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Yah... leave the bat-shit evil "With me our against me" drivel to the chaotic-evil Liberals who are hell bent on destroying society.

Thinking good men realize that the most normies when faced with a powerful and absolute wall of totalitarian jackbooting are going to put their head down and try to get out of it alive. They have seen the heroic people being taken down one by one. I can't blame them for it...

If everybody was brave then being brave in the face of tyranny wouldn't be remarkable, and tyranny wouldn't happen.

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the only problem with this one is thinking the greenies and the commies will stop at pushing gas to $4.50 a gallion.

My memory is hazy, but I seem to recall some of these libtards going on about pushing gas to over $10 a gallion with taxes, then breaking down the gasoline infrastructure and economies of scale which could push it ot $15 a gallon or higher because they want you driving electric.

Never mind the fact a 4 banger simple gas car is much better for carbon than manufacturing elon's musk ultra-luxury golf carts that require tons of exotic materials and intensive manufacturing that makes every Telsa make more "carbon" at 0 mile then a Toyota Corolla at 400,000 miles.

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This is patently, completely false. They absolutely do. The only animals to never been documented with cancer are sharks and mole rats. Scientists are still trying to figure out why. Unsurprisingly the deer in the woods don't have chemo clinics to provide demographic data however. They do tend to get eaten as they get slow and sick so you don't see many of them obviously. The animal that eats the cancerous deer is however fine as the cancer is digested and killed.

Though they DO get it at lower rates than modern humans because they don't eat a non-stop stream of carcinogenic chemicals added to their food.

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Their plan is obvious.

If you don't vax, you are to be exiled from society for life.

Its a purge of the people who won't obey under fascism.

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Yes. Australia has become a parody of a dystopia so terrible it makes 1930's Germany seem sane.

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Well duh, its designed to economically remove non-complaint people from society in a soft purge. Its no different in its end goal: the deaths of everybody who doesn't behave and comply. It just uses a phone app and tech platforms instead of spies and bullets.

Which is exactly what the vax pass is all about, its about purging. Its a creating a system where it creates an "Evolutionary" pressure to remove noncompliant bloodlines from scoeity to evolve their population into perfectly obedient people ready to bow their head to absolute fascism.

And it will work largely unless its overthrown. But it will also dumb-down a population to the point they are incapable of acting without direction and unable to innovate or be creative in any functional way. From inventive engineers who make revolutionary new technology, to entrepreneurs to push new tech and business models, to artists who completely change art and media... none of these people are "compliant types." Unlike feral Liberals who fancy themselves "disruptive activists," they are civilized humans beings who are law abiding, but they also don't think and believe what they are told simply because an authority figure commanded it. This is exactly why they innovate: they were told "this is the way" and they thought "Fuck that, I can make a better way."

Its why the old United States surged ahead of the rest of the world. The "free society" system in the US let the civilized non-complaint people enough wiggle room to do their thing, to be productively disruptive to established patterns. It let new technology replace the old, it let new ideas supplant tradition, it let new businesses with innovative ideas displace established players with no interest in changing.

Its also why since 2000 the US is falling farther and farther behind, because its the turning point when freedom was clamped down upon in favor of the late-stage corporate fascism we live under now. Now no innovation is permitted. We see nothing but iteration of things invented from 100 years ago to 20 years ago with less function, less features, and higher prices, and then punishment for anybody who doesn't do what they are told, think what they are told. And finally now the goverment is moving to straight eliminate the non-complant.

It will end up being a social lobotomy, where they carve out and excise all this is great about the West.

Just as China social credit system in the wake of Mao's insane purges is going to ensure they enjoy an eternity of mendacity.

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It was documented here a while back...

the "police" in Austrailia are PMC (aka mercenary companies) who bought "police" patches and are hired by the government to fill in the missing ranks. Being what they are, combat-oriented mercenaries who AT BEST are honorable people who can only see every problem is a "Tango" to take down, to criminals so fucking murderously psycho governments engaged in active wars dishonorably discharged them, to the scraping of 3rd world slums who demonstrated above average ability to kill... They are mercenaries. If you need to run a military offensive where the goal is to attack and kill, they are amazing. But to have them to civilian police work? I'm pretty sure just hanging badges around the necks actual bears and sending their man-eating furry asses out among the public would be an improvement over mercenaries.

Which is the future the liberals want.

Go look up the tabletop role playing game Shadowrun, and the 1990's video game Deus Ex Machina. Both envisioned a future where corporations bent over failing governments, the authorities use a virus they created to enact draconian systems, and the streets were patrolled by "private security" who had the legal right to kill anybody for anything, with what few state police officers left powerless to stop them. And this shit was from 1990's. The liberals have been dreaming of this world you see unfolding their entire lives.

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The Stasi wish they were 1/100th as prying as the NSA/CIA and could only dream of abusing their powers as hard as the FBI.

The US regime has the best, most extensive, and one of the world's most brutal internal security services ever created. And to boot the US's internal security doesn't even serve the US, they are for sale to multi-billionaires to protect their interests from reformers and "patriots" who think that the good of the nation should be put before the good of a private interest.

Because end of the day the Gestapto, KGB, or the Stazi were doing their business for what they believed was the good of their nations. Brutal, horrible, murderous absolutely.

but evil as they were, they were lawful evil, the chaotic evil, criminal FBI makes them all look like paladins and paragons of law and order by comparison.

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Actual martial law....

Would be actual lawfulness of any flavor in the government. It would be a massive improvement.

The exact problem we have here is that the politicians in charge are not actually following any law, and using the law a selective weapon to bash their enemies.

I would rather have boots marching the streets enforcing laws, but doing so equally, than this selective anarchy.

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And while we might be beaten daily, we are used to it.

It will be hilarious to watch all the people who licked boots and backed the system, the people who supported the chaotic evil criminals in power, get what they deserve as they too are beaten in the streets for the tiniest of infractions while a fully armed anti-tank attack helicopter loaded with lethal munitions aims at them.

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Yes and the more blindly obedient a person is, the dumber they are, the less tactical they are, and the less they can solve problems without direction. So in short the less useful they are.

If you toss in the next level and actually ad in brainwashing/mind control efforts and they become even less useful than stupid people, now only able to handle simple tasks they are already familiar with, completely unable to think outside of their training at all.

So in the end they will have a large number of near-useless people who can only follow very simple orders.

Its not looking good for them.

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I study a lot of medieval history, and let me tell you we would be LUCKY to become peasants.

See the BIG thing about a peasants was Lords were not allowed to kill them, they were commanded to and legally obliged to protect them, and peasants had a lot of rights against abuse that would see the Lord beheaded by the King for failure to serve them properly.

We would even be lucky to become slaves, at least they are fed and housed.

we are going to be reduced to organic machinery and walking ATMS. No rights, no care, no responsibility to see us taken care of. They want barely smart enough to fill a cog in their corporate machine, to be discarded the second you are no longer useful.

Q had the right of if, these people are EVIL. Not like "strip the flesh, salt the woulds, hehehehehehe" crazy evil you see in movies. That is there in movies on purpose to misguide you as to what evil is.

They are evil in the fact they are selfish, selfish to the point they don't care who they hurt. Evil to the point they think they are justified in killing people, to the point they think they have the RIGHT to own you and everything.

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Thing is....

Its ONLY the tip of the ice berg.

Notice you food you order out is starting to taste really good? Perhaps notice the produce is looking a bit more fresh in the grocery store lately? Notice how all the food seems...fresher?

This is because it is, and its actually a very bad thing.

Let me tell you how the US food supply works. It works on a 5 year backlog of food. Massive canneries, and gigantic refrigerated warehouses (much cheaper the electricity than you would think. And this nation wide. Form massive silos This MASSIVE stockpile of food is why no matter how many bad news comes about ot "ruining crops" from storms there is always food in the stores.

Well the fact you are eating fresh food means this "Evergreen grainery" is empty.

This means food consumption has outstripped supply, badly. The US is about to get its first, coast to coat famine in a long time. Farming states will do better than port states, but everybody is going to get squeezed.

Stock up NOW. This is your last chance.

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So who is taking credit for this?

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And according to every UN rule and the Genova Convention, being tortured.

People laughed at me why I cried foul at Obama singing the NDAA that had a rider that allowed the government to arrest "terrorists" and hold them forever without charges or ANY constitutional rights.

And now here we are. Patriotic Americans being tortured to death in DC hellholes for the crime of not being happy with their government.

But will people admit how slippery the slope is?

Fucking 10 months in and we already have the FBI nakedly acting like the movie version of the KGB, or even more criminal and sadistic than the REAL KGB.

Mark my words, its only a matter of time before drone strikes and air strikes are used against Americans, on US soil in the lower 48.

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Yes Hate crimes are only ACTIONS taken against somebody. Words are not actions, hurting feelings is not a crime.

Beating a person because of their skin color IS a hate crime. Calling them a racial slur is just rude.

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Here is the thing, this is...at best, a VERY VERY VERY uphill battle. The Court has already very explicitly and plainly stated that only very specific kinds of speech are crimes. Otherwise the Government has no business to restrict what people say. They made it very clear speech is not a hate crime, actually doing a crime with the motive of "hate" is a crime.

The uphill battle comes in the fact that overruling previous president has ONLY been done once in US history with Brown vs Board of Ed. And there it was only legally possible because the previous ruling had an "escape" of "if they be separate but equal" to enable a future ruling to overturn it. Which is what happened, it was proven it was not equal, and thus actually they full upheld the previous ruling, and used the "Escape" to strike down segregation.

Since Free Speech was so plainly and openly defended, the Court cannot now legally impose censorship. It would mean the violation of precedent.

The ACLU would have to equate using the wrong pronoun to be legally the same as a "Fire in a crowded theater" or a plain and direct call to violence or treason. And while that might be possible with liberal logic.... if the Court actually conducts that big of a breach of precedent it will shatter the very basis of the legal system.

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This, there is no resisting mega-corps who control a corrupt government.

There is a reason why the entire economy is consolidating down into the hands of like 50 people. They know how to use the State and its corrupt agents to kill off their competition.

And if somehow these ranchers resist the inspectors, they will not resist the FBI who will be sent out to kill them.

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Best I can gather is that the "Patriots" are a very tiny cohort in the Military who using surgical strikes to break the Globalist-Socialists maniacs' absolute stranglehold on the West.

Thing is the military is a HUGE organization with 10,000 divisions all doing different things. No small part of this is because in the event of a big nation on nation war they need bodies, on the bodies, on the bodies out there fighting.

But the command system is also fractured. There is political command the SecD, his staff, the Joint Chiefs, and the REAL command, the generals, their seinor officers, and of course the spec ops, the research departments, and others.

SecD is absolutely one of the enemy now. Llyod Austin is military industrial complex to the bones, a socialists, and completely corrupt. Miley is highly questionable, and the usual pipeline of from President to Private GI is thus compromised. Which isn't that big of a deal. The massive wall of bodies used to fight another nation (aka Russia/China) is not only useless for this operation, they also can't stop it.

What I think is going on is there is a subset of the military command set up under Trump to NOT answer to the SecD and largely working completely secret to both bring down the Socialists, purge corruption, and use small special forced command units and their elite soldiers in the dark of night. They are going to bring down the house by taking out the private, illegal control that the private merchant "princes" of Global Finance and old Money, and other "rich people" have over the State. Once that shadow network of blackmail, kidnapped family members, and illegal corruption is handled, then you will see a turn over of the official people in power.

One of the biggest applications of actual force are the constant raids on the Deep Underground Military Bunkers, or DUMBS where the Globalists Socialist are running their operations to subvert the State. These range from basements of urban buildings connected secretly to the uban underground to move in hidden assets, as well as traffic kidnapped children/family of politicians to maintain control.

Remember the Globalists are chaotic-evil, maniacal fascists. They don't believe in law and order, but expect to be obeyed utterly even as their own wants and desires change like the wind. To compare them to demons is not an unreasonable comparison because they seek the freedom of anarchy, but also to destroy anybody and anything that threatens or even slows down access to their selfish desires. The tools they use are owning the media to Big Lie the public and official government, blackmail, extortion, assassination, and kidnapping family members. But because they are private interests, because they are operating totally illegally, they also have SMALL and highly hidden operations. So while they have the ability to stop the Big Military from acting via their control, they have virtually no defense against the secret spec ops war against them.

One the mid level and junor members of the command system are actually free to act, they are not all evil, compromised people who gained from corruption. Then things will get interesting.

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They are Su-25's, or the Soviet answer to the A-10. They are slow but quite durable ground attack aircraft.

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Hey the guy is here, he doesn't have his head in the sand.

He just stopped paying attention to the enemy's propaganda.

He has a point, get your news from friendly sources. #1 get AWAY from TV. EVERY TV station is run and operated by the enemy. Even Fox News is just controlled opposition. Tucker is making a stand there, but even I have suspicion of how a true rebel can survive on such a compromised platform. The real information is online on small platforms that are not compromised. Stop letting the enemy's poison into your mind. Its DESGINED to demoralize you, because its also DESIGNED to program you into something you are not. Think psychological manipulation, think subliminals, think the stuff they learned doing MK Ultra refined, weaponized, and used against the public.

For liberals it reinforces their programming, for real people the subconscious fight between the programming and your true self creates significant stress.

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Yes actually, even official medical research has found that something like 2/3rds of self ID'ed liberals also admit to having a mental illness. Which with giving reporting rates and admission rates, its not unreasonable to assume near 100% of liberals have some kind of mental illness.

Meaning, you have to be literally insane to be a Liberal. Everybody else is faking it to fit in, like most normies do. Whatever motions they have to go through to keep their job, get into a bar, to be able to socialize or harmonize with family. Because the average normie doesn't have strong political beliefs, they just fake whatever the powers at be demand, and go about their lives.

At least until the normies can't put food on the table anymore. Then they go full on stakes and torches so hard the dissidents are standing there in shock. You know, like French Revolution...that was when the nomies stopped norming and raged.

And I think in the end that is something the Socialist don't realize. They haven't converted the country. They merely have pushed back their opposition. But as soon as they ruin the normies lives, all those people faking are going to stop keeping their heads down.

As is normal, groups like this one are pretty peaceful. Full conservatives generally are very lawful, orderly people. Its the normies the powers at be need watch out for, once they ruin normie lives, it gets spicy.

And to let the glowies know, abundantly clear I am just here to resarch and redpill people, nothing more.

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