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I would like RFKJR to be an ally. However, It feels a lot like "telling the Mericans'" what they want to hear...along with the FBI laying all the blame at the feet of the CIA. They both need to go ...so they go to war with each other.

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Serious Question...If you pause the video at 15:23. There are two images. One appears to show the earth round. One appears to show the earth completely flat I put a ruler on it.....and ironically the flat appearance is in the higher altitude camera. ..So I don't know what the question should be.....which one is correct?

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Oh no the place is poisoned . My errr would be a politician taking the screen time. Is he a good guy bringing words to the masses. Or a politician got just close enough to dead worms and scrape up some clay/shale with natural oil in it….. that I can do on any of the Lake Erie tributaries in northern ohio.

Just felt like people gave him shit and this was a disingenuous attempt to get a clip in. Punch someone in the dick make me a believer lol

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Mmmmm not sold 100% heavy shale areas produce natural oil like substance I can reproduce it locally…naturally

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Ironically...if the "ohio" train had made it's destination to PA.....all the train crashes we just listed land in states that gates doesn't own farmland in....just sayin

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Me too. It was under ignition for twenty miles before it derailed. I think someone stopped it before it got to a metropolitan area I.e. Pittsburgh

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Fair, the point being it wasn’t some altruistic movement of freedom but a political/economic lever to force others into submission.

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