Ukraine – Russia Peace Deal Blocked

Early in 2022, shortly after the Russian initiative began, Ukraine and Russia had agreed on a peace deal, and Zelensky and Putin were scheduled to meet to sign the agreement (the already settled agreement). According to numerous reports, this was blocked by Boris Johnson who pressured Zelensky not to sign.

Trump As Peace Maker

Five, Trump is constantly saying that he "knows both of them (Putin, Zelensky) very well" and could broker a peace deal to end the war in a single day. Would Trump say this if he could not pull it off? On what basis does he have such confidence? Putin, yes, if Putin is (as many of us believe) working with Trump or at a minimum is against the Satanic Globalist regime, but Zelensky? If Zelensky is actually working for the Cabal Deep State, then how could DJT be so confident he could force him or persuade him to a peace deal?

Russia Could Annihilate Ukraine

If reports are true, Russia would very easily be able to blow Ukraine out of the water. Why has Russia been so restrained, letting Ukraine constantly embarrass themselves and Zelensky earn the ire of the West? Is there some larger scheme at play?

Those are data points worth thinking about.


We might speculate: What if Zelensky was recruited by the oligarch and set up in the Deep State proxy nation of Ukraine, but was flipped by Trump and Team? Even if Zelensky himself is a stooge and a corrupt person individually (his history indicates he's not very moral to say the least), he could still flip if he was shown the receipts by Trump that said "look, they are going down, but if you flip and work with us, you may survive this". Speculation, yes, but the idea seems to map on to the above data points rather well.

What if the Deep State have all been led to believe that Zelensky is their guy (it would have been obvious) and so for the past 14 months, they've been going along with it all, thinking that there is really a chance that their goals would be met, but gradually, recently, they have cottoned on to the fact that Zelensky is not actually working with them, but with the WHs? The arrest of Kolomoisky would be a pretty big marker.

This would explain why they have all begun to turn their backs on him. Time will tell. But because we are in a 5G war on the global level, then we have to consider that things may not be what they seem at first glance. That's true for the anon view, as much as it is for the normie view, imo.

Recent Developments

Recent news also potentially maps on to this idea, that Zelensky is actually a flipped asset now cooperating with The Patriots as they take down the deep state.

Recently, Zelensky has been moving to tie some of the Corporate Cabal’s key players into the Ukrainian situation.

JP Morgan, Good and Blackstone

Re: Who is Blackstone

The Clinton Global Initiative

The icing on the cake: Abramovic the Witch


If you wanted to do a global sting operation, and you had a guy playing double agent in the enemy’s favorite foxhole, you’d want to get them all connected so that when the lid blows off, it shows up all of the connections.

On the other hand, perhaps Zelensky is simply just a corrupt megalomaniac, and is in fact networking with the Deep State Cabal intensely, somehow hoping to make it pay dividends. Speculating on that possibility requires a separate post.

But, if this were indeed the case, and Zelensky is fully working with the Cabal, how do we explain the above data points, especially the Kolomoisky factor and the Western Globalist regime beginning to cool their enthusiasm on Zelensky?

Maybe he’s just too nuts for them, and they are beginning to see the writing on the wall.

There are lots of possibilities, but personally, I like exploring the idea that Zelensky might be a flipped asset. Because it suggests more strongly that patriots are in fact in control. And let’s face it. He’s is an actor. That’s literally his profession.

We’ll see. We’re in the era of twists and turns. The one thing we want to ensure is that we step away from group think and use our anon autism shine (even if we aren’t actually autists). Lateral thinking, non-group think, and a willingness to entertain different possibilities to explain for what appears on the surface. Freeing the mind is the beginning of real freedom.