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I would just tell every person that shows up its poison. Then taunt them after i injected them.

Can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink.

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Whats in the vials? Only the manufacturers know which batch has which. Shot cards have batch numbers on them. Who got what is already tracked.

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The sponsors are interesting. Child trafficking and a total eclipse logos.

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Stick a magnet to the injection spot from the first two and call them refrigerators.

Worked on my mom.

I even said, "Get your booster, lets see if the same shot works better the third time"

Then i show her articles of break through cases. Sent her one a day for a month.

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Translated: "Someone is filming me and will point out everytime i dont follow the rules i expect others too"

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Disqualified = sports woman of the year

Everyone gets a trophy. Even the failed mentally ill. Nothing bad can come of this.

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What a crazy person. Zero comments about Biden. The failed evacuation was under Biden and he turns around and says Trump shouldnt lead. He is happy to rot. I like when people are happy. Let him rot.

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7 out of 10 plane crashes are not an accident.

Can we make it 8?

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Thanks. Read the comments. I have cancer.

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If its zero day... Its intentional.

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Whoever is the twitter writer for them needs a military tribunal for treason. Line them up.

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Wont work like that. The young will be tapped. Anyone over 10 years is done and needs to move on. Its just the way.

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