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Definitely handy stuff to have around. It does everything that people try to get superglue to do

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Some J-B Weld will fix the rest

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The UK fell years ago

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Some cheating, but Duval is definitely trending purple. The R’s are moving south the St Johns county. It’s exploding and bright red

by Quelle
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Let’s be honest. We don’t need 24 different types of bottled water on the shelves. People lived. Just fine for thousands of years without paying for bottled water. This is something that came about in the last 25 years and to be honest, it’s ridiculous

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Lol. This is awesome. I was starting to wonder, but White Hats have got to be controlling things.

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VP has to be confirmed by a majority of the Senate

Could be a tie, but it wouldn’t be

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They can consider it whatever they want, but that doesn’t make it so

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Is it really weak? Maybe for the majority of people, but it seems particularly nasty for individuals who have certain other issues. I understand that the other issues are the problem, but this particular virus seems to exploit those areas more than the average flu.

I agree completely that the response has been ridiculous and pre planned the entire time. The response should have focused on identifying those that were high risk and setting up ways to keep them safe.

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Their new narrative makes zero sense. So unvaccinated people can pass it to vaccinated, but a vaccinated person who gets it despite being vaccinated doesn’t pass it on?

I thought the purpose of the vaccine was to stop you from getting it.

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If that many people refuse they’ll back down. No way they fire half their employees

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I’m guessing and really hoping that all of this is WAY bigger than Trump

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The FBI typically wants to get their hands on data and evidence so that they can “lose, or accidentally destroy” it.

The entire reason the FBI exists is to protect corrupt Government officials

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Whatever the method of recall in GA, it’s time

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Is there a symbolic date on the horizon? Rumor has it that will be their downfall

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Yes!!! You want a Red County within a Red State. Mayors, Schools, and District Attorneys matter

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The people of Southern IL don’t have a chance

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