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Ther only issue I see is pretty much everyone in alternative media that talks about the economy and the stock market is saying we need to pull everything out of the stock markets because it's going to crash hard.

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Thus is what needs to happen in every aspect of our lives! We need to cut the legs off the big corporations and take care of ourselves.

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All the doomers need to pause and reflect on the past 5 years and lik at the amount of corruptionthat had been reviled. And For fucks sake people, How long have these evil satanic bastards been in control?? They are being defeated but it's gonna take some time to get rid if them. They've had 1500+ years to get to where we are today. Im beginning to think the doomers would rather take a blue pill and get back in the matrix and go back to tge old normal.
Even if we all do lose everything and end up sleeping under an overpass, who cares, it's just stuff! Mine and my family's entire livelihood is invested in our business and it's suffering bigly from all of this. To be honest, even if we were to lose it all in the end the sacrifice will be worth it because WE HAVE WON!! Life is going to be so exciting after all this, the opportunities and possibilities are going to be endless! The wealth that we the people of this planet are going to be able to obtain is mind boggling! I get the frustration you all are having I really really do. Just stop, take a deep breath pray to your God or meditate or whatever it is you believe in and know everything is going the way it's supposed to be going and in the end we win! Uproot me great down doot me, that's ok to I honestly don't care. Because I know with every fiber of my being we are close to seeing the greatest awakening mankind has ever seen!! We are not alone in this fight and they can not kill us all!

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Just be grateful that you can afford 3.50 gas.

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I would almost bet money that pretty much every "Famous " that has died in the last 18 months was executed or extracted (saved) I wouldn't say all, but definitely most.

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The picture of the guy that smokes weed is bullshit btw.

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They are paying travelling nurses $10k+ a week to work in NYC, with 13 week contracts. They have plenty.

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My brother and sister n law both took the jab last year and can't figure out why all of a sudden they are sick all time and she is having heart problems...... they both have literally been tested at least 7-8 different times.

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Amazon wil take down Amazon like all big corporations once people eyes are opened and they learn what they've been apart of.

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At some point most all normies will wake up. But im afraid it won't be until the entire msm has been brought down so that all the evidence can be shown to everyone.

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Watch all of both the fall of the cabal and the sequel. Lots of good info

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That's a pretty arrogant statement to make. What do you think all these military age afgans, Somalis and Mexicans are for?? We will have a fight on our hands and it won't be antifa types.

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"Do not get upset, sit back and enjoy the show."

That's not as easy to do for those of us that own a small business that are losing our asses.

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Not trying be a doomer on your situation but you might as well end it. I tried for 15 years to be with someone that was totally opposite of me in everything. Eventually it did fail. I can also tell you that there is the perfect woman out there for you, you just to be patient until you find her. And when you do, life will be awesome!!

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It comes down to personal choice no matter who says we have to get the jab. This f*ckin pandemic is tearing families apart and I for one can't wait till the day these people pay for their wrong doings.

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I'm still in fakebook jail for another 17 days.

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Because the big corporations are in on the population reduction. All the major corporations world wide are owned by very few people. Families like The waltons don't care if Walmart goes under, they've made their billions and billions.

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