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"Taxpayer does not enjoy this immunity because he owns it, and not the federal goverment" There it is summed up for you...

The federal goverment claimed immunity in a state tax case, then a peon tried to use the same law. Rules for Thee and Not for Me...

Allodial title is a thing, but any judge is gonna hammer your ass regardless. So many laws for a "Free Society" that they can pick and choose to enforce how they see fit. How can you have limited government when they are literally paid to sit around and come up with new laws for their corporate buds, donors, karens, and nosey lookey loo neighbors....

The answer to this problem in the future, No titles of nobility. Fuck the BAR/Crown/London/Lawyers

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How many times are we allowed to vote ? Asking for a democrat friend...

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Fuck you, pay me. Not gonna work you say? Agreed, the main ingredient is crime. So what options do we have at that point? Well I for one will stop my mortgage payments.

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Yuengling, A PA beer, if you know, you know. AMAZING daily drinker, Black and tan = money. Lord Chesterfield is an absolute underated yuengling beer, great daily drinker if you favor IPA's/hoppy over Lagers. I have drank both for 20 plus years, The only caveat is quality control, some distros will let cases sit un fridged and sell em anyways, and when Yuengling gets hot and cold back and forth can be very skunky. Not Yuenglings fault...Two things PA does well aside from philly cheesesteaks, Middleswarth bbq chips and Yuengling beer.

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FYI this dude is mocking the leftards. He has a ton of trolling content.

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Please stop "Hate Rape"
Please stop "Hate Murder"
Please stop "Hate Assault"
Please stop "Hate Theft"

Please stop CRIMEing, No "Hate" modifier required.

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The only thing you need to know, It's just another crime cabal, like pharma, oil, military industrial complex, fed reserve, fbi, cia, big tech, and main stream media....The main ingredient is crime.

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I did some testing with chatgpt, and while convincing, it's not capable of abstract "thought" imo. After probing it with a ton of "Q" related questions, like is "Q" a psyop etc, who is behind "Q" etc, Is "Q" real, It began asking me what I thought, So in response I claimed that The United World Pizza Workers Union was behind "Q" and it replied it was possible.

It could not suss out the sarcasm, and could not make a cogent arguement to counter.

Basically in its current form, I would argue it's a much better version of ELIZA.


Also, there are definitive biases built in from the lefty narratives, IE "programmed in"

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You charge that I'm a tax collector, as if that would somehow be an insult.

Yup, it is. Tax Collector. Consider yourself insulted.

Taking others property under threat is wrong, period. Time to re-start the tar and feathering of your mindset.

So let's play out the hypothetical of abolishing the IRS. Then who collects taxes for the federal government?

YOU have brought us full circle to my original point you absolute regard.

Please explain how the federal goverment was funded (collected taxes) before the IRS was created...I'll wait... (I.E. Who and How were taxes ever collected if their was no IRS in existance pre 16th.)

Your entire arguement has been "Eliminating the IRS is foolish, and anyone who would put forth such an idea is a moron" My question to you since the start has been "SOME MECHANISM WAS IN PLACE TO COLLECT REVENUE BEFORE THE IRS EVER EXISTED"

Im done arguing with someone who ignores logic, argues semantics, shills for statism and collectivism, all while ignoring the salient points I have pointed out.

To put it bluntly, gtfo commie. Limited goverment is the best goverment. Please continue your arguements for more goverment, k thanks.

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The IRS doesn't fund the federal government. WE fund the federal government.

Semantics aside, YOU called other's moronic for advocating abolishment of IRS. I guess the founding fathers were morons for throwing tea in the harbor.

IRS -> Collects Taxes from "WE THE PEOPLE" -> Provides "FUNDS" to Treasury, ergo THE IRS THROUGH TAXATION "funds" (AS A VERB) federal government. "WE" are not of our own volition, happily sending the goverment untold taxes, we do so under duress and penalty of prison.

Getting the IRS off our asses, and out of our paychecks sounds good to me. Returning to a pre 16th form of funding seems superior to me. It would result in immediate shrinking of federal goverment.

Sounds like I am arguing with a tax collector of some fashion, who doesn't mind rooting through peoples pockets for the "Good of Society", GTFO out of here with that statist, collectivist bullshit. Your ilk are the reason the USA is currently a steaming pile of shit, making excuses for years of commie group think.

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The IRS doesn't "fund" the federal government.


Right from treasury website "Where does federal revenue come from? If you lived or worked in the United States in 2022, your tax contributions are likely part of the $4.90 trillion collected in revenue. The federal government also collects revenue from services like admission to national parks and customs duties on foreign imports and exports. This revenue is used to pay for government activities (employee salaries, infrastructure maintenance), as well as to pay for goods and services provided to United States citizens and businesses."

Sure sounds like revenue raised is used to "fund" the buisness of the US to me.

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Money Masters - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTPopNG6LRM

Freedom to Fasicm - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNNeVu8wUak

The Creature from Jekyll Island - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu_VqX6J93k

Hidden Secrets of Money - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE88E9ICdipidHkTehs1VbFzgwrq1jkUJ

If you never watch anything else, I believe these are some of the most important documentaries ever created.

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Fuck Chris Wray this shows 100's of thousands of votes hacked away in 2020, most secure election my ass.

Not surprised about the SQL injection either, most state goverments are not practicing secure coding methodologies, just letting devs cobble together whatever crappy webapp code and put it in production.

Most of the devs I have dealt with don't understand OWASP,session state,SQL injection,networking, let alone how to fix their own garbage.

So you have fundementaly insecure election software, with insecure web apps connecting to said election systems. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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