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This depends on the Supreme Court not being a bunch of Supreme Faggots. Not getting my hopes up.

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It was already revealed in 2020. How has that worked out so far?

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You could be onto something, but I feel like it doesn't matter how many new votes he wins. When ballot harvesting and dominion voting systems are a thing you can get all the earned votes in the country and still lose.

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Because all along we have been wasting our time “trusting the plan” and they have stayed grounded in the real world. Today we have had all of our expectations smashed and shattered. The plan if there ever was one is dead. We have been had by the most successful psyop in history. Keeping us quiet and placated, content that somewhere in the background the mysterious Q team was working to save us, when in reality we’ve been just squandering our time and letting the cabal shove their collective cocks deep into our asses.

America is done. If it ever truly had a chance it ended on Jan 6

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Not in this case, it’s just facts on examining the wreck. Visible serial numbers of the propellers for one. The number of portholes along the forecastle of the bow section of the wreck matches titanic, not Olympic which had a different number. The captains fly bridge extended beyond the superstructure of the hull on the wreck. It did not on Olympic. I could cite more examples, but instead invite you as Q would to do your own research. Titanic sunk.

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This is simply untrue, the ship swap theory has been thoroughly debunked by titanic historians. The two ships were NOT identical. There were actually significant alterations between the fittings of titanic and Olympic. While I do believe the ship was intentionally rammed into an iceberg for insurance purposes, that and to kill the opposition to the federal reserve, the ship that sunk was 100% the titanic.

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This is where I am at too. Our republic is fucking done if the answer is, Just vote in '24 it will be all good this time we're super serious this time.

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Just saying, at least 1.1 million voters have had their lives negatively impacted by Hurricane Ian, are displaced, are without homes, or are too busy cleaning up the wreckage of their lives to get out and vote. Trump is no fool, but I think he may be forgetting that little bit.

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Democrats won’t look at any tight race that looks like cheating and say “the idiot I like and voted for won, this looks suspicious!” To say otherwise is nothing but pure uncut unfiltered copium. Just like any republican normie won’t bother looking at any seat won in a very small victory, all they will care about is that their guy won and the details of what was happened don’t matter.

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So is it supposed to be big news that when everyone voluntarily carries a tracking device on them that they use this to track us like livestock?

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Any of these out of state roofers can easily apply for and get a reciprocal Florida license to do roofing contracting work. If they do it without it, then it's their fault and theirs alone for not spending a few minutes applying for and getting the license. Whether their intent is pure or not. I say good that they are arresting these people.

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Tulsi Gabbard could show up at my door wearing extremely sexy lingerie and tell me all I have to do is vote for her and she will let me do whatever I want. I would simply smile, and close the door in her face.

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Not desantis’s fault but I live in the area and that temporary bridge is already closed again, got damaged already by regular traffic and they are hastily trying to repair it while traffic has backed up for 10 miles along pine island road. Not trying to say that they threw something shoddy together so desantis could score political points by taking credit for it in a presser, but it certainly smells that way. The bridge didn’t even last a day for crying out loud.

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