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I was a competitive Smasher and played with some of these guys. Many were weird, but it blew me away when I found out about all this grooming.

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This is really wild because it's Patrick Bet-David, an Insurance/YouTube guy. Not your typical conspiracy theorist. Definitely someone who can open some normie eyes

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The Rock segment was 🔥

Shame he turned out to be a coward

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The dominoes are falling.

Zuck the cuck # 1 is down.

Zuck the cuck # 2 is coming soon.

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These guys are long-time community pillars and have been around for so long. They maintained a lot of local support throughout everything

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Horse paste for the horse face... nice

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What the F? Megalovania, circuit act, creepy game of thrones chair at the Vatican?!


by bfytw
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Very possible to get into something before you actually know what it is. I wouldn't be shocked if this thing was billed as a good thing, not knowing you were really working for the devil. In my head it would work like masonic lodges, where your regular everyday masons are unaware of the upper level shenanigans going on.

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"We will soon have a massive amount of immunity, including the people that got it."

Omicron the cure?

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