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I believe the shortages happening might get people asking questions. When people can’t feed their babies they just might listen.

They definitely are. There's something really weird going on on TikTok right now. Lots of women on birth control are getting pregnant. This is raising red flags for people noticing the trend. They think the combination of Roe v Wade, pregnancy despite birth control, and the formula shortage are connected.

The issue is they're looking in the wrong direction. They're mad about it, but they're mad at the wrong people.

not buying steaks, etc.

I miss steak so, so bad. It's been a very long time.

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I don't think it's going to get a whole lot worse for patriots. Right now we're feeling the brunt of the rising costs of gas and groceries, to the point where many people can barely stay afloat, if at all. I think we're nearing the end of that, aside from the market crash.

There's still room for a nuke scare or something similar, but that won't be torture on us the way the economy has been. It'll be easy to be comfy during that.

I genuinely feel like the hard times (for Patriots) are coming to a close soon. Just a gut feeling, and lots of hope, too.

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Weren't there multiple decodes last week pointing to the post that says "Before POTUS departs on Friday..."?

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I have a question about this if someone more knowledgeable could please help me out.

If everyone is too broke to pay for anything, what happens? As in, does it work similarly to when everyone was forced to stay home from Covid - bills were just expected to not be paid? Or is everyone going to lose their home and utilities? I mean, how could they possibly have the manpower to evict everyone at the same time, right?

What can a family that can barely pay the bills as-is do? I tried to stock up months ago but money got so tight despite cutting back on everything possible that now we're running through it.

Would love to start a garden, but even that isn't feasible.

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I just searched the latest doc drop from May 2nd and found nothing stating this. Stupidly shared this image elsewhere before doing my research but have now deleted it.

Shit like this is the reason why people don't believe us. And unfortunately I contributed to it because I got too excited to share.

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This is exactly what I said to someone the other day. Of course, they had nothing to say in response to it.

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I liked the movie but frankly, this was all already known. The exact numbers weren't known, but there were clips at least last year of people stuffing drop off boxes.

I'm just floored that the huge event where (I'm so sorry, terrible at names, but a group with Ninja in the name was involved) a guy showed undeniable proof that ballots were photoshopped, had purposely illegible signatures, were from deceased people, etc. has been completely forgotten. That ALONE should have been enough! That ALONE should have overturned the fucking election, and now no one talks about it.

2,000 Mules was good but they could've gone so much more in depth instead of focusing only on the mules. If they'd explored the legitimacy of the ballots and had that guy on to show his findings as well, it would've been that much more impactful.

This just feels so...tame. It's like everyone that has the power to actually do something to wake people up or make a change is just dancing right behind the line, unable to cross it for whatever reason.

And still, I'd be happy to be wrong, but I don't see how this is meant to wake anyone up. If you're in the government, you should already know exactly what happened. If you're a sleeper, you're just not going to watch this movie.

The idea that Trump is just a sore loser is so deeply ingrained that they won't even entertain the idea of watching this. So...what was the point?

And you know what? I'm sick of the mixed messages. "No election is safe until we fix 2020!" "You HAVE to go out and vote in 2022 or this will just keep happening!" Which is it?

Then you have Trump, dancing around the idea of not coming back until he wins in 2024, then says we won't have a country if we wait that long. Everyone can read between those lines, so who is it for? It's like everyone sees the elephant in the room but just pretends it isn't there, instead talking about it in innuendo.

Stop handling this with kid gloves. RIP THE GLOVES OFF, LET'S GO!

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Can you explain the difference in their thinking from when you started vs. now? I'm surprised there's that much difference considering that it all still occurred after Rockefeller screwed everything up.

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The medical profession has been dead for a very long time. Covid just opened eyes to how bad it really is.

Any doctor that refused to stand up for patients that couldn't afford their meds, were willing to grossly overcharge for procedures (or work for someone who did), and refused to actually listen to their patients has never been a real doctor.

Some are simply ignorant because they do exactly as they're told. The rest know damn well what they're doing but lack the conscience required to care that they're doing wrong.

I hope we see mass license revoking happen at some point.

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Thank you so much, this was really eye opening and answered a lot of questions I've had for a really long time.

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Could someone please explain what's meant by phase 2? What happened around that time to make everyone lose hope? Is that when Q stopped posting? When the election was stolen?

And could someone also please explain the references to Armor of God/spiritual armor? The religious references in this movement are somewhat lost on me. I can't get a grasp of how deep the phrase "It's gonna be biblical" really goes. Possibly making myself look stupid with this question, but are we possibly looking at a literally biblical war, like with angels and demons fighting, or is it more a reference to the fact that the cabal are all satanists? Am not at all religious, but definitely spiritual, so I don't get biblical references half the time.

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You can't imply that they're more trustworthy than we think when the initial interview implied heavily that the snake venom is in your drinking water and now Ardis is saying it's in the sewer water.

The two statements mean vastly different things.

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Boy have I got some stuff to share on this. Long but possibly interesting.

On 4/11, Stew Peters released Watch the Water. Prior to 4/11, back when Stew was insinuating our water was unsafe but wouldn't elaborate, Phil Godlewski told everyone that he had no intel about the water and that it was safe when asked about it.

On 4/12, Phil Godlewski went live and streamed most of the Watch the Waters video, hyping up Stew Peters, commending the interview, fake crying, etc. He took a break in the middle to lament that he got too caught up in his various businesses (Phil's Silver, a part of 7k Metals, Starve the Beast, and more) to take the time to properly decode the watch the water drop.

Better yet, he revealed that he was, in fact, the one that posted that drop under the Q tripcode/account. He claims he didn't know what it meant, but that he posted it on someone else's orders.

He immediately turned on the white hats and what he's dubbed "the three star group". The white hats because they weren't clear enough with the drop, and how could they allow this to happen? The three star group because they were immediately calling out the interview as being bullshit.

(By the way, the very next day after his croc tears he was hawking gold plated Jesus coins on his announcements page).

He then promised a solution to save us all from the water.

On 4/13, Phil went live again, touting "You don't want to miss this one." He started shilling a water filter. Not just any ol' water filter, but one that could specifically protect you from snake venom in the water.

The website, watchthewater.world, was registered through GoDaddy.com on 4/13. He and another "Truther", ToddFather, teamed up on this venture with the water filter company Seychelle.

He spent the whole live and the next live, a Q & A, saying that ONLY THIS Seychelle filter could protect you against snake venom. He said you should even be filtering your well water, and no other means of filtering would protect you. He really hammered in the fear factor. He promised that "5-10%" of the proceeds would go to veterans but gave no details on which charity he was going through.

His fanbase turned on him bigly, so Phil, kind hearted soul that he is, launched a Give Send Go campaign so that his followers could donate money to be put towards his filters to be given to his followers that couldn't afford them. As of today, 4/18, he's made at least $40,000 in donations, and claims he made $500k in the first 24 hours and nearly $1m within the first 48 hours.

Today on his Telegram announcements channel he attempted to reach out to SQvage DQwg for recommendations/information about veteran charities. SQvage basically said "Nuh uh, don't come near me." and rejected him.

For a bit more fun...

If you go to Seychelle, you'll see they have a disclaimer stating that they have NO EVIDENCE/TESTS that can confirm whether the filter actually filters out snake venom. Yet Phil swore up and down that this was the only filter that could.

Also, months ago Phil signed up to Twitch to host his streams. His fans rightfully questioned him on this, asking why he's supporting a cabal-owned company. He claimed that he brokered a deal with Twitch that gave him 100% of the money generated by his streams, and it was okay because it was now white hat controlled anyways.

Last month, Phil was banned from Twitch. Which is weird, considering it's white hat controlled, right?

Today, someone in his Telegram chat room said that they bought an identical Seychelle filter off of Amazon for $30 cheaper.

Phil responded "Thanks for supporting a cabal owned company instead of one run by a patriot. Appreciate that."

I questioned him on this, and he refused to reply.

Also, Phil insinuates that he controls @q on TS, is a part of the original Q team, wrote many of the q drops, and that he knew all along that Covid was not a virus, but a poison. But he didn't know how it was delivered.

I know everyone here already doubted Phil so this won't come as a shock, but I believe it gives further evidence to the theory that this was all a gigantic scam. Phil and Stew Peters used the same tactics that MSM used with Covid to instill fear and make sales. Phil tripled down with the Give Send Go and yet unproven claims that he'd be donating "5-10%" of the proceeds to veterans - he didn't even have a charity lined up in advance, but made damn sure he got that website done immediately. He promised a second website where people could apply for free filters which still hasn't been made.

I can't speak on Ardis' claims. But I believe that Phil, Stew Peters, and ToddFather took advantage of the situation at best and created it at worst.

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Everyone has it stuck in their heads that the tweet has to come from Trump. But it doesn’t lol.

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I'm sorry but I just can't buy this. Been thinking about it a lot and so much of it doesn't add up. It reeks of a psyop to me.

  1. How did they get the vast amount of the substance into the water with no one calling them out on it? Were ALL water companies complicit? Absolutely no whistleblowers whatsoever? Considering that they also did it world wide, again I've got to ask how.

  2. We've been drinking and using the water for the past 2 years and the vast majority are still perfectly fine. This implies we can't drink it or cook with it, yet we all have been and we're fine. You'd think prolonged exposure to a venom would take out way more than we've lost.

  3. Why are pets not dying in droves? I bottle fed a weak 3 week old kitten formula that needed a lot of water, and she turned out perfectly fine. I've fed my little bunnies the water. Unfiltered, straight from the tap. They're all perfectly fine. A dose large enough to harm humans would certainly kill the animals. But fish aren't dying in the tanks and our animals are healthy.

  4. Our crops are grown with this water and still we can safely eat them, as can our pets and children.

  5. Lots of reports of people with well water getting Covid. How? How about people that got Covid but exclusively drink bottled water? Yet people are saying bottled water is surely safe. How? It's tap water too.

  6. Wouldn't we also be inhaling the venom when showering, through the steam? What about netipots?

  7. Baby formula is also largely made of water, but babies aren't dropping dead from the venom strong enough to make an adult sick?

  8. Why the hell did Stew Peters sensationalize the hell out of this? He knew for weeks but said nothing "to protect people". He wouldn't give any clues, said filtered water was probably fine (apparently not), and even made everyone wait an extra day so he could drop a hype trailer the day before. And yet this is grave, important news?

  9. It's bizarre how quickly the video spread. In the telegram channels I frequent it was being shilled immediately by accounts that acted like bots, and it spread from there. It's also really, really, disturbingly ironic that the doctor offers an anti-venom pill.

  10. Why the fuck are we still talking about Remdesivir? It was presented in this video as though this was new information and we should all be shocked. Remdesivir and its dangers are really old news. Everyone on our side is well aware of the danger, and people NOT on our side aren't going to watch this video. So what was the point?

  11. Considering they didn't taint ALL water, how did people all across the US get sick?

All this accomplished was further beating down a large number of people that were already losing faith in the plan, white hats, and Trump, and I strongly believe that that was the goal here.

Over the past few months I've watched the steady descent into no longer trusting Trump because things are taking too long and we're seeing too little in-your-face truth that we can show to those we're trying to awaken. Something even they can't deny, like the arrest of Fauci or Obama.

Now this video comes out and people are jumping straight to "How could the white hats allow this to happen to us?!" and distrusting Trump even more. Thankfully, I'm also seeing a lot of people refusing to believe this video.

Don't forget how many times ANYTHING related to water comes up and people are immediately crying "THIS is what watch the water is about!" It's about dams, it's about Ever Given, it's about a submarine off the coast, it's about the submarine that was attacked, and on and on. Given my total disbelief in this video, I'm pretty pissed that SP used that as the title.

Also don't forget that this guy does not like Trump.

So my theories:

  1. This is a test from the WH. A test to see if the awakened are truly awakened enough to think for themselves and not blindly follow sensationalist, BS news. Maybe it's a test to see if we're ready for the kick off. I hope we're not failing, though it sure looks like we are.

  2. This is sensationalist BS conjured up to sell BS snakeoil...I mean anti-venom pills. Just compare this guy to Dr. Zelenko. Zelenko released a protocol that doesn't get him any money. This damn chiropractor releases fear porn that can earn him money.

  3. This is a cabal move to sow distrust in the white hats.

Finally, look at it this way. How is this information anything we didn't already know, merely repackaged? The cabal released something deadly upon us. The WH didn't stop it, because it "had to be this way". The vaccine is worse than disease, and they desperately want us taking that vaccine. Yet this video gets people all in a panic, as though it changes anything. The base narrative is the same, but because it's affected something as sacred and precious as our water, it's suddenly even more sinister? The fact remains that far few people died of Covid than they'd lead you to believe, and far more are continuing to die from the vaccine.

And why the hell did this video come out as the Covid narrative is finally dying down yet MSM is trying to kick it back up again as well?

There's a reason this was released like this, with the dramatic overtones that remind you of the same fear porn MSM likes to push.

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I'm sorry, I just don't see any of that happening. It's a whole bunch of theatrics for a deaf and blind audience.

As long as we have things like the Oscars/Grammys, Disney, Cartoon Network, Nick, all of social media, etc., all pandering to the left, nothing will change. It doesn't matter how crazy one network or one anchor or actor or anyone else seems, they'll be disregarded or canceled and normies will just go to the next left leaning comfort zone. They have a ton to fall back on.

Leftist ideology has penetrated literally everything. News, movies, kids' entertainment, adult entertainment, fashion, all corners of social media, schools, you name it. They've totally enrapt millennials and below and when one of them gets their feelings hurt, the others come out in droves to support them and scream at everyone who dares to argue against it, effectively drowning them out.

It's gone on enough that now it's a battle just to get teachers to not bother students with stories about their fucked up home lives.

These things aren't going to change over night and if that's what we're waiting on, we'll be here for years.

Also, you're right: You can't tell people, you have to show them. So Disney, supposedly flipped, just goes on making openly gay characters which only shows these people that everything they believe is normal and acceptable.

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I don’t believe the slap ruined anyone’s career.

That was total fabrication designed to get them more views and eyes on what they want people talking about rather than the Biden exposure.

It’s just like celeb break ups.

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To be fair, what Christianity considers unacceptable and satanic is a large list of pearl clutching and hyper sensitivity. You’re hedging the line of “Harry Potter is evil because there’s magic in it.”

Gay and trans shit, yeah, that’s overt. Is there symbolism? Maybe, but it’s very subvert. Most people don’t walk away from a Disney movie hating Jesus and frankly I supremely would not want a Disney movie heavily focused on religion of any sort.

Also your implication that a lack of Christianity is the acceptance or even push of satanism is absurd. Not everything needs to be centered around religion.

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And, what? Continuing their same practices as part of the movie? Disney is still pushing leftist agenda with openly gay couples/characters in recent movies.

If Disney were truly flipped, wouldn’t it be used a huge propaganda machine against the leftist ideology rather than for it?

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Just like they changed the world even though we didn’t like it and even fought against it.

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