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I generally watch every rally and speech, and listen to every non-financial X22 Report.

But because we're a bit ahead of the curve compared to a lot of people in the information realm (though we are all still learning), I can find it hard to fully invest in these things anymore.

Because narratives rely on repetition, no matter what it is. It's a known fact of politics. You gotta REPEAT.

But when you're already "there", the repetition starts to get tiresome.

I know what Dave will say a lot of the time, as it's generally a collected presentation of the anon news we all dig through.

I know what Trump says, and can time the "and I'm proud to be an American..." intros to the second.

I know it's an infowar, but sometimes you just want something big to happen publicly as a bit of catharsis, or at least the illusion of something happening.

Of course, my desire for even an illusion of something happening probably means I'm nowhere as intellectual as I think I am.

I don't know. I feel like "I'm already there", and need to start improving my immediate life with the morals and values I've developed in this movement, rather than wait for some big slow-moving clandestine operation to appease my need for a clean wrap up of the narrative.

I watch President Trump nowadays, simply to see if there are any comms.

It's hard to stay engaged, but it's harder to unplug.