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I've been thinking on this for some time and I'm still not sure what to expect.

-Will there even be an election?

-Will the cabal "allow" it?

-Will the White Hats make sure it still happens?

-If there is an election, is an obvious steal to be expected? Even more obvious than last time?

-If Biden "wins" will the country just take it again, and not stand up or do anything?

-Especially in regards to Dems and Independents who will switch to Republican, or first time voters who will vote Republican, will these people accept the outcome if Biden is "declared" the winner?

-OR should we just expect WW3 or civil war at this point and figure the upcoming election is the least of our concerns?

In 2020, before I knew about Q, it seemed ridiculously obvious that Trump would win, despite the riots and covid lockdowns. But when Biden's numbers kept inching forward after a week of "finding" ballots, I knew a fix was in. Ever since then I couldn't imagine the deep state/cabal/elites so easily giving up power again in the next election, and would fight tooth and nail to ensure Trump would not hold office. Obviously they've done, and are still doing, everything they can think of to arrest him or keep his name off ballots, but it's going very poorly for them.

Still I can't shake the feeling that the 2024 election will be the most obvious, blatant, in-your-face steal of an election that ever happened. Things like "200% voting turn-out" in places that couldn't even get 30%, or Biden getting "over 100 million votes in a historic sweep!," or even more obvious like watching the vote numbers on screen decrease a specific number for Trump and increase by that same amount for Biden multiple times. A so obvious, slap in the face, your IQ is lower than room temperature steal that only the most retarded leftists and cultists would believe it.

I hope this won't be the case, but honestly anything is up in the air at this point. And I'm not saying "don't vote because things might get weird." GO VOTE no matter what may happen.

Thoughts and opinions would be most appreciated because I still have no idea what to think or expect.