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Anons and Patriots of The Great Awakening; Digital Soldiers and Keyboard Warriors of this 5th Generation War for the soul of humanity — We are quickly approaching The Storm of Storms, the Darkest of Nights, that Abyss that threatens to engulf our very way of life. We know this coming happening by many names, but perhaps most prominently we may refer to it as THE PRECIPICE.

A day is coming very soon when the sun shall be eclipsed upon the land of America. For a season it will seem as though the sun has truly set on The United States of America, never to rise again. This shall not be the case, but the narrative film that is playing out across the world will make this reality seem plausible, and believable. Anons and Patriots understand that this long day of darkness will pass, just as the happening of an eclipse also passes.

This shall be America’s Apocalypto moment; the near death experience that will jolt the sleeping masses into an upright and eyes wide open state of mind. This will not be easy. The masses will not enjoy this. Nevertheless, we Anons understand all too well how necessary this coming precipice is; this scare event that shall save America and preserve our way of life for future generations.

The 2008 remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still has many narrative faults, and is far from a perfect film. Regardless, there exists in the film certain masterful moments of narrative that emerge as memorable and highly relevant to our present time line of events and happenings. One such moment is when Klaatu, the alien visitor to Earth, is brought to a Professor Barnhardt for the singular purpose of dissuading the alien Klaatu from allowing the happening of the complete depopulation of Earth’s people.

Professor Barnhardt asks in earnest: ”There must be alternatives. You must have some technology that could solve our problem.”

Klaatu responds bluntly: Your problem is not technology. “The problem is you. You lack the will to change.”

To this, Professor Bernhardt pleas: “Then help us change.”

Klaatu explains: “I cannot change your nature. You treat the world as you treat each other.”

Professor Barnhardt presses the issue: ”But every civilization reaches a crisis point eventually.”

Klaatu remarks: ”Most of them don’t make it.”

Professor Barnhardt asks: ”Yours did. How?”

Klaatu explains: “Our sun was dying. We had to evolve in order to survive.”

Professor Barnhardt reflects: “So it was only when your world was threatened with destruction that you became what you are now.”

Klaatu simply answers: “Yes.”

Professor Barnhardt then gives perhaps the most important line of dialogue in the film when he states: “Well that’s where we are. You say we’re on the brink of destruction and you’re right. But it’s only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve. This is our moment. Don’t take it from us, we are close to an answer.”

In this interaction between Professor Barnhardt and Klaatu, we can form an analogy between the Anons of the Great Awakening and Professor Barnhardt, and likewise an analogy between Q and Klaatu. In the dialogue between Professor Barnhardt and Klaatu, the explanation was given that the nature of the people of Earth could not be changed. This is the deception in the conversation. The nature of humanity could be changed, but an intervention was required, one that Klaatu was at first unwilling to entertain, let alone provide. We can liken this to the Prime Directive from Star Trek.

Throughout the Star Trek series, Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, Commander Riker, and many other characters reference the law of the Prime Directive. The Prime directive is described as: “a prohibition on interference with the other cultures and civilizations representatives of Starfleet encounter in their exploration of the universe.” Because of the Prime Directive, many civilizations in the Star Trek lore were allowed to wither away and die with no intervention to save them.


What does all of this have to do with Q and The Great Awakening? Many Anons might view television series like Star Trek, and films like The Day the Earth Stood Still as Cabal creations meant to predictively program the citizens of Earth for their destruction, or to ritualistically give the people of Earth information of their demise in accordance with the Cabal’s religious beliefs in informed consent. These are both viable explanations, and certainly debatable. There exists a third alternative to these possibilities; that of the reality that Q has been in control of Hollywood for many generations, and has been creating films and television programming for the purposes of 5th Generation Warfare, the disclosure of what has come to pass, and to lay the ground work for the coming scare event that will be the ultimate suppository red pill for humanity.

Q and hollywood are both psychological operations. There exists in hollywood both forces for great good like Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson, as well as forces for evil like Jeffery Epstein. Q’s influence can be seen in works such as The Matrix, V for Vendetta, and another film that is rarely discussed in the Q community, Watchmen.

Watchmen, like V for Vendetta, was originally a graphic novel written by Alan Moore. Like V, Watchmen has many layers of meaning and symbolism. The novel and film both deserve a thread of their own which I may write in time, but for the purposes of this post I will bring only one aspect of this film to the discussion of America’s near death experience.


In the story of Watchmen, the world was on the brink of nuclear war between The Soviet Union and The United States. It was Adrian Veidt as Ozymandias who discovered the means to humanity’s salvation. At one point Adrian gives the following speech.

Adrian: “I understand your disbelief, Dan. When I began the plan ten years ago, my moral safeguards gave me pause at the necessary sacrifice. See, the Comedian was correct. What we were doing with the Watchmen was pointless — the savage nature of humankind would inevitably lead to the end of the world. So in order to save the world, I had to trick it — to frighten the world towards salvation with history’s greatest practical joke.”

The ”practical joke” that Adrian is referring to here changes based upon whether you read the novel, or view the film. In the original novel, Adrian orchestrated a psychological operation similar to Project Blue Beam wherein Earth was subjected to a staged alien invasion. In the film adaptation, Adrian frames Dr. Manhattan by detonating several nuclear energy devices in cities all across the world. In both cases, the death toll amounted to millions of people all across the world. In the case of the staged alien invation, the people of Earth came together in unity against the common enemy from “outer space.” In the case of the framing of Dr. Manhattan, the people of Earth came together out of a fear of Dr. Manhattan wiping out the remainder of humanity. Some might see these scenarios as predictive programming, and they most certainly are. The question remains — who originated the programming? Q, or the Cabal?

Q told us that a scare event would be necessary. Q told us that not everything would be clean. In a world overrun by Cabalists and Deep Staters there is simply no path forward that is not beset by collateral damage. Some Anons believe that our scare event was the COVID-19 bioweapons program. Others believe that our scare event has yet to come. I believe that both of these views are valid. I see the period of 2020 - 2024 as one large and extended series of scare events that will ultimately result in our precipice moment; our near death experience.


Make no mistake Anons, our Precipice moment approaches. This scare event has been carefully crafted by Q and strategically identified as the only path forwards for humanity. With or without Q, humanity would have eventually arrived at this moment in time. The difference with Q’s constructed Precipice is that we will survive in this time-line, where we would have assuredly perished in the other. By the time the masses of humanity gained consciousness in the time-line wherein the 16 year plan to destroy America was in its final stages, it would have been too late, and our world would have been already lost to plague, nuclear war, and famine. The damage would have been incalculable, and humanity would have crossed over the threshold of the point of no return.

We have been told that Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. In such a time-line where the future has been preordained by Q; where events have been scripted to play out in specific moves and counter moves, where future proves past, many Anons may begin to ask themselves what our purpose in this war truly is. Why did Q reach out to the Anons back in 2017? Were we merely meant to be witnesses to this historic happening? Q told us very clearly why Anons were awakened. We Anons are an active part of this 5th Gen War. Without Anons, there is no Q plan. The part we play in this game is essential. In post 2491, Q told us that you are now the second biggest threat to the establishment.


It is time that Anons recenter and refocus their existence and purpose in this 5th Gen War. We Anons have more power than is acknowledged on a daily basis. Every Anon who logs onto The Great Awakening board, participates in digs, shares theories, or spreads the words of truth across the internet; all of you are heroes of this war for humanity’s soul, though you may never receive that recognition out in the open. We Anons have engaged in thousands of hours of research, culminating in a deep understanding of happenings, moves, and counter-moves that are to follow in the coming days.

Ever we must remind ourselves that there are millions upon millions of normies who are emerging daily from their deep rem sleep and into the twilight zone where they are neither fully awake, nor fully asleep. We Anons are a good 7 years ahead of the curve in our understandings of Cabal happenings across the globe. These twilight sleepers have very little time left on the clock before Q sets off the alarm that will paralyze the world, and begin a chain reaction of events that will change our world forever.

We have precious little time remaining to contemplate the next phase of the Q plan. Anons were not prepared in 2020 for the C19 bioweapons attack upon the global populace, and it may perhaps be that we will neither be prepared for what comes next. Those Anons among us who have learned to interpret the comms understand that the messaging indicates that there is intended to be a cyber-attack upon the financial systems of the world, a nuclear level scare event that will dwarf the Cuban Missile Crisis, as well as a global famine, and even perhaps an attempt at a second pandemic. The signs are all there in the narratives of the Mainstream Media, and the speeches and conversations of the members of the World Economic Forum.

In accordance with Sun Tzu’s Art of War, there are two paths the Q team might take to traverse attacks from our Cabal Deep State adversaries. Q could certainly muster the cavalry to the battlefield, and meet our enemy in the open as Russia has done with Ukraine. We have seen what bloodshed becomes of this method of war, and the destruction that follows in the wake of open warfare. Additionally, we have seen how the Cabal’s propaganda apparatuses have twisted the image of leaders like President Trump and President Putin into the likeness of Adolf Hitler.

The only alternative is to elevate the battlefield to a new dimension of warfare, to allow events to unfold and control the fallout, and to direct the reactions and narratives of the masses in the largest psychological operation in military history. We have already been through one wave of this psy-op in the C19 event, and we are quickly approaching the second and third waves. Just as Q did not directly interfere with the C19 narrative, neither will they do so with the oncoming cyber-war, nuke scare, or famine events. It is important to understand that these events are all possible moves, not necessarily certain, or even probable. They exist upon the chess board as possible future time-lines the Cabal may move towards, and as such Anons must be prepared for them.


Where does this leave Anons? We are not merely the witnesses of our time, we are also the lights in the dark, the first responders who will assist the normies upon their abrupt and unpleasant awakening. A day is coming soon when all the comforts of life will might be stripped away from the sleeping masses. Their televisions may blackout, their credit and debit cards may cease to function, their bank accounts may be drained of all value, their phones may lose signal, their electricity may be severed, their waterlines may cease to flow, and their food source may be interrupted. FEAR shall reign supreme across the land of America; a fear that has not been felt by Americans since the happenings of 9/11, and the Cuban Missile Crisis before that. Q has told us that these events are necessary, as it is only at The Precipice that the people of America and the world at large will find the will to change their ways, and refocus their priorities back upon the elements of humanity that truly matter.

Anons must shoulder a heavy burden in the days to come. What are Anons to do in the face of such fear? We must become the antithesis of all that the Cabalists and Deep Staters stand for. When they propagate fear and despair, we must counter them with love and hope. When they demand subservience and obedience, we must show the people the value of freedom, liberty, and sovereignty. Anons of The Great Awakening have been deftly and adeptly carrying out this mission these past seven years, but a time will come soon when our services will be needed more than ever. We are entering into a great storm in which The Great Reset and all that it stands for will be pitted against The Great Awakening. Become like a lighthouse in the darkened abyss of the storm so that you may guide those in the twilight of their sleep to the brilliant radiance of truth.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. There was a man sent from God whose name was John. He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all might believe. He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light. The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world."

John 1:5-9