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Epicenter right down the road from Trump's golf course, too.

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Head's up that Dutch is calling for another East Coast quake next week somewhere near South Carolina.

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From General Flynn:

This is a BLACK SWAN event.

Black swans normally come out of the world of finance (not military). The standard operating procedures for all U.S. ports, harbors, and bays that transit commerce and military activities are supposed to maintain an incredible level of discipline, rigor and awareness for these very type events to not occur (ever!), yet here we are.

There are harbor masters for every single one of these transit points in America that are in charge of assuring the safety of navigation…start there.


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You are spamming caps and cursing at strangers. You should take your own advice and give yourself a 24 hour timeout from the internet.

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You're on a website that has been tracking asymmetric warfare against America for years. Take a break from the internet for awhile if you're that triggered over people expressing skepticism that this was an accident.

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It's the most puzzling thing about this, IMO. Surely if the goal was to crown an Iranian, then they could have found someone age appropriate for a beauty pageant. So why choose a woman who is at least twice the age of the other competitors? That's why I suspect she has some kind of glowing background. It needed to be that particular woman for whatever reason.

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  1. There's a 20+ years and running "conspiracy theory" that Jay-Z murdered Aaliyah in a Satanic sacrifice.

  2. There was a big CDAN blind from a few years back that claimed Jay-Z and Beyonce secretly used a surrogate for their first child, and then murdered the surrogate afterward in order to keep the surrogacy a secret

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Underrated comment. You are correct. I should have called it a limited hangout.

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Imagine believing anything on Netflix is true. They probably replaced all the White people with Blacks.

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Stop using Google and Facebook for one, but that's too much effort for most.

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Exactly. Tanked the stock price with help from Big Con influencers so that Bill Gates himself could buy it up for pennies on the dollar while a Mexican beer took over the #1 bestselling beer in spot. But we won, right?

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Tried verifying this and only found a bunch of TikTok videos or blogs trying to make money with affiliate links to other detergent. Whatever. Here's some common sense advice: Stay away from scented products (you don't need the unnecessary chemicals) and be aware that most homemade recipes will wreck your washing machines.

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You can buy it at Walmart.

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Am I supposed to seriously believe that Putin himself wanted Patrick "Literally Who" Byrne to break some historic message? LOL

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It reminds me a lot of Lefties who hate Trump but can't stop talking about him.

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