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All of that happened. God is real. Christ is real. But who we really are and why were really here is way too much for a lot of people to handle.

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I’m here to learn the truth about everything and spread it to everyone.

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Me, too. But it is tearing me up inside, knowing that my mom (who only got the initial vaccine thank God), my twin brother (who is ultra liberal and boosted to the max), along with my cousins, my boss, coworkers, my extended family, friends, neighbors… they could all be gone within a year or two. Not all of them are liberal - my mother is a MAGA republican! It’s overwhelming at times. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know as much as I do. It’s a lot to deal with alone.

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I automatically tune out anyone who says “enjoy the show” at this point. There is a genocide going on right now involving our loved ones; there is nothing fucking to enjoy - stop using that fucking immature, asinine quote, it is sadistic at this point.

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I honestly don’t want to be on this planet anymore.

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Yeah no. Real life experience says otherwise. It’s them versus us, per THEM.

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So you’ve completely intrigued me and I’ve been looking at your comments… we actually need people like you and me tweeting what we know to the masses in order to help the great awakening ascend. It’s that simple. I say this not currently being on Twitter… I’ve been kicked off of it five times, the first time I head over 10,000 followers that I vetted daily, after that, I didn’t care as I knew I would probably get kicked off sooner rather than later, I just wanted to be a part of the conversation.

Just waiting a little while to see what happens with Twitter, and if it’s to my liking, I’ll probably jump back on so I can redpill and whitepill. Whitepilling (just made it up) to me is opening up peoples hearts and minds and most importantly souls as to who we really are and use that new info to stop the evil ones once and for all.it is the spiritual redpilling so to speak, and I believe that needs to be the next great push in order for all of us to succeed.

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I still believe in God and Jesus. They are all over the NDEs, regardless of religious background, or lack thereof. What I know now of course is that God is not an old man with a white beard 😁

I also understand now that all “religion” is dogma/man-made and man has of course put in unnecessary controls and rules around everything. however, I also understand that some of these man-made rules are comforting and help people, so there’s that! I mean, God can make lemon made out of lemons :)

I also understand that Buddhism got a lot of it right. Christianity also got a lot of it right, especially Jesus/the New Testament.

What I am learning more and more is most important is your personal relationship with God, Jesus, with everyone and everything, as we are all connected. To share love as much as possible.

God is love. Of course there’s so much more to it, God is beyond power and comprehension, beyond our ability to grasp how much love, love and kindness, and power that God has and what God has created… how absolutely amazing God is, etc.

This is all my opinion, of course :) and even though I am discovering all this, I still fail daily, moment to moment by being intensely negative with what is going on in the world (it feels so overwhelming)… I am hoping by practicing more and more what I’ve learned, I will become a better and better person and thus making the world a better place. Ultimately, when I feel overwhelmed by all of this, at least I know that each person being loving, and positive actually can make a difference in the whole.

It’s also incredibly overwhelming to learn all of this when only a few of us on this board are becoming more aware… I would love to be on a website that is full of people like us - I need that support. I guess I just have to wait a little longer.

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Agreed, and it’s nice to know there’s a few other people on this board who are experiencing this further awakening :) everything we are experiencing/researching is so mind blowing (and such a mind fuck, too))

It’s hard not to think about the fact that this is the only time in human history where were able to be this awake and this aware globally…

OR IS IT?? Has humanity gotten to this point many times before? Who’s to say that didn’t happen anymore? It’s all so intriguing!!

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I’m feeling more like most of this community thinks this is “New Age” stuff, and so dismiss it.

it’s actually the most vital part of the awakening, understanding of who we really are and how the universe really works, how this information has been kept from us, and how we can win against evil every time utilizing it. (Positive, loving thoughts, vibrations, utilizing the God/love energy of the whole, etc.

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The awakening and anger that comes from it triggering “The dark night of the soul” is an apt description. Unfortunately, sometimes I’ve become so blackpilled it’s hard to get out of it. But I do know how important it is to do so.

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I know you don’t understand this right now, but you are actually in the wrong here, and stopping people from this very valuable information that is key to our victory.

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I’m sorry you’re getting such pushback on this, you have a higher level of understanding of the “world” we live in and why we are here than most people on this board. I recently saw a meme that said something to the effect of sometimes you are considered crazy because you are right too soon. I think a lot of people here Don’t understand we are spiritual beings, and the spiritual component here is incredibly important and the last key to this awakening puzzle.

They do not understand, and up until recently I did not either, that we are all connected (WWG1WGA) and I don’t just mean people, I mean to this earth, and everything in it. That EVERYTHING is alive And has its own vibration, and that animals are sentient and have souls as well, that are earth (yes, the earth has its own soul) is alive and conscious, as our other planets, and things we can’t even comprehend. God is in us and everything, and love is hands-down the most powerful force there is. We are energy, spiritual beings, who are living in this three-dimensional training space in order to learn things we can’t possibly learn from where we originally come from. We chose to come here, we chose our families, to tell us what we’re going to work on. We all have a personal mission. we basically agree to come down here, blind, deaf and dumb, and a body that greatly dolls are senses, who we actually are, and of course, we have no memory of what or who we are, that would ruin the whole experience. Every single thing that we learn, every moment - is something the whole learns. We all learn it. We all learn from every experience we ever have.

We originally exist and think at the speed of thought, and Tulsa and other scientific experiments have proved, thought can change the structure of a cell, it can change the structure of water into either something horrible or something absolutely beautiful, depending on what we are thinking. This applies to everything living in the world, and especially humans who are 70% water.

The evil ones feed on our fear and negativity. The more positive we can be, even one person being positive, sent a ripple effect into this universe That does not stop.

I know this sounds like New Age crap, but after reading hundreds and hundreds of near death experiences, along with Tulsa and other revelations, I understand now much more about who we are, why were here, and what we need to tap into, which is love, vibrations, so much more, and I also understand so many are not aware of that and yet that is what we’re going to need in order to win this war of Good (God) vs Satan.

One thing is very clear from the NDEs, and that is, we have a choice. our future is never set in stone. Free will abounds! Nothing can stop this from coming means either we collectively create heaven on earth, with a lot less technology and waste, and a lot more simple living (think the shire/1940’s), or we live in a nuclear wasteland lorded over by the evil elite, who are in charge now (but are being exposed) and have nothing to hold them back.

I know that it is hard to grasp all this, but maybe this site will help you to open your mind and your heart and your soul to new possibilities. https://www.nderf.org/ click on the side index, and then start clicking around any of the dates, click on names to read the full stories. They were quite a few extraordinary ones in there that will blow your mind.

I used to make fun of New Age people, and I can’t believe them saying “light and love” is actually the fucking answer, but it is, in its simplist terms. Healthy, organic eating (homesteading), being supportive and helpful of your community, creating beauty, putting loving, intent behind everything you do, will produce a heaven on earth. Treating people, children, babies with love and compassion, healthy family relationships, etc. basically the opposite of everything happening now.

Just to be clear, I fail daily at being positive. I am frequently at the end of my rope, with all of this… I am certainly not pretending that I am a perfect person because I now know this information. It still is going to take me a while, maybe the rest of my life to change my habits and change my thoughts, but I know that just me doing this does actually make a difference so I’m going to keep trying even when I feel sick and defeated with exhaustion, even when I just been horrible in the moment before.

There are hundreds of millions of demons also roaming the earth fucking with us on a constant basis. These need to be acknowledged and cast out. Also positive thoughts, loving thoughts, loving thoughts towards our creator, God, Jesus, all of these things help to keep them at bay.

It’s not enough for us to change things physically here in our physical world, we need to change spiritually as well. This is even more important as the spiritual changes will automatically affect positive physical changes.

I hope I have opened some minds here. I’m noticing more and more that the site is becoming less of a great awakening site and more of a controlled site where only certain opinions seemed to be allowed. We can’t let that happen here, or we will need to create another site for those of us were actually interested in a great awakening vs. JUST Focusing on President Trump, and Q - there is nothing wrong with that, that is what has brought many of us here, but there is so much more to focus on and learn beyond them.


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It’s not full of libtards you fucking retard, there are millions of patriots that still live here. Like California, they have strongholds in cities like Denver, Boulder, Aspen, and Telluride. Most of the east and mid-to-southern Colorado is sane and full of libertarians and conservatives still actively fighting. Yes, the cabal is here, and has turned the state from red to blue (which it is not) in a short 10 years through massive voter fraud, and God knows what else. Still we fight on. Frankly, I don’t give a shit about an LGBT shooting, what they are doing to our kids is crimes against humanity. Reap. Sow.

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Thank you! There are a few of these retarded signs in my neighborhood and every time I see “love is love” and “science is real” I’m always like what the fuck is that even supposed to mean it’s so cringe LMAO!!

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