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Who was the kid they exploded to control the Georgia governor?

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Notice they are NEVER physically attacked by Antifa or BLM or any other fat assed Libshit Commie group?

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‘not because Kaitlin was MAGA or even fair, but because the CONTRAST between her and Trump showcased how dishonest and harmful the Establishment's woke, pro-tyranny stance really is.’

Anyone sane knows this. Those still on the crazy lib side can fuck off. We’ve dealt with these idiots far too long. If you are still clueless, you deserve a beating.

“Let’s ruin our country for another year so we can show some more Libs and normies how fucking dumb we can get!”

No thanks. How about let’s not kill the investments of the people that work hard assholes.

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She looks like the dude that Hannibal convinced to cut their face off with a mirror and feed it to the dog.

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‘The audience is cheering him on and laughing at the host.’

(Insert “and we’ll fucking do it again” meme)

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Is it guaranteed that if the dollar was backed by a quantity of gold, that the value of gold would rise? Or is it that you should buy gold and even silver to ensure you own something when the dollar is worthless? I guess #2 and hope for #1?

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