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There are five nurses and a now-deceased doctor (RIP Gramps) in my family. My mom, two aunts and two of my brother's wives. All of them are BSN's except one brother whose wife is a MSN.

What I'm getting at here, is that they all basically say the same thing when it comes to doctors: Only one in a couple hundred is worth spending your money on.

Usually those doctors are highly specialized in some kind of field like emergency medicine or quite often surgeons. The rest, they keep telling me, are just stuffed shirts with lots of diplomas on their walls. They don't know their asses from their elbows and any time they encounter any kind of problem with a patient whatsoever, they immediately try to match them with a pharmaceutical product and don't even consider anything natural or non-pharmaceutical.

Specifically, they said that your general medicine, family practice type doctors are the bottom of the barrel.

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The justices he's picked have a pretty shitty track record so far, and even in this ruling they fucked it up by letting the mandate stand for healthcare workers.

Honestly, aside from this partial win today, no other decision they've made would have been any different from Obama appointees, so I'm sorry Jr, but your dad could have made far far far better choices than these three clowns.

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Men are better at everything... including being women.

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Why the fuck is the president of the united states sitting at a tiny school kid desk with a $20 stackable chair from Staples?

Who's running this shitshow?

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Remember all of the pedophile elites were using them, even when smart phones were widely available.

I distinctly remember Obama being asked by a reporter why he was still using his blackberry instead of upgrading and he made some kind of joke about being too old to change or something.

Yeah sure Barry.

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Anyone who can look at a six month old baby in the womb and decide to kill it is a monster of the highest order.

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Lookie here. I'm twice stupid and not once vaccinated. Man I feel so dumb right now!

Maybe "intellectuals" should stop using book smarts so much and exercise some more common sense.

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There were both Looney Tunes and Looney Toons. Looney Tunes was the original version made way back in the day. Then they came out with a new show in the 90's called Looney Toons.

At least that's how I remember it.

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All of my coworkers ran out and got the vaccines as soon as they were available. For about three solid weeks afterwards I had arrhythmia very badly.

My heart was working noticeably harder and about 5-10 times per hour I would feel my hear miss a beat.

About that time I started taking Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin D, C, Aspirin 81 and Famotidine on a daily basis. In 2-3 days it finally stopped.

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I'm 1,000,000% positive that the Berenstain Bears books were spelled that way. I remember it because I had a friend in school with "stein" in his last name and it bothered me for years that the books spelled it wrong.

That one is absolutely not a Mandela Effect.

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I have another version of this story that I'm afraid could happen.

Let's say you want a one world government, but you know that the vast majority of people don't want that and would actively work against it. So what you do is you take all the worst people you can find, with horrible predilections for things like murder, rape and pedophilia and you place them all throughout positions of power.

Then you start an underground campaign against them using this Q individual. You fund leftist groups like BLM and ANTIFA and have them destroy cities, you have your politicians enact insane law after insane law, you blatantly and obviously steal elections, you throw in a fake pandemic with a "cure" that actually kills people but is being forced by people's governments, and basically make everyone in the world hate their own governments with a burning passion.

Then you wake everyone up, and you show them all of the corruption and evil in their governments, and then you present the people with someone who promises to sweep the board clean and start over... but he needs global authority to do it. One person to clean up all of the corruption in all of the world's governments... to drain the swamp.

You'll literally have people begging for a one world leader... which is what you wanted in the first place, and you got the people to beg you to give it to them.

All I'm saying is to think through all possible scenarios and be prepared that Q might just give us everything we want... and our worst nightmare at the same time.

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That's how cognitive dissonance works. You've got this fantasy in your head of how something happened, and you believe it so much that when presented with facts to the contrary, your brain refuses to process it.

It's how I felt when someone first told me that 9/11 was an inside job. I replied with "That's the stupidest thing I've ever read." But once my brain started accepting the facts, I dealt with it.

One day, if you ever actually take the time to study facts surrounding this crash like I have, then you'll realize that it was just a tragic accident and that not everything that happens in the world is because Obama caused it to happen.

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I can't tell if you're joking, but I certainly do hope that you're joking. Maybe I'm tired and I missed it.

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I've studied every aspect of this particular plane crash. Nothing whatsoever nefarious happened here.

It was a case of two terrible pilots in the plane at the same time, both of which were very over worked and under-rested. They made bad decision after bad decision in the cockpit from the time they took off until the time that the airplane stalled and crashed. Not to mention they broke several aviation rules in the process.

I've listened to the CVR and I've seen the FDR data.

They flew into icing conditions and forgot to turn on the de-icing system because they couldn't shut up for two seconds and pay attention to flying the plane. Then, when ice and rime accumulated on the leading edges of the wings, it stalled and the stick shaker activated. At this point, the captain did the opposite of what he was supposed to do and pulled back on the flight controls, while his first officer also did the wrong thing and retracted the flaps. At which point the airplane rolled over and nose dived into a house.

It was found out later, that this captain had failed this very exact scenario in the flight simulator several times (with total loss of the airframe) and never should have been flying much less allowed to captain an aircraft.

It was not, in any way shape or form, a targeted hit. I guess that sometimes the bad guys get lucky.

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No, it's not a sign that they're losing grip. No it's not a sign that we're winning.

It comes down, entirely, to a reduced labor force. There are millions of Americans not working right now, companies can't fill all of their positions. The government just fired thousands of employees for not getting the shot as well.

If Wal-Mart can't get enough people hired to fill all of their spots currently, then they sure as shit can't afford to have a sick employee sitting at home for ten days. So these companies all lobbied the government to reduce the quarantine.

Don't you just love how science works? All it takes is a few complaining corporations to get the science changed.

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When I was in the military, they would randomly line us up every couple of years and tell us they were giving us a flu shot.

One time they told us to report to some building to get our flu shot in the middle of summer, and that's when it clicked in my dumb 20 year old head that there's no way this was a flu shot. It was about that time that I also remembered when I was a little kid hearing stories from my three uncles who were in Vietnam about Agent Orange and also getting random shots that the military would always say was something else.

One uncle said he got like three chickenpox shots in one year, no matter how many times he told them he already had it, they insisted he needed another one.

So, anyhow, I faked a flat tire, missed the shot lineup and never got that shot. In fact, I managed to miss every single mandatory shot for the rest of my career by faking some kind of calamity.

The military has randomly tested shit on soldiers like guinea pigs for decades, so maybe you trust the military shot more than the civilian ones, but as a veteran I have to say FUUUUUCK THAT.

I'd rather drink battery acid than take the military's shot.

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As soon as I started hearing positive results of IVM I knew immediately that it would get pulled, refused and criticized, so I bought enough for me, my family and my idiot friends.

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It's always been that way, you just never knew it because they were never tested.

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If you ever have to tell anyone you're in charge, then you're not in charge.

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Praziquantel is also used in Humans, but not really in the US or Europe. It's used to kill certain water borne worms and parasites.

I would personally take it if I was 100% confirmed to have COVID and couldn't get any other Ivermectin, but I wouldn't take it as a prophylactic.

This is not medical advice in any way, shape or form, I'm simply stating what I would do personally.

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I'm the only unvaccinated person in my office.

For about two months, during late summer, I had constant heart palpitations. All day, every day I could feel my heart beating abnormally. Skipping beats here and there or pausing when there should have been another heartbeat.

So, I asked my boss if I could start working a different schedule that puts me in minimum personal contact with other people in the office (nights and weekends) and I'm feeling much much better now that I'm only in near-contact with people for a couple of hours 2-3 days a week. In fact, I don't have the palpitations at all now.

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