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See that is the fun part, nobody. They are the self appointed neuvo-riche merchants and bankers who now view themselves as kings.

Kings of no nation, sworn only to themselves, but self-declaring their right to rule the world with a fascist's fist.

"Contempt will not be tolerated"

They reveal themselves too. Klaus, is nothing more than a son of a nazi.

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Its gonna bring it to court where Musk can run full discovery on them, including getting subpoena for all the shit Twitter has been hiding. And if they fail to deliver anything because they destroyed it, they lose the lawsuit, and the counter lawsuit.

This board of fascist fuckwits are cooked.

And its much bigger than this because Twitter is the defacto propaganda arm of the DNC and EU. Gods forbid they find emails and other evidence suggesting direct collusions with government officials to censor and shape the public debate in a democracy/Republic to manipulate elections.

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Then apparently you haven't heard about Disney just this week launching an all new line of pro gay grooming clothing for children.

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I just read here there Twitter is down $12 billion since the deal was announced. And Musk has every grounds possible to back out of the deal in the face of Twitter's CEO lying to his face on the bots issue.

So absolutely NO WAY IN HELL they are going to get anywhere with this bullshit. The were in a rut, grabbed a shovel, and started digging their own graves.

I could dream the Board of Twitter would face a firing squad for all the things they did.

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Divide and conquer is the European aristocracy tactic.

They invented it. The old ancient nobility, the warrior knight kings of now gone old Europe always sought unification, not carving factions against each other in their enemies. But the aristocracy, the merchant princes, of colonials Europe were the ones that sowed division and strive everywhere they go to make places weaker and easier to conquer and install puppet states to gain control.

They perfected it, and they used it to build their authoritarian empires that jackbooted the world. They were the very people America was founded by rebelling against.

And never forget the euros invented fascism.

Take a guess who is behind everything, take a guess who is and has always been the ENEMY of America? If you guessed the Eurotrash, you would be right.

China is a horrible enemy, but is horribly incompetent. Russia has never actually killed Americans. the EU however? I think there were 4 wars with them. Revolutionary war, war of 1812, and both world wars. They haven't forgotten. Do you think those "ho ho, the colonies" jokes are actually jokes? They are bitter and want their colonies re-conquered.

The Euros bought out American media and turned them into propaganda mills spewing anti-Americanism. The euros are behind leftism that seeks to end every American freedom and turn us into a facsimile of Europe with gun bans and censored media and no free speech. The Euros are the ones trying to make America subserviently to Euro organizations like the UN, EU, and WHO, IMF and more. The Euros HATE America all the way from the houses of Lords to blokes on main street.

The EU is America worst, most bitter, and most committed enemy. They are at war with us and most people don't realize it.

Joe Biden is just the puppet president of Vichy America.

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After BLM they are NEVER taking people's guns away. They will have to kill us first.

Because we understand what is coming for us once the gun is gone.

Even as JoBlow tries to bring us back to the Obama years (guess who is the real president "controlling the teleprompter") they don't understand how badly 2020 hardened the country against them.

Either devolution is real, and we are getting a new government soon. Or the US is going to break into a 1000 way civil war. Its not gonna be north vs south, because that isn't even relevant anymore. Its going to be Americans vs self-styled "Europhile" liberal fascists.

The only thing I know for sure is that trying to run an Obama-style fascist America is not going to work. Its already collapsing. Violence will erupt when basic supplies run out.

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I don't think this is a plan.

I think this is the end of days and if somebody doesn't take command and stop this globalist madness, this is everybody's future. This was coming anyways, and the flailing of the globalists at the Davos and others were their insane, leftist "Solutions" to this problem, which has only made everything worse.

That and covid was supposed to be something that lasted 6 months to take down Trump. Now its out of control and they still can't stop the insanity. And Covid was very much a nuke to an already struggling global system they created.

The system is coming apart at the seams, and the 3rd world will be the first to collapse, naturally.

They thought they knew better than everybody, they consolidated everything into global production centers for mad gains. Now a crisis has hit, and the exact reason one doesn't make 2-3 points globally for production of X thing is here, and look X thing is no longer being made.

The globalists repeated all the failures that killed the Soviet Union, minus the communism. Because while being stupid commies didn't help things, its the corruption, fucked up laws, consolation of production, consolation of political power, and a clusterfuck of old men with white hair stuck in their ways who could only imagine using "old reliable" harder that caused the Soviets to collapse.

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1% of people normally are gay.

Oh gods the backlash against gays from all this grooming shit is going to be biblical.

100% promise you this is one of these things where the admin is forcing the students to take some questionnaire.

One cannot force straight kids to be gay. Sex drives don't work like that. What is going to do is raise a generation of kids who HATE gay people for fucking with them as children.

Also never forget + stands for child rapists. The rainbow mafia has finally fallen to all the pedos in its ranks.

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probably a ton of trash and literally shit since I doubt they had toilets down there.

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Fuck's sakes every last one of them looks like a sneering, trashy eastern European neo nazi?

It makes to sick to see how the globalists are commanding everybody in the west to suck their cocks because there is no crime the cartel-state of Ukraine will not preform for them.

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Its all about the green scam.

Peopel won't buy super expensive nonworking, short-lived, extremely high maintenance green energy tech when they can afford to drive to work, afford to heat their homes, and afford cook their dinner.

Biden's solution is to strangle off the fuel supplies so that everybody suffers and he hopes to break Americans of their refusal to buy his friends overprice, non-working, made in China tech to replace the entire US infrastructure for $44 Trillion.

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RvW was in reality the old federalists trying to come back and "win" the civil war by removing the rights of states to write their own laws and not be subject to every whim of every government agency.

And again the Left has hidden the real issue, the consolidation of power away from states to the federal agencies, under the mask of a human rights issue.

Remember the south "won" the civil war by losing every battle, because by the time the fighting was over the Union was willing to give up the power grab the Congress had tried to make over States Rights that caused the damned war in the first place. In the the rights of states to write their own laws was maintainted, and reconstruction completely failed.

Incidentally enough, they don't teach this in schools now. They want you think it was 100% over slavery, when a bunch of obsolete farm hands (the new industrial machines was making manual harvesting a thing of the past) was the last thing anybody was thinking about. It was notable only in the last months of the war did Lincoln give the Gettysburg address.

This is also the reason for the screeching from the Left. It took 120 years for the Federalists to play enough politics to "win" the civil war with Roe vs Wade. Now its being undone.

Absolutely none of these people give a flying fuck what happens to the unborn babies of "commoner" women. They would have soon kill the baby and the mother for their trouble.

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Because Mr. Soros is the oligarch in chief.

He is the leading front man for a large alliance of European oligarchs, aka old world aristocrats, who want to break the US and Russia into ruins, economically conquer both with servile puppet states (hello Mr. Biden, the crook in chief) and dream of a future of Euro-supremacy.

Of course reality has issues with their dreams. Its not going so swimmingly for them so far. The Eurozone hasn't recovered from the catastrophe of Covid. There the puppet Prime Ministers of the euro states did everything wrong they could have done wrong. And they are finding quickly they cannot ship Ukraine enough hardware to keep the war going, Ukraine is by all accounts running out of eligible fighting mean, and the mercenaries are failing, meaning pretty soon the Eurozone would have to call a draft and send their euro-fags into to fight directly, which would trip WW3, something I doubt they are willing to do. If they ARE that stupid, Putin will just open up with a fullasade of hyper-sonic Nukes across western Europe and call a general draft of Russians. He has already promised to do so multiple times, and every previous promise he has made, he has kept.

They are also realizing Putin outplayed them by setting up a petro-ruble. They now have to wreck the euro to keep the lights on because their green tech doesn't work.

Now we wait for Devolution to liberate America from Soros's puppet state of the Biden regime.

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Musk is gonna realize its either him or Soros, only one of them gets out of this with their wealth intact, as possibly alive.

Its going to be interesting to see what Musk does when its clear Soros will stop at nothing to make sure Mr. Musk's purchase of twitter is an unmitigated disaster.

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Can anybody summarize what Alito says that argues to overturn the OvL ruling?

I don't want to read any MSM sources of info on the topic because I can't trust them.

Also I am understand Roe vs Wade has massive constitutional problems causing it basically invalidate States Rights by accident, but OvL was a straight 14th amendment rights issue. I must be missing something if the court has reason to think its actually not.

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FFS people don't download this in some misguided idea of saving the evidence.

You could be in felony possession of child porn for saving it.

Seriously, just don't.

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Worse, this mod thinks that Putin crated Nazis in America who caused nazis to appear out of thin air in Ukraine, and he is actually also somehow a nazi himself despite being at war with nazis.

Meanwhile we have pictures of US politicians standing next to people who are in other pictures doing the salute in front of a swastika.

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When you understand Liberals are religious fanatics who worship at the altar of liberal thought, it actually makes more sense. The 100% completely believe they are saving the world from the evils of nazism, and that everybody who is not a liberal is a nazi.

Just replace <insert famous liberal> with the Prophet Mohammad and you can understand them perfectly. To a liberal there are two kinds of people, liberals and infidels.

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Gays who groom should be shot.

Gays minding their own business with another 18+ gay...its none of my business.

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Great, and none of the guns prictured are "ghost guns" as the lowers all have serial numbers.

Fuck this shit, anybody with a block of metal and mill can make an AR-15, this shit is so stupid.

So now to buy a sight, a trigger, or even a spring you will need a background check and $40 service fee to your local FFL....


by IAmOne
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OH gods this is hilarious.

I mean SNL got Rudy Gullianai to wear a dress once, but this is on another level.

And at least it was clear Zardoc was the pitcher if you follow....

This is some big time bottom bitch shit.

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