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This post is ONLY a serious warning to my fellow Anon Frens and NOT medical advice in any legal way. Please research this for yourself and consult with medical professionals first.

I feel it’s important to explain to you all what happened to me these past few days. I’ve only taken the horsey-paste a couple times. I took it because I’ve eaten some pretty weird stuff while traveling the world on business. Also, because I'm a bug magnet. Biting flies, mosquitos, ticks, you name it, they will find me. It’s like the insects hear a dinner bell and swarm me when I step outside. It’s a running joke in my family to invite me to activities so nobody else gets bitten. I've had many tick bites over the years with minor skin reactions but no Lyme tests or official diagnosis.

🟢 My first Ivermectin dose was last summer – Took the proper dosage based on my weight and didn't notice any changes immediately. A couple weeks later I came to the realization that I no longer get debilitating migraine headaches when I don't have food in my system. I can now go 14 - 16 hours without food and not even a hint of a headache. I normally have a large appetite despite having a below average BMI for my age. I'm now wondering if the previous hunger migraines were parasites dying off due to a lack of sugar and carbs. 🤷‍♂️ I’ve never tried fasting before and simply couldn’t understand how other people could do it without suffering migraines, dizziness, jitters and weakness like me. It appears that fasting truly is a way to cleanse your system, I just never dared to attempt it.

🟢 Second Ivermectin dose was last Thursday (Mar 9th) - No immediate reaction but that evening I had jitters like I had drank too much coffee even though I had none. Jitters turned into tingling in my arms and pressure / pain in my chest. Small headache in the back of my head that would occasionally send a shooting pain down my neck. This may have set off a mental panic reaction (thoughts of stroke / heart attack) as my pulse was a little high (maxed at around 100) but oxygen levels were fine. I couldn't sleep since the jitters kept waking me up. I thought about calling 911 several times but stuck it out since I don't trust hospitals either. Monday night the symptoms worsened to include dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea and hyperventilation. I truly thought this could be the end for me and that I would miss the Great Awakening with my wife and kids. Thank God I was able to go see my Dr on Tuesday. They ran an EKG, checked Blood Pressure and listened to heart and lungs. All perfectly normal results! I even did an anxiety test and scored really low since I’m always a pretty chill guy. Other than occasional dizziness, all the other symptoms have disappeared.

This episode has me wondering; was this second batch of IVM reacting to other parasites I had? Possibly it attacked an undiagnosed case of Lyme Disease and I had a brutal "Herxheimer Reaction”? Many of the symptoms listed here are a match. Another helpful link - Here.

TLDR: Please beware of possible Herxheimer reactions when parasites are killed off in your body. My experience was pretty scary, and I don’t want any Frens to provoke a heart attack or stroke.

Hat tip to u/20-guage for your knowledge and support.