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Classical Christian Education, either at home or in a classical Christian school, is the answer. Although homeschool or anything else that breaks the monopoly of the government schools will certainly help.

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I love this guy’s World Made By Hand series. Didn’t know he had a website. Good stuff.

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Well regulated means properly functioning. A well regulated clock keeps time like it’s supposed to. A well regulated engine runs properly; doesn’t misfire. Has literally nothing to do with rules. And the “militia” was all men of arms bearing age. From 15-16 to 60+

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Yes. All of our colds are either coronaviruses or rhinoviruses. Something like 35-40% C to 65-60% R.

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100% true. They announced earlier this year along with the fact that they were discontinuing use of that test at the end of the year. The test cannot distinguish between Covid and any other virus. So if they tested you for vivid and you had a virus, influenza a or b or any other corona- or rhinovirus you tested positive for Covid. That’s an extra 1300 for us, end of inquiry. You have Covid and definitely not the flu or anything else.

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They look EXACTLY the way you would expect them too. It’s so effing predictable.

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It’s the actual malice that matters. That’s the standard for public figures and I think Kyle might qualify as a public figure at this point.

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We also probably won that senate seat. And the two in Georgia. And Michigan. And craploads of house seats and probably other senate seats I’m missing.

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Order your flyers and campaign signs. Make contact and start feeling our business owners now. which ones are going to put up a sign or let you put your flyers in there businesses? You want individuals who live on busy streets/corners for sign placement, but those business owners are paramount. Also the chamber of commerce if they aren’t part of the corruption. Keep your cards close to your vest. Feel people out in a very tangential way at first. Mention the corruption, throw out a little bait and see if you get a nibble. Find supporters. Try to get a good sized core of people who have already said they’ll support you. Then get those signs up all at once. It’ll look like they sprouted overnight like mushrooms. There’s a serious psychological affect to seeing your opponents signs everywhere you look. And as much as it sucks social media sites are going to be important. Same kinda thing. Get those people to share your name and campaign page everywhere. All those Shares and likes go out at the same time as the signs. Try to make it seem like the race is over before it begins.

It helps to be squeaky clean but if there’s something out there that folks are going to use against you try to get in Tony of it. Yeah I was arrested for public intoxication. 15 years ago when I was 22. But do you want someone who had one youthful indiscretion or someone whose been using the town coffers like his personal piggy bank for X years? That sort of thing. They’ll try to call you an alcoholic. Dig up old girlfriends who may not like you, all kinds of crap.

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It’s better than leading one of these little ones astray.

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Incredible movie, Gattaca, but I think the more apt comparison is Children of Men. No one has had a child in 20+ years for some unknown reason. Were they telling us the plan?

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Driving the sellers and money changers out of the Temple.

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Anybody else bothered by all the misuses of commas? This statement is godawful.

I love their reference to critical infrastructure. You should definitely just trust is to do all that.

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Yep. You’re just renting from the government.

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Replace property taxes with what? Income tax? Piss on that. Dude is blowing smoke.

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