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Great research, wrong conclusion. The rest of the world did not panic because of Covid. They did not copy China. China locked down the source of Covid for 76 days and the rest of the country for 16 days. China sent pics to the world of New Year’s Eve partying in the streets of Wuhan. If the rest of the world was copying China lockdowns would be over.

What China did was provide cover for the NWO leaders around the world. The NWO was in a panic because President Trump had ignited a grassroots desire for countries to be sovereign and make its own citizens its top priority. Think about the pro Trump rallies around the world.

The virus was released and the lockdowns were enacted in China to spark fear around the world. The NWO didn’t throw out the playbook for the purpose of controlling Covid. It enacted a playbook to not lose control over the masses and Covid was the mechanism to enable them to do it. And stealing the election from the American people was a top priority.

Check Q Posts 4171


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Yup. That's a pretty based summary.

On the other hand.... Normies.

In one sense, the conclusion is correct, because what so-called national and state governments all around the world are doing is implementing forced social control systems, including a pseudo-social credit system focused on medicine, very, very similar to CCP China.

In China, its successful so it looks like everyone is free, but they are more totally enslaved than most people can imagine.

So the OP is right:

The World abandoned their pre-2020 pandemic methods and adopted measures that both replicate and introduce the CCP China method of population control.

So..... Yur both right.

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Agreed. It could be a bridge too far for normies to accept my comment. But they can’t deny the pandemic response playbook was abandoned everywhere, but Sweden. Still, a huge majority will excuse it away as science didn’t anticipate something as harsh as Covid.

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Yes, those in the trance will explain it away. However, you are very correct. All the changes they made at the advent of Covid should cause anyone to simply question.

There are so many dodgy aspects to all this. People simply cannot get their heads around it. But if you take each element, piece by piece, the picture unfolds in a startlingly clear manner.

All those changes you (and the OP) mention are simply one piece among 20, 30 different elements. All very relevant.

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Absolutely agree. If we don't, it will just happen again and again with more severity/restrictions.

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Username can't unthink about ugh I mean we're talking kills swamp plants probably

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"The virus was released and the lockdowns were enacted in China to spark fear around the world." - and they're doing it again right now to assist with the "Delta Variant" end game.

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THIS @Tsearch nails it

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China is laughing at the rest of the world:


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The CCP is laughing. The Chinese people are fucked. Between floods and new lockdowns from COVID variants, they are fucked

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Variants my ass

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If there is no test to prove Covid, how can there be a test for a variant?

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Get this through your head, viruses do not cause illness. Check out The Contagion Myth by Dr. Thomas Cowan.

5g causes the symptoms of covid..

vaccines are based on fraud..

Guys im worried, they shilled vaccines for a 100 years (Polio is not cause by a virus by DDT that was sprayed everywhere)

vaccines are entirely useless and actually poison people.

They changed the definition of a vaccine, safety, heard immunity.. iv been in denial of how bad things really are.

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Is this related to exosome theory? I've been hearing a bit about that and sounds fascinating. One thing I don't understand is if viruses don't cause illness, why are there certain illnesses that people only get once and subsequently have apparent lasting immunity (e.g., chicken pox, measles)? Maybe only a very small number of viruses actually cause illness?

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Chicken pox can reappear later in life as shingles...unless they're lying about that, too.

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Uproot 👆🏼

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Ever heard of the shingles vaccine?

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Yes, and for better or worse, I got the vaccine before COVID was a thing. I had chicken pox when I was 27 and I don't recommend it. I never ached so badly in my entire life. Was awake for 24 hours solid. I watched CNN all night (yeah, I know), alternated with soaking in the bathtub in the hottest water I could get. The pock marks lasted for a year. Just imagine going to the gym and looking like a plague victim for an entire year. Got some strange looks in the locker room.

So, I decided I never wanted to go through that again and I got the shingles vaccine, which is also two shots. Both times it felt like a 500 lb. gorilla had punched me in the arm. Still, it was better than the pox.

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Yes because you got chicken pox at 27 years old which is pretty rare usually it spreads to children not adults

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Sorry, that's a lie too.

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Yes, it's related to exosomes, which are often identified as viruses. Anti-virus theory people think all these illnesses are due to toxins or system shocks that come from the environment. Tracking the history of every virus against its vaccine is convincing evidence that the vaxxes had nothing to do with ending the targeted disease.

Once that step is taken, the obvious next step is to question that the disease was even caused by a virus. The shoddy work that passes as virology is another arrow in the hide of the virus theory, as far as I am concerned. For example, they always use the word "isolate" by which they mean cell culture. Not the same things as all. How can this not be a conscious attempt to obfuscate what goes on in the field?

I recommend Virus Mania, 3rd ed. I managed to find a PDF on-line, but will likely buy a copy. I'm only into the 2nd chapter at the moment.

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Yes, great explanation.

Virus Mania is now happily available in audiobook format as well.

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Hey Gandiva, you're like the original virus killer! I picked that book up based on your recommendation.

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Yup, I remember you. Glad to see you're reading Virus Mania.

Time to euthanize the virologists!!!

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weren't the american indians wiped out by smallpox? How did that work?

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smallpox is a combination of bed bugs and bad nutrition..

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Yes, I agree. Not sure about 5G itself causing symptoms of anything, though there is some scant evidence that graphene oxide, being injected into everyone's veins at the moment, can be triggered into a rapid state of oxidation by certain frequencies/intensities of electromagnetic radiation. It would be worth further investigation to find out if this presents the possibility for a "kill switch" of those who got injected.

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Their Wuhan new year celebration says a lot

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Yep, but mostly at resident xiden.

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Also second the wrong conclusion

There was a two step process to changing pandemic plans

  1. The China lockdown (seee lockdowns work?!?!?) And its ultra draconian measures used to "prevent deaths"

  2. The fear porn/Reddit bait with Italy. News world wide would cycle between OMG people dying in the streets, bodies piled in hospital with full lockdowns and "beautiful humans" singing feom their balconies

Italy was complicit in it all. Commies never change.

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Great, Sven, you guys are based regarding plandemics. Nice job.

Now do your country's horrific national disgrace: the invasion, infiltration, and child rape by islamic supremacists.

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Good find.

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Rockefeller's Lockstep scenarios included that the measures would be compared to those in communist China. That's why CCP released a few big DJ show footage excerpts demonstrating how easy it was to «get out of the hole» when you're totally fascistic.

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Great info much appreciated and downloaded.

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Thanks for the background info, welcome to my save list.

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They also implemented the actual Mark of the Beat in 2019 and started chipping fools left right and centre...


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"Plan"icked not panicked

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in the event of a pandemic with a higher fatality rate - something like 50% lockdowns would be warranted. This however, is not one of those.

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Too nice - it clearly wasn't "panic."

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Except that China never did those things, not for long anyway. Blaming China is so much more convenient...

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Better get used to blaming China, and some rough going for Chinese people in this country. Because China has sent HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of spies into the US disguised as college students, we don't know who is and who isn't one, so the only prudent measure is to remove all. Sorry about human nature and all, but that's how it goes. We're territorial, tribal creatures like all the other primates. It's time to start honoring, not dismissing, our biology and human nature.

Every other ethnic group or tribe in all other countries gets to celebrate its land, borders, culture, clothing, people, laws, language, social constructs, ancestry, traditions, religion, etc. Only the US is forbidden its normal human tribalism, nationalism, and nativism.

Wonder why?

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from Rockafeller Foundation 2010- Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development- Page 18 "LOCKSTEP"


China’s government was not the only one that took extreme measures to protect its citizens from risk and exposure. During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems—from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty—leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.